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I spam this thread a bit, haha. But I had to share this

We joined a Zurvan ex learning party in the PF. Someone must have been hacking or cheating or something, I don't even know. But SOMEHOW we killed him in literally a minute or so

What even
I spam this thread a bit, haha. But I had to share this

We joined a Zurvan ex learning party in the PF. Someone must have been hacking or cheating or something, I don't even know. But SOMEHOW we killed him in literally a minute or so

What even

.........What the hell?
ummm...easiest Primal ever? Yoshi-P and his team are hacks. Game is too casual and for babies. Literally brain dead. Dead game, etc.

Yeah, holy shit. It must be some kind of bug or something that slipped through QA testing somehow.
I mean is it from that one food you eat where everything you hit gets one-shotted? I mean, straight up Odin that crap yo.
This is currently gaining traction in the FFXIV online communities. It seems like the Ninja in that group used an exploit whereby an item normally used in say, Guildleves to weaken enemies was used shortly into the fight. People are generally calling for his head on a plate, with only a few idiots claiming the whole party should be equally as penalised for pushing ahead with a kill despite knowing full well the fight was being exploited somehow.

No one here should ever want the latter to happen. It's not fair on Ross and it's not fair on Tami. It's not fair on anyone who innocuously joins a learning party on (cross-server) PF only to find some scrub using an exploit without anyone's knowledge, consultation and consent. There's zero evidence of party-wide collusion occurring and punishing anyone but the Ninja would be infuriatingly stupid.
Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers Patch Notes Revealed


Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion will be launching for the PS4 and PC in a few days. Square Enix has now revealed the expansion's full patch notes for the accompanying 5.0 update. The update will add two new cities, The Crystarium and Eulmore, as well as new field areas Lakeland, Kholusia, Amh Araeng, Il Mheg, and The Rak'tika Greatwood. Main scenario quests will of course be included, along with "myriad" side quests. those side quests will utilize a new "automatic level adjust system known as quest sync."












Square Enix says the new side quests "will have their difficulty and EXP rewards adjusted to match your current level." Some Shadowbringers features are being withheld until future patches. The Eden's Gate raid will be added in version 5.01, while a New Game+ mode will land in update "5.1 or later."

You can grab a previous Final Fantasy XIV expansion for free right now. That promotion is to celebrate the impending release of Shadowbringers, which launches on July 2 and enters early access on June 28 for those who pre-order. On PS4, the expansion costs $40 / £37 / AU $68, while PC players will need to fork out $40 / £30 / AU $60 for the standard edition.

Beat both of the new ex primals on WHM over the last few days. Spoiler warning on the second link. I'd highly recommend not clicking if you haven't beaten Shadowbringers.


Overall very fun fights, though they aren't really doing anything new, which isn't so much bad as it is disappointing. With that said I do love the arena change half way through Titania, but I can feel my PS4 chugging along when it happens. Finally showing its age, I suppose. Had the same issue in UCoB and some of the newer raids too.

Also WHM is completely bonkers right now. You can easily do more single target damage on a boss than tanks. While also healing. MEANWHILE they nerfed AST into the ground and it's barely even worth playing right now. Shameful :cautious:

As for the expansion itself... I'll probably ramble about it in detail some other time but for now I think it's probably the best thing to come out of FFXIV. Like... period. I'd even put it above Heavensward's MSQ. It's weird because I was so on the fence about buying the expansion for months, and yet it comes out and just blows my mind. I couldn't get enough, haha. WOULD RECOMMEND.
Also WHM is completely bonkers right now. You can easily do more single target damage on a boss than tanks. While also healing.
I already had SCH at 70 before 5.0 so I can't speak for that, but my favourite thing about WHM is that I actually have tools to deal with all of these paper GNBs. As long as the tank doesn't think they are made of adamantium and goes for max pulls, I'm usually sitting on 3 lilies so when they do drop, I just give them a wee top up and then it's back to making the enemy stoned.

That's not even mentioning Tetragrammaton.

Or Benediction.

Or Benison.

Or Assize.

Or, y'know, regular ass Cure spells. Which I can make free if I just don't feel like paying any mana at the time.

Literally the only time a tank dies is either:
a) I'm too distracted by Netflix
b) The tank went for max pulls and thinks that cooldowns is just another name for refrigerator

Best of all, no poxy cards to deal with. Once I learned that blue border = melee and purple border = ranged, it became much less stressful, but it still felt bad that I wasn't throwing out cards when the tank required hardcasted Benefic II spam just to stay alive.

Oh, and of course the fact that Holy is actually mitigation as well every 5-10 seconds because of the stun. I don't even have to target the enemy since it's an AoE around me. So much better than Gravity.

WHM was my least favourite job to level in the early days, now it gives me all sorts of tingles:tehe:

If SCH is even more healing output than this (feck off if you're gonna moan about damage being boring lmao) then I'll probably pass out from blood loss to the brain :grin:
SCH in terms of healing is in a league of its own at level 80. The new skills are ridiculous on paper (I'll get around to levelling it myself sometime, but the impressions from my raider friends are very positive). The core issue of 5.0 SCH is that you have all these aetherflow stacks and nothing to use them on since they removed energy drain. If they fix that then I think SCH will be in a really nice place. The dps change is something that majority of people will learn to deal with... eventually. Haha.

