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  • Thanks Hendra I can always rely on you :D It was all going so well, I had loads to put forward with project world then bam! it all hit me straight away :/ If you'd like me to put forth my idea towards you to implement in my absence I don't mind :)
    I was mainly talking about Versus in tht thread and stating the reasons why FFXIII was in the way and Lightning saga.

    If people dont agree r thats cool but when they take stabs on a personal level I wil stab back.

    He was referring to my blog what has tht to do with the topic at hand?

    Instead of making such a remark on both my age and his age you should have deleted his post.

    You are a mod and you shouldn't post remarks like tht.

    I always had the feeling you were biased against Versus praisers and FFXIII praisers.
    So your saying I can't abuse my power and start treating people like Slaves and Minions my evil plans??? :sad2:
    Created an archive sub-forum for the clans. It's under FF Archive in Zanarkand Ruins.
    Just thought, can I add you on msn, I talk to Judy and it would be good to talk to you on there as well. It's sjrob_91@hotmail.co.uk :)
    Hey I hope the Hub is sort of acceptable, as I mentioned before that this is the foundation of the hub and I will update it all when it is done.
    Heya, would you like to take the three new members to balance out the numbers (finally!)? :)
    Heya, shall I write the Cid fortnight quiz? :)
    Also, could we celebrate SteinerxBeatrix next? :) I've been playing through FFIX again and they're fantastic! ^_^ People seem to want another writing competition...so we could ask for a 500 word short story about one of their joint adventures?
    Hey I posted in the Lightning Returns section thread but I was wondering if I could make like a 'Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Hub' which I will make designated posts which get updated once more info squeezes out. Make it like a sticky thread and then in time move it to it's sub forum etc. What do you think?
    Signing a petition for the Mods to be reverted back to purple, are you in? :ohoho:
    Uncle Ulty, I decided I am going take a bigger part in the clans and need the best way to contact you :mokken:
    now tell me or else! :gambler:

    I got MSN if that helps :)
    Heyyy I was speaking with Judy about the whole FF Tactics RPG you done, it was lovely I must say. But I am all for ambition and I was wondering if we should make another one. But much larger in scope and it could be a main feature to come to the site. I mean oh look another FF forum...wait it has a massive create your own adventure story. I would love to help, but this would have to depend on the success of the current one. I believe it could work, in time post up for people to put forth ideas etc and take it from there.
    You get this award for winning CC#28! I made it completely by myself and there is no credit needed at all. With these awards I allow the option for the CC winner to choose if they'd like the ribbon to be a different color. If you want, you can tell me the color you'd like and I will change it to it. ^_^

    Hey, thanks! I dont think I have time to edit the quiz further :sad3:. You can activate it if you want. I'm doing fine, thanks :)
    Heya, I've created 10 questions for the Tactics Quiz! Feel free to either add moer questions or activate the quiz as it is! =) I hope you're doing well!!
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