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  • Hey Cid, would you mind making an avatar out of the sig you made me? The sig doesn't really match my current avi, so could you make an avi out of it? Anytime would be fine, no rush.
    I'd appreciate it :grin:
    Hey Cid.

    You've gone through a very significant change in Skill level of GFX. I commend you my brother!

    Anyway, I just wanted to ask if you could do another signature for me, I'm diggin the way your signatures look to this current.

    Let me know if you want to do so, and I'll give you the details.
    i'm going to do it tomorrow.l. cuz i had a last minture change of my image i'm using XD... but i'm defo getting it done for tomorrow.. had uni all day friday and been out all day today :gonk:

    anyway preordered the limited edition of FFXIII-2 today, Lirael told me amazon was doing it for under £40 :ohshit: and been playing ultimate marvel vs capcom 3.. and the dvd i ordered on amazon arrived today :yay: how you and u been up to much :grin:
    Things are good thanks! I've just got a job as a tutor, so I feel very lucky! I've been meaning to do more GFX but I haven't found the time! :( I've been gaming a bit, first Uncharted 3 and now Skyrim. I hope to make a sig this weekend though for the battle against Six! And I'll try to create a couple more this week. :)

    Have you seen the sigs in my old thread? There's a link to the thread in my sig. :)
    yh i not been able to do much photoshop stuff recently thanks to uni XD... i don't think the image rendered as it a jpg :hmmm:
    Haha, oh I know you said you're 'one of the ones'! :D I just like saying 'hey, we have something in common!' when I find that I share an interest with someone. :) It's a great way of connecting with people.

    A fanclub sounds like a good idea! :D I'd help set one up if you wanted.

    btw, which exams do you have soon? :) I'm also extremely interested in academia. :wacky:
    I, too, am hyped up about Final Fantasy XIII-2! :D (Just read your posts in 'From Squaresoft to Square-Enix'.)
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