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Worst Final Fantasy game?

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This time its related. Im merely defending ff12 for something that shouldnt be criticized for. And also how ff13 doesnt fall in the same situation. Because it redtricts much more than just name changing.
Final Fantasy XII...

Unlike any other single player FF, it pretty much failed on all levels. Bland, one dimensional characters that never break out of the horrible starting cliches... a story that showed a lot of promise but focusing on the wrong part (the fetchquests) and leaving gigantic plot holes all over completely made the story a tedious boring mess... the music, well I can't remember one song save for a Star Wars sound a like so yeah... gameplay was boring but passable, just everything else didn't give a reason to bother with it... and last, the voice acting, though lauded by some, was stilted and never actually felt like people talking to each other. It was simply a style of english used to make the game try to appear smarter and more sophisticated that it actually was.

What's really disappointing... there are glimpsed of a truly great Final Fantasy within the game. But the execution and focus were just so horribly botched that what could have been great became lost in such a pedantic effort that has been the hallmark for the downfall of SE and the FF saga. We had one good FF title since, and that was Crisis Core. Everything else... well, Enix was apparently not a good influence on Square when they merged.

it sucked, it was awful.

You can fault the newer ones but they have a million times more depth than One.

go back and play it, I DARE YOU

it sucked, it was awful.

You can fault the newer ones but they have a million times more depth than One.

go back and play it, I DARE YOU
it hs been remade and slightly expanded. PLus Dissidia serves as the background of Final Fantasy 1 to show Cid. and can you even compare it to the newer ones?

the game started out simple, and suddenly theres a twist you didn't expect. it trips you up completely. Of course the newer ones have mroe depth. But not because Final Fantasy 1 chose to not have depth, but because it was a different era. it's like comparing the original Super Mario bros. to the original 3D version

Either you never played an RPG back in the day and you discovered them just now OR you just trolling.
Huh, I'm 34 and have been playing FF since the beginning and really enjoyed 13. To each their own. I voted for 12 because of all the FF's, NOTHING (other than finally killing Yazmat) left an impression on me in that game. I can't even remember half the characters names...lol Boring game, no memorable characters, and a very forgettable story.
Ultimately, IV is the worst title I've ever played. Mostly due to it's boring plot... and I mean boring.

A close second would be IX. Again, due to a dull plot. And Zidane had a tail; no, thanks. :dry:
Ultimately, IV is the worst title I've ever played. Mostly due to it's boring plot... and I mean boring.

A close second would be IX. Again, due to a dull plot. And Zidane had a tail; no, thanks. :dry:

Yeah FF4 is heralded as a masterpiece but for me was a Piece of s#$#%, the plot wasnt that interesting and the gameplay was huge trowback, you basically didnt had a mean to know which character turn was next so you always had to hope wich carachter come next, enemy design was awful too almost a joke, the skill adquisition system didnt had depth and the Zemus reveal was put out of Square asses.

FF9 i like it but its a freakshow character wise, zidane is a goku rip off. The way to custmize characters was too simplistic compared to the excellent Jobs, materia and junction systems of FF5, FF7 and FF8 rspectively.
I would have to say, FFX. Not only did it have a really rubbish storyline (8/10 of it was yuna going to temples), but it was the, yes, I'm going to say it, liniar feel as well. The graphics were rather good, but I disliked the style. All the characters looked like they were ready to hit the beach, judging by the locations for the most part, they were wise to do so.

The voice acting was well......let's leave that space blank, shall we.

The combat system was horrid, switching people in and out because you were facing flying types or magic types etc got annoying. There was little to no room for character customisation. Once a chatacters sphere grid was completed, any skills picked up from other characters grid would be obsolete. At best, you could hope for a good roll of stat spheres.

As I mentioned before, the graphics were top notch. That said, the cutscenes were not so good. I cringed when the team "skated" down wires. I know this is fantasy, but come on!!!!!!!! As for the music, it left a nasty taste in my mouth, it was lacking in its usual spendor, which is a shame because Nobuo Uematsu is usually brilliant. It fit well with the theme of the game yes, but like the rest of the game, it lacked its usual adventure feel and traded it all in for surfboards and volleyballs.

Finally, as for the characters.......Well, many people have chosen a FF as the worse,partially because they did not care for the characters, nor were they memorable. I remember the characers from FFX, all off them......all....for the wrong reasons!

Honerable mentions:

FFIV: I don't know why I didn't get along with this one. It had all the ingredients of a good title, but just didn't cut it for me. This didn't make the list, simply because I had no objective reason to dislike it, I just did. Maybe I'll give it another shot someday and see if I still feel the same.

FFXIV: I actually felt personally insulted they expected me to accept this as a finished game. This fell short by a breath as FFX WAS realeased as a fully finished article, while MMO's are forever changing. That said, it's no excuse SE!!!!!

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Personally I Hated and still Hate This game.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced.

Lets list the ton of failings this had.

#1 . No Concept of Death, This sucked ass to me, in FFT when you died/killed a enemy you had a chance to heal a ally, teach your teammate various skills, or get gears the enemy/ally dropped. In FFTA I saw none of this and it royally pissed me off.

