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    Best Boys in Final Fantasy?

    FFIV: Kain Highwind was my favorite. While it was annoying how he kept being kidnapped/mind-controlled, I liked his overall personality and dedication to his best friend, Cecil. I also love dragoons. FFVI: I hate Locke. Just getting that out there. It's hard to choose between Edgar, Sabin and...
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    FFVII: The First Soldier announced: a battle royale game for mobile platforms

    So we're supposed to believe that Shinra released a bunch of people into the slums with weapons and summons to fight each other to the death? What about the people living there? How many innocent lives were snuffed out by this nonsense? And thirty years later, no one is still talking about this...
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    Chocobo GP announced for Switch

    I saw this the other day and I'm really excited. I never actually played Chocobo Racing but I've been addicted to Switch lately and this looks like fun. Also, my kiddos are really into Mario Kart and it will be nice to have another racing game in the rotation. I'm especially excited to see the...
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    Happy birthday, Ilyena!

    Thanks everyone! I did take the day off work so that was nice.
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    [V2] What are you currently playing?

    I just finished Bravely Default 2 recently and I'm now playing Pokemon Snap. Disclaimer: This is the very first Pokemon game I've ever played. I'm loving it so far. There's something relaxing about riding through beautiful scenery and taking pictures. Though trying to complete some of those...
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    Birthweek [VOTING] I've come up with a new recipe! (2021)

    I voted for the Moogle Brain Freeze because who doesn't love strawberry ice cream? I will have to try dancing around the bowl whilst singing though. Never thought of that.
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    Birthweek Let’s Liquidate Lawrence the Loporrit!

    Lawrence, disoriented by all of the kicks, wanders onto a chocobo race track and is run over by a group of racing chocobos.
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    Birthweek Dancing Mad Libs!

    12. Nouns: Candlestick
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    Birthweek Dancing Mad Libs!

    8. Username: Miko
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    Birthweek Dancing Mad Libs!

    3. Plural Noun: marbles
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    Birthweek Dancing Mad Libs!

    10.: FF Mascot: Tonberry
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    Birthweek Dancing Mad Libs!

    8.Adjective: long
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    Birthweek Let’s Liquidate Lawrence the Loporrit!

    Lawrence's football teammates roll him up into a ball and use him for practice.
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    Birthweek Dancing Mad Libs!

    4. Vice/Bad Habit: chain-smoking while drinking and gambling
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    Birthweek Stellazzio Coin Hunt

    And here I thought Dan would surely get all of them. :LOL: