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Dionysos, aka the great Polyphemos Bromios, has decided that a life of plundering, looting and butchery in the open seas is too high octane for him now that he's no longer as sprightly as he was in his more junior days. He takes up the next most logical career path a former pirate hailing from the Limsa Lominsan thalassocracy would take: become an Uber driver.


Linnaete: "You DO know how to drive this thing, right?"


Polyphemos: "Bwahahahahaha, why of course I do, wee lassie!"
Linnaete: "If you say so, I guess. I'll crawl over to the rear seats in case though, as it doesn't even look like that driver's seat fits you."


Polyphemos: "I say, lassie. When I was a pirate, there was one time when one of my Moogle comrades was unjustly hanged for h-"
Linnaete: "Watch where you're driving!"


Linnaete: "Great work."
Polyphemos: "Ah, well. At least we get a lovely view from up here. When I was a pirate all you could see were the open seas!"


"Alas! I am wounded! Kind adventurer, I beseech you! Pray fetch me a healer in possession of a potent salve, for my wounds are many!"


Pictured: the corpses of the adventurers who had the ill fortune of partying up with a healer as inept as Linnaete.



Dark Knights pay tribute in Ul'dah to Kentaro Miura


Aaaaaaaaaahhhh! Linnaete finally reunites with her one true love.


I'd commission artwork of this, but it will probably be flagged NSFW and get me banned from the forums.
It's been a few months. Let's catch up on Linnaete and see how many fellow adventurers have died horrible deaths on her watch.


This Midlander Hyur died a horrible death, though it was not a fiend in a dangerous dungeon that did him in. The real culprit was said to be a profoundly vexed blonde Miqo'te woman who took particular issue with the fact the victim dared to copy her fashion sense.


Someone help me. Alisaie is becoming so genre-savvy that come Endwalker she'll break the fourth wall entirely.


Okay, now she's just talking crazy stuff. If there is only a single deity, won't they get lonely? What kind of divine existence is worth living if you can't even cause worldwide cataclysms by just getting into a petty spat with another god amongst a pantheon?


It's just Linnaete early in the morning when she's just got out of bed. Do not be so alarmed.


What is she even on about? What is she feeding us?! Would you stay for a banquet you've been invited to if one of your hosts starts talking about bulls' balls?


Well, whatever was in the food, it's already claimed the life of one unfortunate victim. Linnaete seems unaffected, because she's probably had deadlier food while as a student.



Seeing as Ubisoft harbours no desire to make an Assassin's Creed game set in Edo Japan, Linnaete figured she'd make her own. Unfortunately for her, she fell off and there was no convenient bale of hay below to break her fall. Fortunately for her, a particularly meaty Roegadyn standing at the foot of the hostelry tower just so happened to be idling at the wrong place at the wrong time.


A picture presented with no context, because I sure as heck don't quite know what's going on here. Whatever is happening, that bipedal robot is enjoying it so much it's resorted to T-posing.


Pictured: Linnaete and Polyphemos Bromios observing a quaint dwarf family about to enjoy a lovely supper safe within the confines of their little Hobbit home. It's a good thing the other races are too large to comfortably enter else the pair would happily invite themselves round for dinner.


...Not that will stop Linnaete from breaking and entering by essentially using Kamehameha to blast a gaping hole into the side of the dwarves' property. RIP, dwarves. You don't deserve this display of wanton barbarism.


No comment. There is nothing afoot here. Promise.


To take up healing is to provide succor to anyone in dire danger. Nah, I'm kidding. I'm sure this gentleman is fine and can pull himself back up on his own. What does Linnaete look like to you? A charity?


In other weird and wonderful Eorzean news, we have a former pirate-turned-axe-wielding-cowboy Polyphemos Bromios getting around on a...that's Dumbo. But as a pig instead of an elephant. Dumbo pig. With cutesy eyelashes.

... I on some potent hallucinogens?


No affront to nature is complete without a flying T-Rex to accompany the cowboy on a flying Dumbo pig. We've strayed so far from Hydaelyn's light that I'm surprised the planet hasn't turned into another Void.
Forgot to upload these. But this is what day one of a new patch looks like, I guess!

