[14/01] Domain For Final Fantasy XIII-2 Registered

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Dec 30, 2007

Square Enix’s official hub for Final Fantasy XIII is Finalfantasy13Game.com. It appears that on January 10th, 2011, someone also registered Finalfantasy13-2Game.com as a domain. The report comes by way of Superannuation’s Twitter feed.

Finalfantasy13-2Game.com was registered under the name of “Corporation Service Company,” whose name is also listed in association with websites for other Square Enix games such as Nier and Final Fantasy XIII.

Square have stated the possibility of a follow-up to Final Fantasy XIII in the past, but have never explicitly confirmed if they have plans for one. If they are indeed working on such a game, perhaps we’ll hear about it at their upcoming 1st Production Department conference on January 18th.

Source: Siliconera
Yes! That cheered me a lot :) it has been a frustrating week for me. I knew that they are making a sequel. episode i hinted so much. I hope this is truly official. But of course FFXIII haters will not be so keen on this. But who cares! I can't wait for it. As much as I want XIII versus and XV, an XIII-2 is equally good.

I also really hope that there's an xbox release for it >_>
Please, Ringo, tell me you hacked a server and did this for the ultimate trolling. PLEASE. I don't see the trollface, and it's worrying me. This is a joke, right? RIGHT?!

...seriously. Have we not suffered enough? Must we endure yet another directionless plot with barely anything in the way of gameplay, appalling soundtrack and voice acting, and just general bullshit? Are Square Enix TRYING to commit financial suicide?

How could they POSSIBLY squeeze another story out of this?! They didn't squeeze any story whatsoever out of the first game! :rage:

This is just about the worst piece of news EVER. Seriously, I can't imagine anything worse than this. Even Toriyama taking over Square Enix would be preferable to this. This is so bad it defies the "it could be worse" argument. It's so bad it destroys what little faith I had that Square Enix would recover from the disaster that was 2010. It's so bad I have nothing to compare it to. I could not be more horrified, disgusted, and utterly baffled that Square Enix would even CONSIDER making a sequel to what is easily the worst "game" (and I use that word in the loosest possible way) they have ever created.

I am in despair. Square Enix have left me in despair.

FFXIII needs a sequel about as much as FFVII needs a remake. End of story.

...yes, I know they haven't even announced it yet. But I'm just bracing myself for the inevitable horror. Although how they could possibly make a game worse than FFXIII is beyond my ability to comprehend...
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Finalfantasy13-2Game.com was registered under the name of “Corporation Service Company,” whose name is also listed in association with websites for other Square Enix games such as Nier and Final Fantasy XIII.

Is it possible that someone unofficial bought this domain under that false name?
They said they would make a FF13-2 only if FF13 was succesfull and the demand was high enough. To my understanding this was not the case..

This seems false to me, I dont think the project will exist.
It's not going to happen. and if it does, I'm not buying.

Final Fantasy XIII murdered any faith I had in the company. The PS2/X were clearly the greatest consoles ever made, and I still consider them to be towering titans, a shadow over the entire genre of RPGs.

xbox is for fable and FPS games.

tales of vesperia, too.

Although how they could possibly make a game worse than FFXIII is beyond my ability to comprehend...

the game felt incomplete and was incomplete, Yoichi Wada essentially said it himself by saying that they wanted to do more with the game before they released it.

I am never going to purchase another square enix item ever again - precisely because of that. Personally, I'd rather look like an idiot than a complete asshole.
Well all I am going to say here is if they truly make a sequel they better not leave anything out and have an excuse for a port that will give us the remaining content in the future :ffs:. They need to put everything. Like what they said about Final Fantasy XIII about so much content being scrapped and then put later into the 360 port in japan. That was all ridiculous SE.. Fucking ridiculous. Also will they wake up? Where is Hisairness when we need him? That aside, I dont have a problem with a sequel to FF XIII cause I did rather enjoy the game till it got really tedious. Yeah I 100%'d it and was bored to hell with it after seeing as there was nothing to do xD. Okay if this truly does happen I think they should take out the Linear field and make it so there are more towns. Make us control everyone and not just 1 person in the party. No more controlling one person and if that person dies game over. That was all shit. Can we get a decent game here and not just you know not be controlling one character? Can the game be harder? Like let us not make the cpu's be overpowered and know when to give status effects, put our weapons on fire etc. There I wont say more cause this could possibly be fake. But they screwed up XIII'S sales by putting an "easy" mode in the Japanese 360 port. The game was already easy. If anything this game needs a "Hell" difficulty or something.
This hit me like a tone of bricks I saw the thread Ttitle anf was like WTF?:srsly:

This would be awesome Id buy it and applaud its development.
haha Ringo wouldnt do that would he? I wonder if this is just another subversive of his faction...............from there mountain stronghold?

