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  • Honestly it seems there aren't many members participating in much of anything this time around. I'm more surprised we did get this many participating in P.O.S.T. so if anything, I'm calling it a success. :D
    I'm doing it on Sunday like last time. For every P.O.S.T. event, the Leaderboard is updated at the end of the week.
    Righty, remade the set for you. the signature is 500x300 and the icon is still 150x150. You can still use the black & white icon if you wish, but I made a colour version for you just in case you want the set to be a perfect match.

    Whoa Whoa, slow down there pal :) Ok, I'll do a remake for you. Decide on what you want for sure, dimension wise and colour wise then let me know. I want this GFX set to be perfect for what you're looking for so be 100% positive in your request. I'll then make it for you in the coming week.
    I did, just did some checking up on something in regards to your request. Basically the way it stands, if I remake the image bigger the buttons and text you include in your signature space will not be seen. Your entire signature space is 600x400 so you'll lose those things if you just use it all for one image.
    If I were to make your signature bigger I would have to remake it all over again. You can't just increase the size of an image without severely losing quality.
    Completed your requested set :yay:. Let me know if you want anything added or whatever:

    Well, the thing is, if we just let people randomly pick their own images for thread icons, it can get messy very quickly. Fan-art would be a big issue, along with the fact that some images are just incredibly hard to work with.

    I was part of the Tonberry creation myself, and it's such a time consuming process. So when we do it, we want it done right. Hence the reason we select a few images that are workable, make a voting so people can vote which image they want to be used for the forum, and once we have the icon with the most votes, the creating begins.

    You should definitely stick around for Birthweek, a lot of fun competitions and great prizes for the winners! :D
    Normally that's how we've done the previous themes. I don't know if you remember, but Seamus had the Tonberries before the moogles arrived. This was done with a select few people picking a few icons that we can actually work with, and then putting up a voting so people can pick out of the pre-selected images. (Purely for making the graphic design easier, some things are impossible).

    I'm not sure if you've been around for Birthweek before, but Birthweek is basically this forum celebrating it's anniversary/birthday. A LOT of different competitions will be hosted in the month of June, along with the Site banner. The Site Banner winners are decided by a top 3 in a poll voting thread. These new banners will be used for the "Main forum skin", most likely Seamus, and the old banners we currently have will be moved over to the other skins.
    You mean the new forum skins? The editing work for the new skins has been put on hold for a while. The site banners will be covered, and the thread icons is something we'll probably be discussing still too.

    New site banners will be up after July first for the Seamus theme, considering the Site Banner competition is coming up in the Birthweek competition in June. =]
    Yeah most people in this forum change their username alot. I changed mines quite a few times and I'm not looking to change my username for now. Sasuke is a character that I like alot and it's characteristics are similar to mines. That's why I chose to put my username as him because his story reminds me of mines.
    Username changes are quite common here. You have a similar demeanor and choice of avatar/signature set.
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