Though a weird thing I have noticed at level 80, is that our healing output hasn't changed from level 70. That is, I'm healing roughly the same amounts at i444 level 80 that I was at i400 level 70. Meanwhile, health pools have ballooned up by at least 50%. So you get this weird sensation that your heals are weak.

Speaking of WHM, I had to laugh at this today in an Innocence ex party:


That's with a death on my part too. There's no way they aren't nerfing WHM into the ground in a few weeks, haha.
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Could be worse, could be this boss fight in Bardam's Mettle yesterday:
(03:20) Yol:
Ilyxia Bri (Gnb):         1.40K DPS     10% Crit    0% DH    0% CDH
Domova Aur (Dnc):         1.39K DPS     24% Crit    25% DH   9% CDH
Juniper Ro (Drg):         1.33K DPS     23% Crit    25% DH   8% CDH
Geralt Dew (Whm):         559 DPS       16% Crit    0% DH    0% CDH
Limit Brea ():            468 DPS       0% Crit     0% DH    0% CDH

My pal on the DNC :wacky:
Final Fantasy 14 Moonfire Faire Event Now Live For A Limited Time

Final Fantasy XIV's annual summer event, the Moonfire Faire, is back again for another year. The summer celebration is now underway on PS4 and PC until August 26, giving players a chance to complete special limited-time quests and earn some exclusive summer-themed items.

To participate in the Moonfire Faire, you'll need to be at least level 30 and speak to Mayaru Moyaru in the Upper Decks of Limsa Lominsa to begin the event. As Square Enix says, "This year’s event marks the return of the Eorzean Nimble Warrior course, revamped to provide yet more high-flying thrills to acrobatically adept adventurers."

Complete the Moonfire Faire quests and you'll be able to earn a variety of summer-themed clothes for your avatar, as well as a handful of different decorations for your house. You can see the list of this year's Moonfire Faire items below. As usual, you'll also be able to purchase certain items from past Moonfire Faires at vendors.
  • Moonfire Hachimaki (head gear)
  • White Painted Moogle Mask (head)
  • Black Painted Moogle Mask (head)
  • Painted Namazu Mask (head)
  • White Moonfire Happi (body)
  • Red Moonfire Happi (body)
  • Black Moonfire Happi (body)
  • Moonfire Tabi (feet)
  • Portable Pool (outdoor furnishing)
  • Wind Chime Stand (outdoor furnishing)
  • Moonfire Faire Advertisement (wall-mounted)
The Moonfire Faire runs until 7:59 AM PT / 10:59 AM ET on August 26.

Final Fantasy XIV's third major expansion, Shadowbringers, arrived this past July and introduced a wealth of new content to the popular MMO, including two new playable races, the Viera and Hrothgard, new cities to explore and dungeons to conquer, and two new jobs, among other things.

Finished the first Eden savage raid tier! Titan remixed was actually a lot of fun. Doesn't have the same meme potential as the original ex trial but it's difficult in its own right. Music is cool too, even if the second half or whatever is just from UwU.

They buffed AST with the savage release a few weeks ago and it's been enjoyable to play, much to my surprise. It's just too bad everyone has already switched to WHM. I was literally number 1 AST in e3s last week, and now I'm 4 in Titan even after just one clear. Which says a lot about healing right now xD
Final Fantasy 14's New Event Coming Soon

The Moonfire Faire event began earlier this month and is still ongoing, allowing you to unlock various clothing material and even a kid's swimming pool for your housing. A new event called The Rising will be available for players level 30 and above, which will start on August 26th. The Rising will be located in Eastern La Noscea, Bloodshore, and will send you on an important quest to unlock a Brave New Y’shtola minion and numerous pieces of artwork to decorate the walls of your housing with. Here is a screenshots of the Y'shtola minion and artworks.


Popular FF community musicians Alex Moukala and Husky by the Geek sat down with Masayoshi Soken (FFXIV composer) for a truly amazing interview. Loved every minute of this. Soken is as friendly and funny as he is passionate about music.

Many of you have already seen it, but I just thought I'd share the new Endwalker trailer anyway.

I hope that Alphinaud’s remarks at the end are their way of sneaking in the postponement news, and not a hint at, I don’t know, his impending death, shivering in the cold like the bunny in The Muppet's Christmas Carol or something. I don’t want to have to host a funeral for my son!

Also, if I heard Fandaniel's voice talking about the rejoining near the end, that runs contrary to what we've heard him say already (that he is delighted that the Unsundered are all dead so he can be free of their pining for days long gone). I sense he might be being ironic at the end and teasing everyone. Or there is much more to Fandaniel than we think. There always is, I suppose. Definitely curious to learn what his goal is.
They've released the music video for the new song for Endwalker.

It's pretty cool that we're even getting 'Final Fantasy music videos' these days.