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Well I done goufed again, and joined the wrong FC but I believe I'll stay with them since they're a good group of people o.o I'll just add everyone when they're online

I wish that the player search feature would show people even when they are offline. That way you could leave a friend request in the mail or something... Having to hope that by chance you will be on at the same time as another player (in order to search for their name) is quite ineffective.

I've yet to meet your character. :sad2:
@Dionysos I think the reason why there's a restriction with offline friend request is because people can easily create multiple accounts (up to 8) and 'friend' their characters, which can pose an issue with item transfers, thus massively affecting the balance of the economy per server. So they're trying to make it hard for people to do that. For example, I have two characters on Lamia (one is my husband's who rarely plays). I have items on my husband's account that I'd like to give to my own character, but since we can't be 'friends', it's impossible to transfer items unless of course we belong in the same Free Company.

I could be wrong, but that's what I gathered anyway.
Ah, I see. That makes a lot of sense.

It's a pain when it comes to finding friends, but I can see how a more open friend request system would be very easy to exploit and abuse.

If only there was a simpler way to be able to pass on a note that you generally exist to another person. I suppose that is where off-game communication has to play its role.
Well Dio I'm normally on at night from 7pm CST to around... 10am on my days off which is normally Tues./wends/thurs that would be the best time for anyone to friend me currently :3.

I'll be sharing some screenshots of my current look on here soon anyways I just haven't been arsed to copy them from my ps3 XD
I'm around for a month. If anyone wants to find me, hook me up on Lamia server. I currently look like inFamous Second Son's Fetch for some reason. I've anointed myself Shinra CEO (Shinra President exceeds 15 characters, you see) of Mitsuki's Free Company in her absence, although it's comparable to declaring that your apartment is its own, independent country. Lonely here. D:
Actually, it was Jeff that created Sector 7's Company. :lew: It just got passed down due to not re-subscribing for a while anymore. I don't see it happening anytime soon either. =[
You came back at a bad time to return as a DPS. Ninjas are everywhere and really hurting the DPS wait times for dungeons. It is at least 60 minutes now. Your only choice now for leveling is either FATEs or pair up with a Tank/Healer. Even then you'll be dealing with a lot of ninjas trying to level or get their Atma so you may not get full credit for every FATE. It should die in about a week though.
Ugh, tell me about it. A good hour and ten minutes just to get into the arena with Titan. Our tank turned out to be a marauder and for some reason the guy elicited considerable abuse from the other two. A combination of having to wait so long and a weird consternation with the fact that someone has yet to "upgrade" their jobs, perhaps. I just feel sorry for the guy. That was a nasty, nasty run and the duty finder has been strangely toxic lately, at least from what I have experienced.

I don't know what they were thinking when they released Rogue and Ninja. The metagame is already too imbalanced in favour of DPS that the last thing it needed was a couple more to tip it even further. The game desperately needs more tanks and healers. If Dark Knight can be repurposed as a tank after its role as a DPS in FFXI, hopefully the rumoured samurai class and a gun-related class can be tank and maybe medic respectively.

I was hoping to complete the main scenario storyline as I am, but now I don't know if I want to do it as a Scholar instead. I'm not exactly looking forward to the dungeons requiring a full party, or the Garuda confrontation.
I think the saddest thing about upgrading to a Scholar (or a Summoner) will be the loss of your little carbuncle companion(s). The fairies or summons are nowhere near as adorable. :sad2:

I'm hoping that the Samurai will be a tank class too. I think it is very, very, very likely to be a tank.

I do hope that the gunner (or whatever) class is real too. It has bugged me since I started playing the game that the Marauder's guild has signs set outside which suggest that a gunner class shares the same building. I think it would be quite cool to have a pirate-themed gunner. It would make more sense to have a lot of Limsa Lominsians running about as gunners. The backstory for the marauders didn't convince me (that the pirates used to use their axes for shipbuilding, I think, and then it came to throwing axes at ships to help capture them, which then grew into them all wielding axes for combat). Axes are cool and everything, but guns and swords (in combination!) would make more general sense for pirates.
I dunno, I find something adorable about a chibi Titan familiar following me around. Chibi Garuda following me around would also be as cute.

When I was told that everyone's now a frigging ninja in the game, they weren't exaggerating. I passed a massive FATE gathering at Coerthas today and virtually every participant fighting this enormous dragon was a ninja. Not a single dungeon run today didn't consist of a ninja as my other DPS guy.

It's time for a change of pace. After doing a streak of post-Titan, pre-Stone Vigil story quests, it's clearer than ever that the standard MMO mission design is as dull as heck, almost entirely composed of busywork with the intermittent good bits here and there. There's only so much menial slaying/collecting/parcel delivery I can handle and often it eludes me as to why I'm still playing. I might actually get my Disciple of the Hand or Field classes levelled up a bit, or start doing some Guildhests or Duty Roulettes for once.

