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    Cosplay thread

    These are fantastic. I love dressing up in costume but I've never made my own (or been to a con of any kind though I want to). How long did it take to get that blue paint off for Ultima? :tearjoy: Also, did you have trouble getting through doors with Ultimecia? That headpiece is massive (but...
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    Doctor Tot, Plague Doctor?

    Oh, for sure. I wasn't thinking in terms of backstory or personality. Moreso just the overall design. I can certainly see the inspiration taken from fantasy dwarves as well, especially considering his height and hairiness. Fantasy dwarves are also notoriously hairy. I didn't even know about...
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    Doctor Tot, Plague Doctor?

    Okay, maybe not as he seems to be more of an academic than an actual doctor. At some point he does attempt to cure Cid and he "diagnoses" Garnet when she loses her voice. Anywho, I was listening to a podcast about the Black Death and at one point the host brought up plague doctors. I googled it...
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    [FF7] I hate this stupid game!!!

    Wutai is a great area for grinding and has some cool side quests. I think the OP was more interested in complaining about the game's mechanics than actually playing it. By the time you reach Wutai, you should be fully aware that when your HP is low, you should probably heal.
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    How many NPC are there?

    I doubt anyone has ever counted but I could be wrong. There are surprisingly few cutscenes (in the original anyway) that feature a lot of NPCs. The opening cutscene has quite a few being a view of the city of Midgar. Maybe the Sapphire Weapon attack in Junon and the Coal Train plowing into North...
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    Welcome to Birthweek 2022!

    I have no idea what you're talking about. A recount was demanded due to some issues with hanging chads and missing votes in Florida. I am sorry to say that after the recount, we have a new winner. Apologies to those who were announced as winners and have now had their hopes dashed. I must now...
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    Welcome to Birthweek 2022!

    Thanks to everyone for participating in Birthweek this year. Winners are below. 1st. Place: Miko (22 EXP) 2nd. Place: sly (19 EXP) 3rd. Place: Linnaete (18 EXP) Participation prizes will be given to everyone else who participated.
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    Birthweek Dancing Mad Libs! [2022]

    Are we sure it was the bag of emus and not the thongs he was feeding it? I hope sly 's arm/tentacle is okay.
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    Birthweek [VOTING] I've come up with a new recipe! (2022)

    It was a tough choice for me between #2 and #4. The badamb fish looks delicious but the carrots on top of the veggies ruins it. Cooked carrots are disgusting. The Midgar Zolom snickerdoodle is quite adorable though so I went with that one.
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    Birthweek Let’s Batter Benedick the Beaver!

    Benedick tries to remove the tutu but gets it stuck on his head, obstructing his vision. While struggling and unable to see, he wanders onto the tarmac of a nearby airport and is sucked into the engine of a taxiing plane.
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    Birthweek Dancing Mad Libs! [2022]

    17. Plural Noun: emus 18. Noun: sloth
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    Birthweek Dancing Mad Libs! [2022]

    20. Adjective: furry
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    Birthweek Dancing Mad Libs! [2022]

    16. Perishable FF Item: Behemoth Steak
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    Birthweek Dancing Mad Libs! [2022]

    37. Plural Noun: porpoises 38. Adverb: cantankerously
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    If you can have a real-life weapon from the Final Fantasy games, which would it be and why?

    This is a tough question. I would say Lulu's little dolls, especially the Onion Knight, for sheer adorability. I was also really fond of the Force Stealer. It was purple and I just liked the design overall. The Ultima Weapon was quite bland in comparison.