[V2] Worst Final Fantasy Game?

Worst Final Fantasy game?

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I have to update this since it's been a bit since I last posted. But I got the chance to play the Type 0 remaster on PS4 and talk about a game where I dont even care. The characters are insanely boring and I literally give no fucks about any of them. I couldn't even begin to tell you anything about them. The only one that stuck out to me was Ace. And thats because I loved his play style of spamming cards and teleporting everywhere. The story? Insanely boring. I sat the game down and never bothered to finish it.
I was pretty disappointed with FF XII. I did like the hunting, but that license system really stuck in my craw.

I'm SO happy that so many others share my disdain for FFXIII. I really thought that I was in the minority of people that didn't enjoy it.

Let me break down the reasoning for why I nominate FFXIII. I remember following this game so closely and I was freakin PUMPED for this game (Alot like XV today...) Then it came out and it just fell flat for me. The story is garbage. The la-cie fal-cie crap was confusing as hell. The rating system for battles was useless. The equipment was meh. The skill trees were kinda cool? The summons were kinda cool. And the characters were kinda cool but their background stories sucked. I wanted so much to like this game and I gave it multiple chances with two agonizing playthroughs, but there is just nothing there for me. No charm, a lot of confusion, a lot of uninteresting storylines.

PS: Did the treasure chest floating orbs turn off anyone else? I don't know why but I did not like them at all.
The worst on that poll would have to be X-2, which was a lame and embarrassing cash-grab on X's popularity. The one I actually think is the worst is Crisis Core. I mean holy shit what an awful game, there was absolutely nothing about it that I liked or thought was remotely halfway decent. It's not like it was it's own thing either, it had to further tarnish the legacy of a great game.
If I spent more thinking, I'd probably choose something else, but FF2 comes to mind immediately. It's the only one I couldn't really get into, because of the stat system. It was pretty fun aside from that.. but I never beat it due to how stats worked. I would give it a chance again though, 13 on the other hand I'll never replay, but I did the cast/story/gameplay.
I do believe that the worst ff game is XIII. I did enjoy it, but the less of all ff.
It has a lot of issues already highlighted above, so I'm just reported here for the sake of the poll.
Awwww. i am playing XIII now for the second time so since I never finished I can't say that one. I gave up the first because I got bored of how linear it was but I'm not really hating on it so far. Granted I'm not very far in and the consensus here is that I will most likely still end up hating it. I said X-2 because it just wasn't very well done. Not to say that there aren't ANY redeeming qualities, but they are very few and far between in my opinion. I'm a player from what I like to call "The Golden Years". VI-X. I'd also lump IV and V in there though I , shall we say, went back in time to play those. ;) Nothing since X has felt the same for me and X-2 was really the first step I took into feeling that way. :( FFXV didn't do anything to remedy the situation either, but that's for another post.
I haven't played FF7 and FFXI onwards, but among those I have played, X-2 is the most terrible. It's nonsense and I hate seeing meek Yuna wear such outfit and dance like THAT. :eyeroll: I almost can't finish it!
For me personally, I'd pick XII.

I've played VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII, XIII (all 3), XV and DOC so far.

XII was the ONE FF I couldn't get past half an hour in. Admittedly, it's been a long time since one of my many attempts to enjoy it but honestly, despite the gorgeous visuals, I wasn't enticed at all. Perhaps I should get the Zodiac age and give it another go.

Second for me is VIII, which is probably a controversial choice as it's loved by many FF fans. It isn't the story, I just don't like the general pace of the game and I didn't particularly enjoy the junction system. Again, perhaps I need to give it another go.

X-2 is a funny one. Theoretically speaking, I do not think this is a bad game. I care not about it being female lead or the fact Rikku dresses like 'Christina Aguilera', and for me, there's nothing wrong with the singing. I just loathe what Square did to Yuna. Naturally, yes, she's going to flourish in confidence, I'm just not keen on some aspects of her personality, I mean Last Mission Yuna didn't even seem like the Yuna we grew to love. For one, the Tidus hairstyle did nothing for me, though that doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. It's just, the growth and development of a character is imperative to a good story and enjoy-ability in game-play, in my view anyway. Though, I am biased because X was the first FF I ever played and evidently, a game that's dear to me. Change is fine, just personally didn't agree with the direction Yuna went in.

