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  • My news is general gaming, I do news about things that have happened in gaming the past week and write it up in a bitesize form =]
    Ahh spawn rings a bell :) you do some pretty cool articles. Have you been reading my bite size weekly articles? I hope they are good to read.
    Hey thanks for the add :) do I know you ? Your name rings a bell. So how's you?
    Issue fixed thanks to the techical admin. Next time you shout you should receive your appropriate achievements. =] Thank you for reporting the issue.
    There is no problem with them that I am aware of. Looking in to it now, it may just take a moment to set in. I'll ask the technical admins if the problem persists.
    I'm not a fan of resi 6, though mercs is fun online. It's the only numbered resi I've ever disliked, so greeny was sad :sad2:.
    FF6 is getting towards the end. Another 20 days maybe? Mario Sunshine is still a long way off though.
    I have: PS2, PS3, Gamecube, GBA, Wii(u), Vita and 3DS. I have a megadrive and master system too but...I'm not sure if those can be recorded?
    Ah sorry, I really didn't like Vagrant Story. The battle system was reeeeally slow and dull, along with the environment.
    Y'know I was just looking at the battle system for that the other day, but it didn't come out over in the UK, from what I've heard.
    Yo bro just wanted to let ya know I quit posting news. Wish you good luck bro!
    Whats the point hardly anyone visit the threads or post in those threads.Its useless.
    Thank you for your hard work bro. Peace.
    Yeah bro I stopped for a while, but I got a new phone now and I go to Fff on my phone now hehehe. You were always the news king appreciate your effort bro! Keep it up! Keep the news coming!
    No problem! It takes time but like I said, I'm sure everything will work itself out.
    I share your pain about the car - mine broke down recently and now I need a new one. Pissed off doesn't come close to describing how annoyed I was when it broke.

    At least you've got family to stay with bud. Good luck with the job hunt as well. I'm sure you'll find something soon!
    Not bad thanks buddy! I've found it really hard to get the time to post anything - new job was eating all of my time! Hopefully back for good this time ;)

    How have things been with you dude?
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