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  • That is absolutely fine :) thanks for the feedback. It was good practice either way and the set you're wearing now is really nice anyway!
    Ehhhh I decided to give it a go, I'm new at this so please if you don't like it don't worry about using it haha.

    If you do use it just credit me :)

    Thank you for wanting me to make you your sig but I'm still learning and I'm not really ready to start creating things for other people yet. If you want though there are plenty of other shops in the request forum that you could try :D
    Chromatic.....? If he's a silver color dragon, wouldn't it be metallic? xD I think the D&D red dragon is the epitome of what all dragons should look like. I love the twisty horns. :wub:
    Dragons! :yay: I shall put a star by your name, to indicate a fellow dragon lover. ^_^ Say, speaking of dragons.... chromatic or metallic? Which would you pick?
    Could you please credit the graphic set I made you. =) I'm glad you liked it, though!

    No problemo. I've seen you're posts around, and you seem like a pretty smart guy ^_^
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