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  • Wai thank you. Not at the posing-shirtless-like-a-boss stage just yet. But. I DID buy myself an exercise bike. AND I ACTUALLY USE IT. It also functions remarkably well as a clothes horse!

    How's tricks with you and the world's most adorable baby?
    Hey, if you're not busy at the moment, I wanted to use my last name change to Castiel if you could. :dave: Thanks!
    Your sig inspired me to buy 'In the court of the Crimson King'. Just thought I'd tell you about the profound influence you have had on my life. :monster:
    Hsahahahahaha it just confirmed what i already thought about him :lew: I knew he was jealous of Arianas work and a few others. So when you left me that rep message i got the biggest smile :D
    I called you in the sb but you wernt around. I wanted to say that your rep message made my day :wacky:

    It gave me such a good laugh :lew: that proves my theory of bitterness right hahaha
    Yeah, I was very torn up after hearing that. He was a huge part of my childhood. He and Undertaker were always creeping me out. XD

    I know the best thing I can do is celebrate his life and career. He was a great guy.

    I'm gonna miss him.

    Rest in Peace William Moody.
    I haven't MSN'd in ages, lol. Will do though, thanks. :)

    It definitely seems exhausting, but like you said, it looks equally rewarding. I may have to try it one day, before I become too old.

    You're a quick study, you'll have it down in no time.
    Thanks, if anyone understood, I knew it would be you.

    As for your new daughter, I saw her pictures on Facebook, she's absolutely adorable -- such a tiny little peanut, but she's grown quickly in the other photos. :)

    And congrats on becoming an Admin! If you ask me... It should have happened years ago.
    Im on YouTube a lot so it was impossible to not notice gangnam style :lew: twas everywhere.
    Maybe Harlem shake is something to do with the stones song Harlem shuffle like i said in my last VM. In the song he sings about doing the harlem shuffle. This is giving me a whole new painted picture of the Harlem district where everyone has dance offs and stuff :lew:
    Kinda like the highland dance but Harlem style. I dont think your gunna see any kilts there though :lew:
    Without looking it up..I have this feelings its gunna be something terrible thats gunna get stuck in this wee brain of mine. But that is the Harlem shake? Ive seen all the parodies and stuff on YouTube's main page though ive not fared to watch them. Seems likes a another viral YouTube wonder like gangnam style and for. When i hear the name i always think of the song Harlem shuffle by the stones.

    And thanks again for helping toni :) PM box is screwed. =P I'm only allowed 500 PM, but you remember how many I have in now I can't receive PMs. :hmmm: Someone tried to PM me last night, but it didn't go through.
    Thank you soooo much for all your help with my account and stuff haha I made a real mess of it :| I appreciate your help so much :)
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