Polyphemos Bromios 25_05_2021 23_42_35.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 25_05_2021 23_43_01.jpg

Kugane Tower (Savage) before I 'wiped'.
Polyphemos Bromios 27_07_2021 23_32_13.jpg

Abandoning Liv at the top of a tower.
Polyphemos Bromios 27_07_2021 23_49_41.jpg

I have no suitable caption for this.
Polyphemos Bromios 03_08_2021 23_51_08.jpg

Ser Linnaete Mellemme, seeker of coin, defender of darkness.
Polyphemos Bromios 04_08_2021 23_53_20.jpg

Yee-haw! Polyphemos living the Old Western life.
Polyphemos Bromios 03_08_2021 23_04_29.jpg

The Free Company 'spawn point'.
Polyphemos Bromios 05_08_2021 22_53_43.jpg

Just here to suck out your soul, don't mind me.
Polyphemos Bromios 08_08_2021 23_42_54.jpg

Jumping through Kira's elephant to say hi.
Polyphemos Bromios 09_08_2021 00_17_32.jpg

Getting stuck.
Polyphemos Bromios 09_08_2021 00_20_07.jpg

Checking out Liv's training routine by sneaking up with my LJ.
Polyphemos Bromios 09_08_2021 00_34_00.jpg
Image dump!!

Seven Rivers 13_08_2021 23_23_03.png

I don't... I don't even know?

Seven Rivers 13_08_2021 23_36_32.png

So, because I don't know - Liv and I decided to join.

Seven Rivers 14_08_2021 00_46_37.png

The struggle in this fight was real.

Seven Rivers 13_08_2021 23_29_08.png

Seven Rivers 13_08_2021 23_29_32.png

They're defo trying to murder my PS4.

Seven Rivers 03_08_2021 20_08_51.png

Seven Rivers 03_08_2021 20_08_36.png

Seven Rivers 03_08_2021 20_35_13.png

Seven Rivers 04_08_2021 01_05_05.png

Aha! Glitched the system to where you can SIT on the couch like this. Comfy.

Seven Rivers 04_08_2021 23_18_40.png

Seven Rivers 05_08_2021 00_58_34.png

Seven Rivers 06_08_2021 00_27_38.png

Seven Rivers 07_08_2021 00_51_24.png

Guy serenading Ul'dah!

Seven Rivers 11_02_2021 22_23_39.png


“I whipped and whepped as my blody eyeliner streammed down my cheeks and made cool tears down my feces.”
― Tara Gilesbie, My Immortal


A typical day in Limsa. Just some cleaning staff diligently doing their best to brush aside a homicide.


"You've come to the wrong neighbourhood, motherf****rs, kupo!"


"Teheheheeee, you've come to the wrong neighbourhood, gorgeous!" ♡


Linnaete: "Did you two approach the wrong neighbourhood only to be caught as well?"
Polyphemos: "Yup." :sad:
Seven: "....auehdehdehdehdiedie"


I was lost in a bear-en land and had to find my bearings. Luckily, I came across what is paw-sibly the most unbearably...a-paw-lling landmark...okay, I really don't have many usable bear puns in mind.


"Daddy bear, what are you doing up there in the Tower of Bearbel?"

"Goldilocks is goddamn crazy and I want to get as far away from her as possible!"


RIP people with PS4s. How fitting it is that it's a summer seasonal event that causes your console to finally give up on life.


...I'll just let the chat speak for itself.


Seven's and Harly's work on their debut joint album is going swimmingly. Will they finish the album first or will the residency managers evict them first in response to an avalanche of neighbourhood complaints about an incessant cacophony of insufferable noise?
Those photos of you in the sorta field are pretty amazing mind. Six
Of course, Vivi's embarrassment at us taking up stripping is my favourite :lew:.
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Stephen Critchlow (VA of Count Edmont de Fortemps) passed away the other day, and people have been lightning flames and standing outside the Fortemps Manor to pay their respects.

Sometimes the FFXIV community can be great.

Polyphemos Bromios 22_09_2021 23_23_42.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 22_09_2021 23_32_46.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 22_09_2021 23_31_03.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 22_09_2021 23_32_56.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 22_09_2021 23_33_16.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 22_09_2021 23_33_29.jpg

Oh, girls just wanna have fun~~ Linnaete shivas Guess who's back with us :D

Seven Rivers 01_10_2021 19_29_22.png

Excuse me, ma'am/sir, where's that hand going?!

