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  • *sniffles and hugs back* thanks kate ^ ^ and yes even though ravager isnt really one of fangs strong points still you need it trust me, mainly it wasnt just for fang but w/e your 3 main characters you use need to all have their ravager role decent...."TRI DISASTER" is a good paradigm on any and all fights in the game, sinc ei always had fang i needed her to be good in it xD
    Whoa easy katie remember you only need to fight 1 turtle to beat the game and that sin eden sinc eits a boss fight. dont go farming those things PERIOD until you maxed out EACH AND EVERY LAST THING IN ALL YOUR CRYSTARIUM...you have been warned. and congrats your just another step closer to finiishing up kate!!! Btw let me know when you and your partner do gears 3, i still need the 4 player co-op achievment so if you know another person that would be good...and im freaking hurt right now :(
    Are you serious lol trust me katie those turtles are freaking easy, remember the firs ttime i told you i was getting all the weps and such and i spent hours on the game, i wa sliterally fighting them and i beat them in like 2 - 4 minutes, without the summon trick, i never use the summons just attack the legs and once they fall its all over plus my fangs normal hits do up too about between 130,000 0 210,000 as an estimate of stagger damamge with each hit. her ultimate attack thingy does about 700,000+ so its pretty easy just leave it all to fang :) and btw HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!! :tighthug:
    Your far too into going by the book *sigh* oh well :) besides FF what else have you been upto? hows the living quarters and Bear doing :selphie:
    hehe thanks :D and as long as your fang gets Sentinel and Commando and Ravager your good, those are the 3 most important roles...Ravager everyone should have *thats only cause i like using the Tri-disaster paradigm which is 3 ravs, it really helped me ge tthrough all the mark missions and build my staggers up fast* looks like everything is going well for you. I still need to play it to farm money and buy all the accessorys.
    And WWE 12 releases in 2 more hours, sinc eI pre-ordered i have to wait for mines to come in the mail, but i cant wait to play as the rock :D and sounds like your gonna be busy farming on XIII lol and hell yes my mind set is all focused on putting my boot to asses this saturday lol
    *keeps hugging you and squeezing* I feel like its been forever since we talked, whats up with you light? and what chapter are you on in FFXIII on the 360 :) as i was saying earlier on xbox too much too say about my weekend *it would take too long to type on xbox* but anyway im preparing for my title match next saturday as you know im gonna win my title back, and yesterday i saw the THE ROCK return to wrestling and seriously he owned everybody in that match, the rock is still in shape and i loved it.
    LIGHT!!!!!!!!! *hugs tightly* I freaking missed you :( this site is my home page so im here everyday...havent had anything notifications so :I Im still glad you decided to continue your recording project ^ ^ Ik your gonna do a good job on it.
    grr I hate just being sorry, I wanted to help you fix it and I wasn't :I but I am happy that your doing better now and thats great your gonna finish :selphie:
    Katie way to scare me and Im so sorry, I was on co-op in gears so i cant pause the game unless my friend does and i dont have a mic so sorry i couldnt read it while you was on *hugs you super super super tightly* Damm I need to be by your side right now :(
    OMG whats going on katie, like what happened? I dont like seeing you down and sad like this :tighthug: Idk what happened to get you so down enough to not want to finish your recording project when it was going so well :I I wish their was something I could do to help you out >_< and whats wrong with your rep bar? I dont think you been active on the site except for talking to me??? nothing should be wrong :eek:
    it cool everybody can be like that sometimes sooo dw about it i'm glad you like the sig.. is the text on cuz i wasn't to keen on the text :D
    noo what i meant was that could you credit me in the signature.... like for example in my signature u put down that the avatar was made by lou and the signature was made by cid.. could u do the same but put 'sig made my stevie' or something :P
    Holy fucking shit Light, like im such a huge fan of Japanese music right? I swear I wanted to seriously shit myself after I heard an awsome new track in FFXIII-2 now I know it wont be in the english version cause it never is, 13 had different versions of just a few themes that had lyrics anyway. well I found out The Sunleth Waterscape comes back again and guess what it has lyrics in the track it sounds BEAUTIFUL. Since i always have all my games music downloaded before the gmae come sout it doesnt matter if this song wont be in the english caus eill have it on my xbox. just like Cocoon De Chocobo and Sunleth Waterscape last year i had the japanese version (and memorized the lyrics) I swear this year the music is even better and ill 100% be getting it and learn the lyrics :) sunleth waterscape still looks beautfiul.
    You go girl I have faith that you will finish it soon cause your light after all you can do anything :) and I was on hours ago and it said it was you busy lol
    Yes I see Mrs.light It fits you so well ^_- wow that means your like almost done then right, thats great to hear xD hopefully you will get done before FFXIII-2 comes out.
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