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Mar 28, 2007
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So in hopes to let them be seen and not lost in some of the other threads, I wanted to make a thread where we can share our screen shoots of the game. ffxiv_12202013_142957.jpg

Al and I standing and sitting on Greeny after he kept chasing turtles to kill us. So we took him to a lost dead city and dragged the undead towards him.
"Sod off, ye sack o' squirrel shite!" HAHAHAHA


Also, some images from the Starlight event going on. I found a random fate with a Snowman and a Treant adorned with Christmas lights - a nice festive touch!


Well I owned the game for sometime but have now finally got into it and got my subscription and have only played the game for like two days. I'm enjoying it and I will be playing it more as time goes on! I had to start from the beginning which kind of slowed me down but oh well!

This is my guy with no proper trousers yet as I am waiting to get to lvl 15 when I can equip the stuff I have earned in quests.

i wish i was a more picture-y kind of person



Been hangin' with Light this month:


The photographer in me shudders at the composition of these screenshots, but there you are. It's kind of fun to see the FFXIII stuff in FFXIV.

Oh, and while I'm at it, here's one I did a while back just for grins:

Suki on the left, me on the right.


My creepy tadpole...


Pockets & Six.



Lion King? =[


And a stoned, glaring, sleepy, raging, whatever you wanna call it, Chocobo.


Close up! *Also, may be a dialogue spoiler*

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Screenshots, finally. I would've taken more of our adventure, but for a few months there I wasn't able to take screenshots on my PS3.

This is the most recent one.



Hanging out with the guys at a local pub. No idea where Kira ran off to, but according to her health bar, getting her ass kicked while we all chilled around.


Kira and I waiting for FATEs to spawn.


At the time we were playing with iSmiff still. "Life's a beach"


Crafting time at Ul'dah! That saw is nothing compared to my level 50 saw now.


Kira about to jump off a cliff. Btw, I do not like the female dragoon gear. >.>


Well, today was epic! It all began when I noticed all the sakura trees in Ul'dah and decided to hang out in one like a stalker.

...but my activities were interrupted when @Six showed up.


I came up with lame excuses for my shady activities.


Ok, not really. But it made for a funny story. Everyone did run a lot of FATEs together, though. After one of the biggest ones, @Pockets found a merchant selling Baby Raptor minions and we all bought them. Yays!




^ @Mitsuki with her Baby Raptor


...and everyone else's :lew:


'Twas a party indeed, as fine as our four weary adventurers could ask after a long day's work.


Leviathan Extreme down

chilling at the house


whippin out my zantetsuken
Really happy with this one. It might not look too complex, but trust me, there's a lot of Photoshop going on here.

Spoiler'd for really high-res, really high-quality image. For best viewing, right click on the picture and choose 'view image' or hit up the direct link here.

First I took three screenshots. Two to get the panoramic aspect ratio, and a third to erase the duplicate of my character that the second screenshot featured. Getting the angle right was a bit of a trick. Then I had to blend the three together. At first the difference in lighting made the seam in the middle really obvious, so I had to do some general color correction and even color replacement in the sky. At that point it was already looking pretty good, but it still felt like it was missing something to really get that photo look. So I added a bit of a more realistic texture to the mountains in the distance, an ambient glow to Cheeto (my chocobo) and its immediate surroundings, a sun flare, light film grain, enhanced saturation, and a vignette. There's still a lot more I could do if I really wanted to aim for photorealism, but for now I'll retain the video game look. It's pretty nice as-is if I do say so myself!
Well, had another fun dungeon run (hey, that rhymes!) with everyone yesterday! This time I turned on NVIDIA ShadowPlay and recorded most of it, then pulled out some of the best moments and gave a few the Photoshop treatment (my personal favorites are this one and this one). I've done the photography thing IRL before but only over the past weekend did I attempt to bring some of that skill into a video game. It's rather difficult to focus on composition while still being a team player and doing my part, but I'm actually pretty happy with how several of these came out. Enjoy!

Love those shots @Kirito :D We gotta drag you with us more often so you can be our cameraman. :P

Few recent ones with Dan and company.

Size difference...


Dan, Adam, and some random player.


Dan and LJ down. Al and I managed...somehow.

Finally uploaded some of my screenshots.

Meet Polyphemos Bromios!

An accidental selfie.


After completing a slightly creepy quest where Polyphemos was tasked with chasing away peeping Toms, he was invited by these NPC characters to join them. So he did.


Polyphemos showing off just how much taller and beastier he is compared to Mitsuki.


Just chilling.

Well, I finally got myself one of these Ahriman companions. I'm pretty sure mine's defective, though. It came barely knowing how to fly--like, seriously, the thing almost doesn't leave the ground. But apparently the Veteran Rewards Guild doesn't take returns, so after an hour exchanging messages with Moogle support I gave up and decided to just try and train the thing myself. First day didn't go so well.

That a proven failure I decided it would be better to hire a professional trainer instead. But as I'm perpetually low on gil from teleports, I had to take up a part time job testing potions.


I quit after one temporarily turned me into a Goobbue.

On the bright side, I do look pretty good with the sun shining down on me (get it?'re...not laughing.)

At least the day wasn't a total waste. Got in a couple nice scenery shots, both of which have a heavy amount of Photoshop magicks applied.

Two words:


I think this is my favorite FFXIV holiday so far! The games are fun, the setting is awesome (especially in Limsa Lominsa by night, when the fireworks are going off), and you get yukatas and a new epic dance emote! :yay:

Actually the storyline for the event quests was surprisingly moving, too. Didn't see that coming.

I feel some explanation is needed for these next two. In one of the three mini-games for the event, you ride around this thing (think it was called an Ebst or something), which upchucks cold water if you poke it in the side :P No joke.

And in another event you have to hit around the bombs until you can knock one into a mortar which then lights and launches a firework. Success!

Think introverts never come out of their shells? Think again. Stick them in the right atmosphere and they'll be braver than the best of extroverts. Brave enough to walk up to a random stranger and pretend to be on a date for a picture, for instance.

And last but far from least, we have the epic Bomb Dance!

Got a few looks for that one :P

Good times were had!
i just came back to the game and pow 2 million gil in the bag

i learned i could buy my own room in the fc house and 1 million gil later....




Kirito, C i d, you should sticky this thread. =]

Blue breath:

Gorgeous sky:

Our little group of coloured chocobos. Harlequin Ethics

Then we found this little guy just smirking like an idiot, lmao: