Coffee is amazing. I'm a shopaholic and chocoholic. I don't like pie.

reading, writing, gaming, art, computers, online shopping, coffee
July 15
Wouldn't you like to know?
Killing people with kindness
Marital Status
Real Name
Coptia (fuck off with your cop jokes). Tia for short.
Ilyena Frost
FFXIV Server
Favorite Game
Quest for Glory|Final Fantasy IX|Breath of Fire III|Xenogears|Star Wars: KOTOR|Champions of Norrath
Favorite Character
Fou Lu|Vivi|Citan Uzuki|Jade Curtiss|Rei|Beatrix|Abdulla Doo|Legretta|Kratos Aurion
Favorite Movie
Braveheart|Star Wars|LOTR|Spirited Away|POTC|Tombstone|Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Favorite TV Show/Anime
Supernatural|Cowboy Bebop|Trigun|Noir|Futurama|MST3K|Fawlty Towers|Monty Python's flying circus
Favorite Artist
Enya|Loreena McKennitt|Led Zeppelin|Wolfmother|Sublime|Queen|RHCP|The Mars Volta|Jimi Hendrix
Favorite Book/Manga
LOTR|Memory, Sorrow and Thorn|The Death Gate Cycle|Samurai Deeper Kyo|The Phantom Tollbooth|Timeline
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