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  • Could you apply 10% MogShop discount for Galadín for 3 days. She won a SOTW bonus week. Thank you!
    Ha yeah, he's my favorite baseball player. And that picture was almost 8 months ago so it's not nearly that color now. I need to redye it soon :lew:
    Could you please reward Mitsuki the SOTW reward of winning in increments of 5? Thank you.

    Date of reward: 31/5 (2014).
    Heh, it took the great fire to break me down.. but I'm building back a much stronger me. I've learned to be a firewalker and not get burnt.
    Ya, I saw it the other day. Gonna have to do the marathon this summer when school lets out. Hopefully they'll release Season 8 before then, since they don't have a Season 9 to wait for.
    I've asked this in the Staff Box days ago, but it just seems overlooked I guess.

    Could you reward Cali (Stray Arrows) a name colour: #FE5D86 (apply for a month) This is for her winning signature of the year and she still hadn't used it so she'd like to now.
    I changed my username instead of my usertitle by mistake :brooding:

    Do you think i could have ti changed back? pretty please?
    I heeeaaarrrrd. :gonk:

    They still haven't put Season 7 on Netflix, so I haven't seen it yet. Will have to have an In Memoriam Psych marathon when they do.
    When you get to the story dungeon, let us know so we can help you with it. You need a party of four for that. Dungeons usually takes about an hour to complete.
    Lol wow. What did he say? And were you able to pick up from where you left off on the other PS3?
    a witch? are you calling me an ugly wart nosed old hag......:vikki:

    I see it is Stangs birthday! 31? I remember when we were all so much younger :(
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