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I will be your (fire) shield 💪

Polyphemos relaxing in his own personal paradise...

Polyphemos Bromios 23_08_2019 23_04_18.jpg

Or he would be if he knew how to sit down comfortably. :polyphemos:

Polyphemos Bromios 23_08_2019 23_03_11.jpg

Polyphemos should probably never be allowed to visit the Moonfaire.

"Long live the king!"
Polyphemos Bromios 19_08_2019 00_14_47.jpg

"And here's my little secret.... I killed Mufasa!"
Polyphemos Bromios 19_08_2019 00_14_12.jpg

Drowning victim.
Polyphemos Bromios 19_08_2019 00_13_29.jpg

Enjoying the fireworks.

Polyphemos Bromios 19_08_2019 00_41_24.jpg

Still enjoying the fireworks while everyone else is focused on cleaning up.

Polyphemos Bromios 26_08_2019 22_34_11.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 26_08_2019 22_33_35.jpg

I have no idea who this Viera is but she wouldn't hop away so she ended up an unwitting passenger.

Polyphemos Bromios 29_08_2019 00_29_01.jpg
Last FC meeting... <3


This is why we can't have nice things, guys :ahmed: ... thankfully I was on time.


He was too late though...


Fil, Tami, Kira, and I turned into a bunch of Grandmother Willows. Can you guess who's who? Neither can I.


They told me to run but... she was sooo damn slow!? 🐢


Her go-to place when she needs to wind down.

A few from Halloween:

Polyphemos Bromios 18_10_2019 21_48_57.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 18_10_2019 21_55_12.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 23_10_2019 23_17_29.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 18_10_2019 22_07_50.jpg

I made Ser Aymeric blow @Linnaete a kiss. Happy birthday!

Polyphemos Bromios 23_10_2019 23_22_37.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 23_10_2019 23_22_50.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 23_10_2019 23_24_46.jpg

Hewarkles (my chocobo) is irritating everything now that he can fly.

Polyphemos Bromios 03_11_2019 22_02_38.jpg

I encountered a very sad sight. :sad2:

Polyphemos Bromios 06_11_2019 00_23_22.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 06_11_2019 00_23_31.jpg

I'm gradually taking on Alexander, one body part at a time! Thanks @shivas

Polyphemos Bromios 10_11_2019 19_11_08.jpg
It's a pity so few people are subbed/playing these days. :sad2:

Here are a few screenshots from my recent adventures playing catch-up with the rest of you.

Before embarking on Stormblood, Polyphemos had a bit of an existential crisis and didn't really know what he wanted to do with himself.


Graduation day at Ishgard.
That's Dr. Polyphemos Bromios to all of you now!

Polyphemos Bromios 12_12_2019 00_29_16.jpg

Auditioning for Lordi.
Polyphemos Bromios 28_10_2019 00_30_05.jpg

Considering becoming an evil genius.
Polyphemos Bromios 12_11_2019 18_54_55.jpg

Auditioning for the Ishgardian television production of A Christmas Carol.
Polyphemos Bromios 28_10_2019 21_19_03.jpg

But then I started playing through Stormblood and Polyphemos enjoyed a new purpose and began to experience some amazing things.

He can now swim underwater!
Polyphemos Bromios 28_12_2019 14_08_15.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 28_12_2019 22_33_52.jpg

He met the Namazu!
I can now understand why everyone went mad over these talking catfish. They’re lovely, yes yes.

Polyphemos Bromios 30_12_2019 16_51_54.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 29_12_2019 23_53_15.jpg

I have no idea what Raul (Hayabusa) is doing in my game as a rice farmer. Nor do I know why he wants me to work Adam (Paddy McGee) to death at the top of the hill.
Polyphemos was not impressed.
Polyphemos Bromios 30_12_2019 10_51_42.jpg

Polyphemos is now the legal and recognised ruler of the steppes, apparently. And he feels awesome and powerful!
Polyphemos Bromios 01_01_2020 17_30_34.jpg
A few screenshots now that I've beaten Shadowbringers.

The Fae are brutal...
Polyphemos Bromios 07_03_2020 22_35_20.jpg

Just porking about this isolated tree town.