I welcome this game.
Is it possible that someone unofficial bought this domain under that false name?
They said they would make a FF13-2 only if FF13 was succesfull and the demand was high enough. To my understanding this was not the case.

There are two main problems though, firstly, Square-Enix don't listen to fans "demands" otherwise there would have been a new Chrono title years ago. Secondly, FFXIII shipped quite a number of units so in terms of business it probably was "successful", the game was just shit.
SE Enix really thinks the sequel will sell xD
We will see what happens...the only reason why im a bit concerned is because this will delay FFXV obviously...:ffs:

Hopefully FF13-2 will be DLC..

I never played FF13 btw so I cant judge on that game..but since there are many issues about it which I have read over the time, I got to the conclusion that the game would probably suck for me personally. So I didnt want to waste 60 bucks on it...

I'll probably buy it one day..

Final Fantasy XIII – Episode 1 Fuels Speculation Of A Possible FFXIII Sequel

By Sakinah D Rasheed
Posted in: News, PS3News
Final Fantasy XIII: Ultimate Hits International was released for the XBox 360 in Japan this month and while it may have not performed well in the country, clues to a possible FFXIII sequel were included in a special epilougue short story titled Final Fantasy XIII – Episode 1.
Beware of spoilers!
The last part of the episodes has Lightning in a sea like zone surrounded with monsters, no animals, no plants, no life in general, she knows nothing else to do than keep moving forward. Speculations have led to the belief that Goddes Etro was reason Lightning ended up there. This and the recent “She must not be forgotten” statement and illustration adds a little fuel to the FFXIII-2 fire.
That hadn’t changed. No, not even just the people of Cocoon. But the people who, like Vanille and Fang, might be surviving somewhere on Gran Pulse to this day. She wished to protect the future of all the people living on this world.
Also revealed in the Episode was the fact that Fang and Vanille are both alive with each one of the main characters speaking of saving them from their Crystal prison. Reading further in, there is a also mention of Gran Pulse being far bigger than “anyone on Cocoon could imagine”, where airships are a big part of people’s lives and where Sazh would be busy working as a pilot.
Things sound as if the Final Fantasy XIII developers may have the intention of continuing the story at some point but will fans embrace it? Read more of the translated Final Fantasy XIII – Episode 1here.
Of course XIII-2 will sell. It's FINAL FANTASY. Putting a label that big on a "game" guarantees it'll ship in the hundreds of thousands, whether it deserves to or not.

Square Enix seem to suffer from confirmation bias regarding the reception to their games...I don't even know why they bother asking fans what they want when they don't even bother paying attention.
Meh. Final Fantasy XIII received hugely positive reviews. Most people loved it, with only the minority really hating it. And really, nobody's being forced to buy it, so just deal with it if it is gonna happen. Fans want a remake from the hugely positive reviews, so they're gonna give them that. I just hope they do it right, and if they do, I'll enjoy it.
Oh boy. Where do I start? Let me make my feelings towards this clear if there is to be a sequel to the game. Let's start with the positives shall we?

Firstly, I really feel that FFXIII suffered from being a game with wallpaper corridors, the linearity actually hurting the amount of interaction you can have with the game's world. The tightly, linear scripted nature of FFXIII meant that you could hardly become attached to the world at all compared to previous FF games. If there is to be a sequel, the decent thing would be to let us see more of the world. I would be willing to revisit the story of FFXIII if I am ever convinced that a sequel would actually do the FFXIII universe full just now.

But like what happened with FFX, we do NOT need a sequel. So what if the game sold well? Of course it would sell well. It's a bloody FF game hyped to the extreme and because it has such a famous name. Is that a good precedent to justify why we need a sequel? No it does not. In fact it will just land a huge heap of more work on the company when there are more important projects they could be embarking on like, oh gee, let's see...the next proper Final Fantasy game, i.e. FFXV? Does every main FF game nowadays need a sequel? No. It just messes things up and brings about this quantity over quality idea again.

