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  • I never gave you one of these? Wow.

    Let's feel depressed together!

    I noticed that vm's didnt exist when you were around.
    Aye borderlands 2 was awesome man but RE6??? What a pile of shite. Its like an action game where your always low on ammo. (no fun) They need tae decide what they wanna aim for. Action or horror :S
    I can't complain.. that much. Life has been fast. Learning another language to incorporate my job set, and trying to get some fun in there somewhere :).

    Glad to have you back, maybe we'll chat sometime, yo!
    Naeeeeeeeee bad. Nae bad at all. Work and fun work and fun thats all it seems to be these days.
    And ps3 >_> ive been hooked on it lately. I bought a a banjo so hopefully thats gunna pry me off the computer for a while :lew:
    Hey Kaylee, this is a surprise! :O

    What have you been up to? I'm glad that you still remember us!
    Hey Miss! I completely forgot about you.. almost till I saw a thread. As Ry-Dizzle said, where the hell are you!? and howdy! :monster:
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