[V2] Worst Final Fantasy Game?

Worst Final Fantasy game?

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Honestly, I couldn't really get into anything after XII. But I will say XV, because when I was working at a college some students on the media course were playing the demo on the class consoles and called me over because they knew I loved other FF games. If I remember right, one of the characters turned into a toy truck and drove around a play room. I hated it immediately. :tearjoy: I'm sure I might change my mind if I played the game properly, but the demo was enough to put me off; it just looked like a lazy new Kingdom Hearts or something.
I had a month to beat FFI when my brother & I started playing these games through chronologically together.... so maybe it was the time constraint... or maybe it was that game's insufferable encounter rate & large grouped enemies vs my puny party. I dunno, just wasn't feeling the instant death & map-only save options when I'm an hour into a dungeon and get instantly obliterated by an enemy I apparently can't even escape from.

Okay, I'm actually saying these things but I don't even have a vivid/clear memory of this game or its story anymore. I'm not sure if it just wasn't that great or if I blocked it out from pure trauma, but I can vividly remember the rage quits I did throughout this play through. To me, it was worse than FFII. You know why the leveling system of FFII consisted of you punching yourself to level up? Because that's what I felt like doing the entire time I was playing FFI. I didn't even mind FFII, or even FFIII compared to this game. FFI was the worst, I'd rather have to play any other game on repeat for the rest of my life than play this game. I would rather eat my controller. Yes, I would rather eat plastic than play FFI again. If a thief ran into my house and told me it's either my belongings or to have to play FFI again, I'd rather replace my entire Bulbasaur collection. My family will be without their beds, but dammit I won't have to play FFI again.

I'm still playing up to the more recent games. I've never played XIII (beyond a few hours) or it's other string of games, so maybe I'll have a new hate later on, but I hope not because the controllers get a little bigger as I move up consoles 🎮 🍽️
I forgot if I ever responded to this thread

I once received uhhhh the one with Lightning (or whatever her name is) as a gift and it was absolute trash. I was kinda embarrassed to be playing for the 30 or so minutes that I had been. There’s just so much cringe! Maybe it was marketed towards a different and more weeby demographic though. At the very least the main character has cool hair I suppose
Now i will admit I've only covered the following whether completed or close enough to...

FFXIII-Lightning Returns

I disliked FFXII the most just felt a bit empty after awhile and never could bother to invest in the characters.
XIV, because it was the 1st and only FF mainline failure. XI was their last masterpiece, and perhaps many have not played, thus "Don't understand" as Yoshi P would say (Who is part of the problems behind current FF btw...)

XI carried SE after XIV made their revenue take a sharp dip in 2010. XI was their then most profitable title. So, they released an expansion which helped their revenue sharply increase in 2013. XI was amazing back in the day. Perhaps the best FF story due to the plot twist of the base game and Rise of Zilart.

Mentioned this on XIV's forums, but XIV was never great, and their peak was simply just WoW players, so was it really a XIV thing lol?
I've probably already posted in this thread some time ago but I'm feeling a bit different about FF lately, mostly since 16 and the pixel remasters have been released.

15 and 16 are, to me, far worse than any other FF. They attempt to add story that ends up being mostly trash, the battle systems are basic and generic action RPG stuff, the music isn't half as good as it used to be (though there's the odd track that's worth a listen) and the characters aren't memorable at all in design or personality.

At least in FF1-3 there was a reason for everything being basic, since it was so early in the genre. Modern games don't have that excuse.
Some say that the Weapons in VIII were just as bad, well no they were worse, you could go the whole game without upgrading a weapon once in VIII and not miss it. But the Junctioning system by which you upgraded your characters was so good and so free it completely made up for pretty much not having weapons. In XIII you can pretty much only level one weapon up since the first time you get a new weapon the first one is already much better than it and you have no way of knowing if the new weapon would end up stronger. The levelling system is just as linear as the map, no freedom in either case which sucks.