I will not hold my breath yet. The registering of a website domain while significant, is not quite fully sufficient evidence for me yet until we actually hear SE talk about it - which they possibly already have indirectly. If there is to ever be a sequel and it looks like a massive improvement to FFXIII, then I may give this another chance. If it's the same as FFXIII however, and does what FFX-2 did to FFX, then no thank you. Next game, please.
Now that I read Final Fantasy XIII Episode I I just suddenly feel like now for real a sequel will happen. Fang and Vanille are alive? This has interested me now and I am being honest. I really feel that the story of Episode I(Epilogue after FF XIII) will somehow bring the light of FF XIII II in a few years. Do I want there to be a sequel? Well at first I thought this was a little false for one.. after reading those translations it doesnt seem that way. The ending really made it interesting. I wonder how FF XIII- II will begin then?
Most people here seem to have hated the game, but I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon. I, for one, liked it. Yes, it may not have been the best game in the series, but there are others that were worst and still overhyped today.

I welcome the news, although I'm curious as to how they'll write another storyline,
especially since the party's l'Cie marks were gone (although Fang and Vanille remained frozen).
But I'm sure they'll work something out. Besides, SE have already refused to rule out a sequel before.
They're alive but they're in all that crystal innit?
I ain't being funny, a sequel wouldn't bother me, I'd probably buy it because I enjoyed XIII.
But if they brought Fang and Vanille back that would kill the bittersweet feeling the ending of XIII gave me. I hope to godthey keep them down like for X-2, and don't make them a pair of Tidus' and bring them back. Though that did make the ending of X-2 really sweet, it does sorta make me feel "yeah, whatever, you'll be back in 2 years" when I complete X.

I gotta agree with Liv though, if they were to bring it back, make everywhere (Unless destroyed of course) revisitable. That, along with
teasing us with a possible Jihl battle only to have the big man kill her(even though logically she would of had her arse handed to her) and what felt like a half arsed final boss
was my only problems with the game.

Sorry for the spoiler abuse, btw.
YESSS! this is the best news of the year so far......This has made my day seriously,hope this is not a hack by someone. I'm kinda wondering who the characters in XIII-2 could possibly be,but hopefully Light is still the main person.........also hope Sazh is in it too.

I am kinda concered about the sales.......but the first game sold well, and it was a mixed response so Im kinda predicting they'll get around 3/4 amount of sales for this game to what they got for XIII.

Also really hope this is a PS3 game..........just gotta wait 4 more days for the conference!! :rage:
Oh, yippie, another terrible sequel based off of a terrible game. FFXIII has the lowest reviews of any (main series AKA numbered FF) Final Fantasy game to date. And when it comes to user reviews, it's just as hated as it is "loved". Of course, and I'll say it again, FFXIII was proof that you can wrap dog shit in an ice cream wrapper and have people dig in.

I guess some people just want a second helping of dog shit. Oh, please, tell me when you're done sucking Square Enix's dick so that we may speak about... I don't know... Real games? It's quite obvious that they just want to make movies now anyway.

Seriously, when someone tells me that they liked FFXIII, I can't take them seriously. I just can't. It's like saying, "Ringo, I love Twilight" on the first date. It's just not working out. But hey, to each their own, right? I can't help it if people want to waste their money, and I can't help it if they have a shitty taste in games.

Wada was correct when he said that the game split the fanbase in half, though he was completely wrong in saying that only the new fans hated it. It was the other way around, the old fans, the die hard fans were the ones that typically hated it. It seems that SE, and Wada, are quite adept at making terrible decisions, and this is just another one.

So please, enjoy your dickcheese sandwich. Odds are that you're going to. But FFXIII remains one of the top reasons why SE will never make a good game again. They're under the impression that we all love eating up shit. :rofl:
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I'm not surprised, and I'm not upset. Not the least bit. The way I see it this is more material for the likes of Spoony and Ringo to work with for my entertainment. Now this is near impossible, considering the setting of the game and the first impression is has left on us, but if it turns out to be a good game then...hey, whatever :monster:

Besides, we have no one to blame but the fanbase. It's their damn fault they have such low standards they're willing to tickle their puny fucking brains with sloppy, incomprehensible, flashy garbage. No offense :dave:

But I just don't understand what a sequel would explain. A prequel could kind of make sense, but even then that's a stretch too :hmmm:

If this does actually pan out into another FFXIII game, I'll keep my eye on it.
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