Also, as much as I want to be a healer class for a bit, I'm absolutely frightened that I'll screw something up in the middle of a dungeon run - that I end up fighting more with the PS3 version's somewhat awkward targeting system (at least from my experience). I'm too used to DPS, especially something as particularly laid back as an arcanist/summoner.
Reading the SB with FFXIV talk really makes me miss the game. I haven't played for a good three months now. My last subscription, I only logged in once, so I'm still a little annoyed at myself for that. I remember last year around this time, I'd wake up around 3 a.m - 5 a.m just to log or mine for an hour and sell some in the market. The music really soothed me and I was just chillin' on my couch with my Christmas socks on, etc. Too bad I missed the free login weekend a few days ago.
Mitsuki there is a free trial going on in Steam now. Applies to existing subscribers. You have to download a separate client which stinks, but hey, for 14 days free I'll suffer having the game installed twice. Sadly I started it at a bad time--my schedule has been nothing but conflicts all week and now my GPU died, which I spent literally all day troubleshooting to figure out. All in all I've gotten maybe an hour of good out of the trial and I'm probably about halfway through it, but hopefully I'll be able to put in some time here soon. No idea when I'll be free enough to make paying for another month a worthwhile investment, though :\
Check Out An Hour of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward’s Gameplay: Ishgard, Flying Mounts and More.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s expansion Heavensward is exactly one month away, and during the latest Letter from the Producer Live broadcast Square Enix revealed a quite large serving of gameplay.

In the playlist below, courtesy of YouTube user Studio FullOrchestra, we get to see Ishgard, a nice look on the upcoming flying mounts feature, Dravania, a battle against the primal Ravana, and a look at how the various jobs will change with the expansion and the raise of the level cap.

Can we just skip a month? I don’t need it, really.


Also, as much as I want to be a healer class for a bit, I'm absolutely frightened that I'll screw something up in the middle of a dungeon run - that I end up fighting more with the PS3 version's somewhat awkward targeting system (at least from my experience). I'm too used to DPS, especially something as particularly laid back as an arcanist/summoner.



There's one feature touted for the expansion that excites me considerably more than it should: the ability to go into an old ARR dungeon or trial fight with less than a full party composition and not have a level sync imposed on you.

Entering a dungeon with fewer than the required number of players is done simply by having the party leader select a new option in DF. You won't be able to replenish roles, and there will be no level sync. (Yes it says that. 「レベルシンクもかからないものになります。」)This feature is available for most ARR content, but not Heavensward content. The plan is to make it available for more content in future updates.


Like I said, I don't know why this feature excites me so much. I'll essentially be running through an old dungeon, gleefully seeing how much carnage I can single handedly cause. It might also be a fun way to fast track a new player's levelling up process. It can also be a good way to get the 3 new Jobs levelled up quickly to begin with without having to miserably give up on those shiny new skills you've learnt.
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Trailer Takes Us To A New Land


Final Fantasy XIV is getting its Heavensward expansion soon, and Square Enix shared the latest trailerat E3, which shows us some more ofthe story, new areas, abilities, and more.

For those of you who’ve yet to finish the main scenario quests for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, you may want to skip this trailer for Heavensward, as it may have some spoilers going on in the video.

The trailer shows us a little bit of the story going into Heavensward, as the Hero of Light and others step foot into Ishgard. We also get a look at some of the new areas, dungeons, abilities, and more.

As seen in the other recent trailers, the new areas and dungeons have various appearances, ranging from snowy parts of Ishgard to dungeons with Allagan-like appearances.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward will launch on June 23, 2015. Those who preorder the game will get an early-access on June 19th. You can catch up on our earlier report to see what will be new for all 13 jobs and some of the new areas we’ll get to explore .

A List Of Everything Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Patch 3.01 Adds To The Game

Square Enix have released patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward patch 3.01. This patch will introduce the new raid dungeon Alexander: Gordias, along with a number of adjustments to job actions as well as known issues with the game.

Among the new content is a new “Chronicles of a New Era” quest. This requires the player to have completed the main scenario quest “Heavensward”. The patch also adds new FATEs to the game as well as several new pieces of gear at Equipment Level 60.

You can find the full set of patch notes on the game’s official website.

Not sure where the right place to post this was but last night there was another stream that gave lots of details about 3.1 and the future.


TLDR: Astrologian healing potency and card party actions are getting buffed (WOO) Six. Minion battles?, Two new dungeons: Pharos Sirius (Hard) and Saint Mocianne Arboretum.

Players will also obtain exp from level 50 dungeons such as Castrum, Praetorium, and hard mode stuff. New 24 man raid called Void Ark, more story that continues after the fall of King Thordan .

For Housing: they are looking into Ishgard housing ( so maybe we should wait until it is implemented Mitsuki)