Seven Rivers 01_10_2021 19_30_35.png

Seven Rivers 01_10_2021 19_32_41.png

Seven Rivers 01_10_2021 19_32_47.png

Seven Rivers 01_10_2021 19_34_47.png

Seven Rivers 01_10_2021 19_37_11.png

I mean, I was complaining about Tami always having her back turned, so this was an unfortunate snap on my end... OOPS.

Seven Rivers 01_10_2021 19_38_15.png

Seven Rivers 01_10_2021 19_39_37.png

A-are you okay, OLIVIA?!

Seven Rivers 01_10_2021 19_40_14.png

Seven Rivers 01_10_2021 19_40_28.png

Seven Rivers 01_10_2021 19_40_37.png

Seven Rivers 01_10_2021 20_45_32.png


Seven Rivers 01_10_2021 20_54_39.png

Normal raids... that didn't end... normal.

Meet...old Linnaete! Auburn-haired Hyur Linnaete still sporting her newbie Arcanist caster gear, a Carbuncle and an old book she found in lost property.


Ah yes, that time when I "accidentally" killed Tom and that explains why he's never resubbed since. RIP, Tom.



Stealing other people's glamour ideas and pretending you came up with the look is super easy and barely an inconvenience.


If this were a Looney Tunes skit, she would look down to realise she's yeeted herself off the arena and is currently floating over a void. Then she makes a Goofy yell while falling.


You can have any name for your character and you choose to go with Ilove-y'shtola. What is there to like about her?


...oh, I see.


In my spare time, I hang out in strip bars and Kamehameha patrons' genitals.


And Aymeric does not seem impressed with me. No doubt he's unaware of what kind of sordid debauchery I've been up to behind his back :(


Kira's taken up the mantle of Gotham's Ishgard's Dark Knight, but oh no! What is her arch-nemesis plotting behind her back?




Batman is nonplussed and reacts with the swiftness of a...bat. Another villain successfully vanquished and will be carted off back to Arkham Asylum.


After a stunt like that, t'would seem neither are very happy with one another. Roleplaying gone too far?


C'mon, you two. Put away your pride for a moment and kiss and make up, would ya?


Now they're both very disappointed in themselves, but at least they've apologised and patched things up. <3
Seven Rivers 09_10_2021 00_49_39.png

"Moooooooooooooooom, Olivia is doing it again!!!!"

Seven Rivers 09_10_2021 00_48_35.png

Blonde bullying the brunette.

Seven Rivers 09_10_2021 00_46_48.png

Too slow!

Seven Rivers 09_10_2021 00_51_55.png


Seven Rivers 09_10_2021 00_47_24.png

"AHAHAHA, gotcha!"

Seven Rivers 09_10_2021 00_50_53.png

Uh... Why is she hysterically laughing again?!

Seven Rivers 09_10_2021 00_45_57.png


Seven Rivers 09_10_2021 00_38_14.png
Seven Rivers 09_10_2021 00_38_22.png
Seven Rivers 09_10_2021 00_40_13.png
Seven Rivers 09_10_2021 00_18_17.png

Seven Rivers 09_10_2021 00_18_28.png

Seven Rivers 09_10_2021 00_21_23.png

Seven Rivers 09_10_2021 00_20_34.png

Dork Knight. With Linnaete as my witness, I shall first get Dork up to lv. 80, then Paladin. :wacky:
2021-05-10_10-11-41-152_Fairy Unicorn.png

Salvae isn't really loving that thicc boi cactuar over yonder. Needles or no, it's got to go!

2021-06-04_19-08-13-388_Fairy Symphonie.png

A light night time snack while decorating the FC garden ♥

For my birthday earlier this year (Feb) a real life friend offered to pay for a transfer to Moogle. I was really torn up about it and put it off for most of the year (and also got busy). Although I knew it would be best for me to move, I didn't want to leave the people I knew on Lamia. But after much deliberation I finally made the move.

This was a very difficult decision for me, considering FFF’s history on Lamia, and it was not one I made lightly. In fact I spent over an hour taking screenshots of the FC house from virtually every angle (far too many to showcase in a single post so I'll stick to a few).

