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  • I've been working, drawing and reading manga (specifically Fushigi Yugi and Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden) over the past few days! I had considered playing a game in between completing FFXIII and getting XIII-2, but decided I wouldn't mind a break from games; I also knew I wouldn't get as involved in the game I chose!

    Work is going very well. The tutors I work with are all friend and I very much enjoy teaching the children. I've been drawing my own characters, but they seem to look different every time I draw them! :lew:

    It's a shame you can't use Photoshop. :( I need to install my old brushes. I don't have many at the moment but the other day found the brushes I used to use during my first phase of GFX work, between the ages of about 15 and 18. Maybe then I'll create something I'm actually proud of. :x3:
    Hey Cid I have a question on animated sig's what do you save them as? I've been trying to do some but for the life of me I cant seem to save them in good quality D:
    Distracted by XIII-2?!
    And that's fine, there's no rush and it's not too urgent. :)
    Hmm, y'know, I have a better idea. I'll make another sig at somepoint soon (after Christmas) and that will be my sig for longer (this one can only last 'til New Year really :() so I could send you that for a rain animation perhaps? :) I love your rain animations! :)
    Hey Cid! If I send you my current sig in PSD form, would you be able to add animated snow? I use CS2 and the animation doesn't work as well as it seems to in your version of PS, assuming you're using one similar to the guy in the rain tutorial video. :hmmm:
    I'm sorta switching between Gimp & Paint, depending on when my computer feels like being nice, lol. xD

    So what's up?
    :hmph: I dropped by to tell you that you do very amazing graphics works and I think sometime soon I will request a set from you! I love your animated ones :grin:
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