#2 . Lackluster Job System, I felt the Jobs in FFTA Were really lacking, in FFT We had ALOT of jobs to choose from and each one would make or break a battle, in FFTA The "GOOD" Jobs were stuck to terrible races. it would have been nice if there were a set of 10-15 Default jobs and maybe 3-4 Unique jobs for each Race.

#3 . Races, I found the Races to be somewhat poor, Vieras seemed to be agile bunny girls who excel in Range/Thief jobs, Bangaas the Lizard People... that were good at Melee/DPS Jobs, Nu Mous I don't even know what the hell Nu Mous were supposed to be magic based. I give them credit for being unique but there are tons of monsters in Final Fantasy that could have made better races. Moogles were my favorite race in this since they have made awesome combat characters in past games.

#4 . The "Race" Summons were ok but I felt they were OP.

#5 . EDIT: The Rule System, I found this to be the absolute most annoying part of FFTA, it limited your tactics if you lacked a anti law card, you could change the playing field to entrap your enemy but it was a aweful Idea to just make the battles cheap and annoying if you lack cards.

I found the storyline really bland, unlike FFT Where it had a remarkable backstory and seemed Real, bloody, gritty. FFTA Was too childish basically Summoned to Storybook World Ivalice cause one of the 3 Main Kids got tired of being beaten/bullied/etc. just seemed like a shit storyline to me :/.

When I bought the game I figured it would be "remotely" like FFT instead I had 100% Disappointment when I found it was this childish game, even if it wasa GBA Game it should have been like FFT in some way aside from the somewhat same "System"/"Combat System".

Hmm... This is a tough question indeed.

FFT - Loved this game but suprisingly I've never completed it.
FF:CC - Loved it.
FF1 - Absolutely awful. I played this on the NES and disliked it, found it boring and the random battles relentless. Played it on the psp and still found it boring. Though I wont rank it the "worst" game since it isn't really fair comparing it to the newer games.
FF2 - Even worst than FF1...
FF3 - I played this for the NES and actually enjoyed it. There was something charming about the gameplay and job system... I also enjoyed the remake on the DS.
FF4 - Meh... Found it boring. Storywise it just wasn't for me.
FF5 - I barely remember playing it tbh but from what I remember other than being a bit annoying at times, it wasn't all that bad.
FF6 - I found it boring at times but at times I enjoyed it a lot. The story wasn't too bad but I think it's overated.
FF7 - My first FF and what got me into the series... No qualms here.
FF8 - Hated it! Just can't stand Squall, he's so rude and nasty to everyone he meets, he actually makes me angry playing as him. I remember playing it as a kid for the ps1 and didn't think much then but I downloaded it for psstore and man... I hate almost all the characters. I stopped playing it a while ago to play other FF games... I also hate the junction and magic system.
FF9 - My favourite FF from the psone era.
FF10 - Probably my fav FF game ever.
FF12 - Hated it. Struggled to play it as I found it boring...
FF13 - I'll be honest... Hands down... The negative reviews put me off playing this. Combined with the disappointing FF12, I never got to playing this. Though from what I saw on the internet, didn't like the linearty.

So my vote goes to dum dum dum... FF12.
For me, it was XII. I couldn't connect with any of the characters, or the story. I played through the game and was always having difficulties getting to the main core and jist of the game. I really didn't like XIII either :hmmm: it was a really close call to me but, I think XII was probably one of the worsts that I have played out of the FF series.
For me, it was XII. I couldn't connect with any of the characters, or the story. I played through the game and was always having difficulties getting to the main core and jist of the game.

I think I'd have to agree with you, although I've never been able to play this game all the way thru
I've only ever played VII, VIII, X, X-2, XII, and XIII. I couldn't get through the first 10 minutes of XIII-2, so I'm just going to forget it exists or something, I don't know/care.

For me, ''worst'' can mean anything - worst voice acting, worst graphics, worst plot, worst characters, etc., etc., the list goes on for days. Because I can pick out flaws in everything I've ever played, my standards for "worst" are much, much lower than my standards for "best". So that's why my focus on what "worst" means is least funnest. Why I settle with that definition is because these are video games, created merely for entertainment purposes. That's why I can play something like Final Fantasy X-2 and still not title it as the worst Final Fantasy, despite it's obvious and endless flaws, because it was fun. I enjoyed it the fucking shit out of it.

That's why I'm going to say XIII was the worst. Linearity is not my cup of tea. I can't stand that shit in a video game, I want a lot more control than that. Unfortunately, XIII is nothing but linear. You can't return to any of the places you walked through before Gran Pulse, the character upgrading system gave you no direction but one; they may as well have just allowed "lvl.#" beside the characters' names because at least that does the work of upgrades for you. I felt the least they could've done was have a decent battle system, and they didn't even pull that off. I literally sat through the majority of the battles hitting X. I fell in love with the wireless controller that PS3s provide, because I often found myself in the kitchen, making something fucking delicious, while fighting monsters. That was so lame and disappointing. I hated how disappointed I was, so I played it again and tried to follow the story a lot more and get involved in side-shit. I just couldn't follow through. It wasn't very interesting anymore, not that it really was to begin with.

qq. First ever Final Fantasy I didn't enjoy...yet I still try to, even to this day. I just can't with this shit.
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How in the world does one hate on FFXII? That one is awesome. I don't see how one could possibly like, let's say, III over XII.