Polyphemos Bromios 21_03_2020 22_16_01.jpg

Met a baby... But to me it looks a bit like a cat-baby? I'm not sure. Cute anyway.
Polyphemos Bromios 07_04_2020 18_34_56.jpg

Finally met some people taller than me! :O
Polyphemos Bromios 08_04_2020 17_53_41.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 08_04_2020 19_13_44.jpg

Decided to do a race swap after all. I'm now proudly living it up as a Viera. :)

Polyphemos Bromios 09_04_2020 22_47_43.jpg
Some recent tales of Polyphemos Bromios.

He takes a nap. I'm not sure sure that pillow would be very comfortable, but he's having a better sleep than most of us on FFF anyway...

Polyphemos Bromios 01_08_2020 00_18_48.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 01_08_2020 00_19_46.jpg

Can confirm that pigs can fly.
Polyphemos Bromios 19_08_2020 23_15_41.jpg

Evil Buzz Lightyear. There are no signs of intelligent life anywhere.... Literally, since most people are on hiatus from the game. :sad2:
Polyphemos Bromios 16_08_2020 18_37_00.jpg

Cap'n Bromios finally earns a decent captaincy hat! Also the first eyepatch which is placed on his actual blind eye as opposed to the eye he can see through.

Polyphemos Bromios 22_11_2020 22_17_59.jpg

This guy was an Ishgardian heretic and turned into a dragon-man, only for the war to end as soon as he'd finished his transformation. Upon returning to Ishgard, despite the new peace with dragons, things are not easy on the wife and daughter he left behind, and townsfolk treat him with suspicion.

Polyphemos Bromios 23_11_2020 22_16_51.jpg
Just blue mage things.

Seven Rivers 14_01_2021 05_33_06.png

Seven Rivers 13_01_2021 16_01_53.png

I could be an odder otter forever, to be honest. On the look out to trigger these traps that turn you into one AHEM. :wacky:

Seven Rivers 18_01_2021 12_57_09.png

Seven Rivers 21_01_2021 14_00_37.png

This minion is so adorable. 😩

Seven Rivers 21_01_2021 14_24_02.png

My little crew, odder Otter minion, Sparx and Seven Rivers. ♥

Seven Rivers 21_01_2021 14_30_48.png

Seven Rivers 21_01_2021 14_27_45.png
^^^ That does look a lot like Tami's character! Six

Here is my side of the story.

Polyphemos Bromios 07_02_2021 23_42_13.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 07_02_2021 23_49_27.jpg

That floating though...
Polyphemos Bromios 07_02_2021 23_53_37.jpg

While Tom was doing the daily Cactpot I was hiding in the fountain and he didn't see me, so I followed him here and he was facing in the other direction. I tried to sneak up on him so I edged along near the glass, but sadly he turned around and resumed the chat as if me standing here trying to blend in with the wall was perfectly normal.

Polyphemos Bromios 08_02_2021 00_04_48.jpg
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I remember when I first saw this guy and kept /throw emoting at him for stealing my look :ahmed: but then I was too blinded by Aymeric's beauty so he's forgiven....

also got no screenshots to post rip don't ban me pls [endwalker looks so good though I'm tempted to play again when its out aaaah]
A short story about me not having any idea of wtf I'm doing:

FINAL FANTASY XIV 2021-02-17 4_04_19 PM.png
"I have no idea wtf I'm doing"

FINAL FANTASY XIV 2021-02-17 4_22_04 PM.png
"I have no idea wtf I'm doing, but this time I'm under a cherry blossom tree."

FINAL FANTASY XIV 2021-02-17 4_23_11 PM.png
"Still no idea wtf I'm doing, but here's some more pretty stuff in the same pose"

FINAL FANTASY XIV 2021-02-17 4_34_50 PM.png

"Alas, no idea wtf I'm doing"

FINAL FANTASY XIV 2021-02-18 12_21_11 AM.png

"Come hither, I have no idea wtf I'm doing"

FINAL FANTASY XIV 2021-02-17 4_59_26 PM.png

"Is this offensive to the Viera?"

FINAL FANTASY XIV 2021-02-18 1_17_17 AM.png

"Still no idea wtf I'm doing, but this time in front of a rock."

