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  • Its like you knew i would want blue! See the way i was able to guess which boxes were right and which wernt? Everyone else failed at that but i just knew :pooley:
    Added. :lgooms:

    And awesome news! Gonna get back into FFXIV soon -- took a few weeks break. Hopefully Dan gets you the game. :D
    Yeah read that part, and I think that's where the name 'boco' derived from as well...? Not sure if it's coincidental! In any case, here's little Bobby Corwen. :bobbycorwen:
    Haha, well since : boco : is already taken... is :bobbycorwen: still okay as the code? I forgot about the whole Bobby Corwen deal, but I've heard it before.
    Hello Nice website you have, I am just snooping around really was looking for help I own a Gaming Community and just installed the Forumon RPG and I google hoe to set it up and came up with your site :)
    Tiiia, could you give Galadín the SOTW post-bit reward for winning in increments of 5? She just achieved that. =] Thank you!
    I was wondering if I can go back to my previous username as I cannot really stand this name? :lew: I thought I'd like it but I really really don't. If not i can deal but I'd like to go back to Castiel if possible. Thanks!
    Mhm aha..... A certain unnamed user told me that you are indeed FFFBank. I mean, it makes sense. Considering what you wrote in the guess that tune Birthweek thread, and then what you wrote in the SB as the Bank. I am convinced you are after all the precious gils on FFF. :ahmed: Now if only I could find out who runs the FFF Twitter account. :hmmm: *puts on ninja mask*
    How soon do you need me to post the intro? it's on my computer but if you need it before 1 central, I can probably do that.
    It's in the PM I sent you. :lew:
    I'm just trying to get things going for Survivor tomorrow cause I don't wanna have to put up with their bitching again.
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