What I liked about XII is because of it's freedom and customization. What I hate about III is that, well, it sucks. The story sucks, the gameplay sucks, and the music sucks.
I think it's a good comparison between the two because not only does XII win in all the above, tactics actually mean something in one of them and squat in the other.
Shinra Executive

All of what you said, so much. Yeah, XII has its flaws, but it has its wonders as well - which makes the flaws seem quite charming, if you ask me. But to each their own.

XIII was a terrible game. Why? Because it wasn't fun. They should have just turned it into a straight-to-DVD film, because all it did was impress me with A+ graphics. I enjoyed watching scenes and looking at things a hell of a lot more than playing it. Even then, I felt the game was playing itself for me. The game provides you with very little freedom to toy with.
I could not finish XIII, I simply could not finish it. It was visually gorgeous but it lacked depth. I was not immersed in it as I was with other Final Fantasies. I probably will never go back and complete it. It was too linear, to bland, and the only thing likable about it was the music and graphics. Please don't make this same mistake again SquareEnix, please? You CAN make a game beautiful AND heartfelt at the same time.
Of all the games I've played, my vote went to VIII (and yes, I've played both XIII and XIII-2).

When the game was first released, I started a new game and gave up after the Fire Cavern and about three hours of Triple Triad fun. I wasn't getting the same feeling of excitement and curiosity as I had before while playing the previous FFs. There was just something about that I didn't like ... and for good reason.
Fast forward thirteen years to October 2012. I had just finished playing XIII-2 and thought I should go back and finish the games I had missed before, so I decided to give VIII another shot. As the story progressed, I expected to find what everyone else had been raving about. Well, I didn't. Although I was genuinely enjoying myself, there were many things I just didn't like about this game.

- The battle system. Though still partially true to the original FF structure, I was not a fan of drawing and junctioning magic. I didn't like "running out" of spells like Ultima and Aura. I was also surprised as to how *weak* most of the spells were. Meteor taking off as much damage as Fire 3, seriously? When you cast Meteor in FF6 and Comet in FF7, it takes off some serious damage!

- Leveling up. By far the worst, most unbearably awful part of this game. Random encounters aren't so bad when you're gaining valuable experience and leveling up. In VIII, however, random encounters are about as useful as a sharp stick in the eye. It made getting into random battles that much more frustrating--especially when you're lost, looking for something, or exploring a dungeon.

- Predictable storyline. Discovering that
the entire cast of characters (minus Rinoa) had actually grown up together in an orphange without knowing
was VIII's way of "jumping the shark." In other words, it was the point in the game when the whole plot just became ridiculous and unfeasible. Oh, and GFs erase your memories? Um, how? Care to elaborate?

- Unanswered questions/unexplained plot holes. Let's face it, there are plenty of games, movies, and novels out there that leave us with certain unanswered questions. But this game, more than any other FF, had so many plot holes that I don't even know where to start.
Squall and Laguna's family ties? Rinoa's ancestry, and why/how she is a sorceress? GFs and memory loss? Ultimecia's motives?
I feel like the game's plot was lazily thrown together with too many cliches and inconsistencies.

For these reasons, I believe VIII is the worst Final Fantasy. Fans have tried to convince me otherwise, but that's about as likely as me trying to convince most of you that XIII was a great game (which it was). We're all entitled to our own opinion. XD
Worst FF?

X-2 - If you are a guy, you would probably embarassed watching Magical girls dancing like a retard. They tried to make it too "anime-ish". I love watching anime but stuff like these makes me sick.

XIII - It's not as bad as people say. However the characters is just bland as hell and too cliche. The worst character of them? Vanille. She is just annoying as fvck. Her voice makes me want to smash the TV.

II - One of the most frustrating system in the series. Grinding is kinda easy if you know how it works but if you are a newbie playing it, it gets confusing. And the "Keyword" system is just unnecessary. Tell the Imperial guards the word "Red Rose" and you're fvcked up.
FF2 never caught my attention much. I didn't get into the story line and none of the characters really stood out.
I'll have to go with XIII. I dunno why exactly but I really can't seem to finish this game. It's not that I find it too hard because I've played games before that were even harder but I really dislike it. Playing the game even exhausts me and makes me feel really tired even after just an hour, while I can play other FF games (like X, VIII, ...) for HOURS without even feeling the tiniest bit tired.
I really dislike the characters too, especially Lightning and I find the storyline quite hard to understand (don't hate!).

I tried to play it 5 times to give it another chance, and I really played for a long time to see if it got any better. But now, I'm quite sure I'm not going to finish this game and I will never like it. My boyfriend loves it though and said I should give it ANOTHER go but no.