FINAL FANTASY XIV 2021-02-18 2_04_45 PM.png

"Finally at peace knowing that maybe it's okay that I don't know wtf I'm doing"

Credits & Acknowledgments to those that helped me write my short story:
FINAL FANTASY XIV 2021-02-18 12_36_43 AM.png

To these blue flowers, that made my clearanced-priced Walmart Pirate attire stand out

FINAL FANTASY XIV 2021-02-18 1_56_29 PM.png

To these freakin' adorable sheep, that let me count them

FINAL FANTASY XIV 2021-02-18 1_54_17 PM.png

And to Loowoo, the bestest sheep ever, despite my apparent allergies to him. 💕

That moment when you tell a joke and it definitely doesn't land


When your cute minions ruin your badass moment :lew:



The scenery in Heavensward still takes my breath away ♥
I found Miko hanging around Aleport and so I tried to run her over.

Polyphemos Bromios 18_02_2021 23_12_19.jpg

When I was spotted I then decided to kidnap her take her for an amazing tour of the skies.
Polyphemos Bromios 18_02_2021 23_12_44.jpg

I couldn't take any screenshots while I was actually flying, but here we are when I landed.
Is it possible to drive the plank?

Polyphemos Bromios 18_02_2021 23_21_09.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 18_02_2021 23_21_29.jpg

This looks safe.

Polyphemos Bromios 18_02_2021 23_23_30.jpg

Saying adieu before I plunged into the sea and left her stranded...
At least that would have happened if FFXIV followed the laws of physics.

Polyphemos Bromios 18_02_2021 23_23_43.jpg

LJ's Discord avatar as a mount.

Polyphemos Bromios 18_02_2021 23_16_04.jpg

In summary?

This mini-episode was basically David Hasselhoff's classic, but I was behaving significantly less creepy and weird.

The Committee had a vote and decided to revoke my Lalafellin status. I protested; I'm as short as a Lalafell, yet I cannot be one? To which I eventually came to a compromise. It would be highly inappropriate for me to turn up to any date with Ser Aymeric as a Lalafell, as any notion of shipping us will probably break a dozen laws and deservedly land me on a list somewhere. So I returned to my former Miqo'te self on the condition that she would be a very short Miqo'te lass. Seriously, everyone except Lalafells is taller than she is.

But enough of that inane prattle. Linnaete returns to Eorzea and has no idea how anything works anymore. Only The Twelve know how she's not accidentally drowned herself from sheer ineptitude already, but there's still plenty of time to get her back in shape.


Finally waking after a 4-and-a-half-year coma, Linnaete wakes up in abject horror to realise she has now grown a tail and gained a few inches in height.


Seleeeeeeeeene! My favourite not-so-subtle Tinkerbell analogue for this game! They didn't abolish you completely after all!

Wait, where are you going? Why do you look so horrified to see me again?


My favourite minion in this whole game.

I don't care if there are other minions that are arguably as cute or considered cuter. This one is objectively the cutest and if you disagree, I will hurl these Yu-Gi-Oh cards at you.

How appropriate. A whale mount for whales.


I dunno if these are considered sperm whales, but there is certainly a lot of whales and only one person here riding a flying glowing white sperm cell mount.


How many giant whales parked in one place purchased by whales does it take to tank the performance of a PlayStation 5 console?


Brave and bold Beren, of the venerable House McGee, has an emotional breakdown in the middle of a street, having realised that his assigned healer doesn't have a proper practising licence and hasn't undertaken any accredited healing duties for nearly four and a half years.


The Terrible Trio of Tremendous Trouble.

Six and Dionysos join me for some good old public revelry. We would have included Paddy McGee in the shot, but he had other matters to attend to. Either he died somewhere and one of us forgot to cast Raise on him, or he had to run off to do very important errands.
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Lunar Whale Christmas tree (off-season).
Polyphemos Bromios 14_05_2021 23_33_19.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 14_05_2021 23_34_39.jpg

While Liv is no longer a Lala, I'm still twice as tall for some reason.
Polyphemos Bromios 15_05_2021 18_48_51.jpg

I feel like Hook eyeing up Tinkerbell.
Polyphemos Bromios 15_05_2021 18_53_53.jpg

Even when kneeling I'm taller than Liv.
Polyphemos Bromios 15_05_2021 19_20_46.jpg

Considering kidnapping Adam while Liv was deep in thought planning their wedding.
Polyphemos Bromios 16_05_2021 15_58_17.jpg

First dungeon run with actual people in an actual while.
Polyphemos Bromios 16_05_2021 23_21_35.jpg

I thought this guy had a kick-ass name.

Polyphemos Bromios 18_05_2021 23_49_01 (2).jpg


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