The frontage of the FC house.

Polyphemos Bromios 30_10_2021 16_03_55.jpg

I took screenshots of every page of the visitor book, signage, and so on.

Polyphemos Bromios 30_10_2021 16_05_03.jpg

Tom's comment in the book gave me an idea:
Polyphemos Bromios 30_10_2021 16_07_59.jpg

This view will be missed.
Polyphemos Bromios 30_10_2021 16_16_29.jpg

My last soak in the sea.
Polyphemos Bromios 30_10_2021 16_18_28.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 30_10_2021 16_18_37.jpg

Eventually Liv caught me taking screenshots, so we.... balanced our cars on posts and pivoted them around in spinny circles?

Polyphemos Bromios 30_10_2021 16_41_10.jpg

Polyphemos Bromios 30_10_2021 16_41_24.jpg

Stepping outside for the last time and noticing that we still had our Christmas decorations up from a few years back.
Polyphemos Bromios 30_10_2021 17_09_02.jpg

Wishing everyone well and wiping my wet eyes in the Bismark bath.

Polyphemos Bromios 30_10_2021 17_10_46.jpg

I did feel like Thancred saying goodbye to Ryne before his return to the Source [Shadowbringers 5.3 spoiler]
But I do not see this as the end. For a start I might create an alt one day (unless SE fix world visits for further afield, which would be preferable). I had no wish to leave anyone and I'd much rather see all worlds combined into one.

And so I embarked on the first chapter of my new adventure on Moogle.

I met up with my real life friend and his partner.

Polyphemos Bromios 31_10_2021 00_06_40.jpg

I attended my first Halloween party. I didn't have a costume ready so I went for an improvised manky man-chicken.

Polyphemos Bromios 31_10_2021 20_52_20.jpg

The Halloween party was also a murder mystery event, but I'd missed most of it. This was the grand finale where the ghost of the murder victim helped the detective solve the crime (non-actors like myself were watching from a stage out of the way).

Polyphemos Bromios 31_10_2021 20_58_57.jpg

Group shot.
Polyphemos Bromios 31_10_2021 21_56_12.jpg
Cheers, big ears.


Reached level 90 for AST/WHM. Dancer too. MSQ and raids also done. Have another month left on my sub and then it's bye bye once more to Keira.
Salvae's time to shine ♥

2022-02-16_22-29-41-335_Fairy Unicorn.png
2022-02-16_22-40-34-960_Fairy Unicorn.png
2022-02-16_22-42-51-196_Fairy Unicorn.png


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    2022-02-16_22-29-41-335_Fairy Unicorn.png
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So I decided to buy my first Private Chamber in my FC house. Never done this before, but I really wanted to free up some inventory space and I figured I’d dump loads of stuff in my room. Anyway, things sort of got out of hand and I ended up buying more furniture items than I have ever owned before, and turned my Private Chamber into my own little Dionysian Den.

By no means have I created a perfect paradise, and despite purchasing stairs, etc, I could not find a way to fit in an upper floor/ loft space without ruining everything else I had built (or colliding with my ceiling lamp, etc).

Anyway here it is.

Lots of greenery here!
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20220224212034.jpg

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20220224212044.jpg

A sort of andron for symposiasts! I wanted an area for ancient Greek style dining / drinking and discourse. I squeezed in as many couches as I could within roughly a quarter of my room.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20220224212142.jpg

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20220224212228.jpg

Of course you can buy alcohol in the abode of the god of wine.
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20220224212257.jpg

My marble bed.
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20220224212305.jpg

A mini-theatre… All set for a performance, but please bring your own actors!
Unfortunately, due to size limitations, we can only accommodate lalafellin actors unless the play in question requires giants...
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20220224212714.jpg
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20220224212750.jpg

The first 'performance' (if we imagine) is Aristophanes' The Birds. The Sea of Clouds is the closest we can get to Cloud-Cuckoo-Land, after all.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20220225120512.jpg
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online_20220225121203 - REDACTED.jpg

Yeah... Easily spent 2 million on this. But the money was otherwise just resting in my account and never getting used, so I figured I might as well use some of it!