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Our renewal of vows earlier this year. For shame, we've been married twice in-game while we are still saving up for the actual ceremony in real life :tearjoy:

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2022-01-29_13-06-31-891_Fairy Aphrodite.png

2022-01-29_13-12-19-837_Fairy Aphrodite.png

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Salvae got a new dress gifted to her from little sister Stella, so it was time for a new photoshoot!
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2022-11-12_17-44-01-448_Fairy Forever.png
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Photoshoot in Elpis with Salvae as Red Mage


So Linnaete moved to Phantom, Kira and Tom resubbed, and Tami logged on too. Which meant we could world hop into the same world and hang out for the first time in ages.


Polyphemos is too tall to see Linnaete's face when she wields an umbrella:

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230407224316.jpg


Success vs Failure on Kugane Tower (Savage):

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230407234659.jpg


Apparently this is one of Linnaete's favourite pastimes. Swish-swish-a-Roe!

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230408003104.jpg

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230408003127.jpg

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230408003157.jpg


Polyphemos was starting to think he was being exploited...

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230408004750.jpg

Polyphemos rides his new doggo after our group's repeated runs.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230408235503.jpg


Polyphemos took Linnaete on a tour of the KupoCon Free Company house. I think we got away with it and nobody saw anything too peculiar.

Like Desktop Triceratops charging at Linnaete's Namazu companion whilst we synched up to perform the Manderville Mambo.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230409002649.jpg

Then it looked like Desktop Triceratops joined in with the dance and synched up with us too!

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230409002703.jpg

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230409002745.jpg


Clown time!

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230409003112.jpg


???? time!

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230409004733.jpg

[Not pictured: the naughty French snowman, the curious incident of the mysterious bathroom wall, and our many, many visits to Suzie]
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230419185842.png

Quite the interesting outfit. Reflects a lot of our DF tanks and their behaviour... 🧐

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230420212012.png


FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230423213349.png

Spoopy stuff ahead... Please have mercy. 😩

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230502181238.png

5th on the list! GET ON MY LEVEL!

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230502195322.png

Get on my level some more! Also lol... @ tank

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230502212033.png
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230502212035.png

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20230502212042.png

WTF?! Massive Tom! What happened?! Is this a thing?! I've missed it in my other runs! Lmao!!