These are just my opinions anyway. :)
It's hard to say something is the worst without having fully played it but I honestly couldn't get into XIII. I played for a few hours, got bored and never went back to it. I still have no desire to finish it. I hated Snow. I have never wanted to punch a pile of pixels more. And Lightning was just a walking cliche. I did see some of the story when my husband played through it and the only characters that seemed interesting were Sazh and Fang. But yeah, definitely didn't care for that one.

VI was another one I had trouble getting into but there were some redeeming factors that make me want to eventually finish it.

VIII I did finish and there were some parts that I liked but it's my least favorite of the ones that I have finished. I didn't like Squall. He's right up there with Snow. I found Rinoa's penchant for getting into stupid situations annoying. The rest of the characters needed more development. The whole orphanage twist was the point where I finally said "Fuck this game." There were some redeeming factors. The soundtrack was good. The opening and ending sequences were good (ending was a bit long but well done). Not enough to save it though.
By far XII-2, due to (going on a limb here, don't shoot me ladies) this was more or less what happened to ghost busters and such. The women here were turned into "dancers/singers" and such and were over emotional about Tidus. Granted the ending of FFX was a little unsettling but, the story was sloppy and piece-mealed together. It was like an after thought, where the women of the game, in my mind were treated a bit disrespectfully.

To be straight and to the point, I lasted only 20 hours. I turned it off and was like.. "What am I playing?" I blame American media at the time with all the hype for American Idol and crappy shows like this where they were trying to draw in more demographics for this effort, but it failed like a bad roast beef.
I have not played half as many FF as you all have. I started with X and then went into X-2. I started XII LR but never finished it. Have yet to play XIII and XIII-2. I played WoFF need to play type-0 and Zodiac. I started VII but could not finish because partway through the game the disc quit working. I am currently addicted to XIV and wanting XV with low expectations. (I have a problem about buying games and sitting on them for very long time before playing them).

I do not see myself going back and playing the retro FFs but IF they did a remake of them I would pick them up and play them. I really enjoy the gameplay, story, and long longevity of the series. Don't like how long it takes SE to release a game after announcing it.

With my lack of experience my vote holds very little weight due to lack of game play, but from what I have played I would have to say FF-X2 was the one I disliked the most. The battle mechanics are what pushed me away. This whole idea of changing clothes just did not resonate with me. Even though they modeled the battling system after the X2 they improved upon it which was good. However, that whole change of clothes things just gets to me. I probably will not play it again or finish it because it bothers me so bad.

But on a good note, I really enjoyed WoFF. I liked the fact that you can capture fiends and use them at your bidding. This was a nice touch. The story really captured me and was full of suspense. What I did not like is that you have to do things in the right order in order to progress at the end of the game, it is either that or my game glitched on me, I WILL replay WoFF so that I can complete the story properly and open up what i missed out on with my first play through.

My vote for worst FF is X-2.
let me get this straight i dont hate any Final Fantasy. i dont hate final fantasy X-2 but i voted it because it was too weird for me lol. i dont know maybe it was meant for girls it was an all female cast of characters but maybe i should have taken the hint. i tried it and beat it and man was it just weird in every way. and also why all the hate ff13? like seriously? im so upset right now its saddens me and angers me because 13, 15, and 4 are my favorites. i expected different from a site like this but i dont know i play GAMES for GAMEplay. not story, because thats what i think t.v. shows and movies are for. im literal like that. i dont usually have strong opinions on stories because thats not usually why i buy a game. maybe thats why i was able to appreciate 13 because of the unique - i mean F****NG AWSOME - battle system. *EHEM*. but yeh X-2... well im a dude maybe its just me but i think its common to not feel for the game in ANY way lol .....such...a..weird................piece of work
So disappointing to still see all the hatred for XIII.

I voted for II. The leveling system was such a detriment. The gameplay overall was very vanilla to go with the beating your party takes from...you. The 4th character basically dying all the time was annoying too. And finally at the end of the game, you get your original 4th member back, full circle.

If I had a 2nd choice that wasn't from the original 3, I'd go VI. The wheel of useless characters in that game was annoying. Kefka being a killer clown didn't enhance his heel status. The story was okay, but not as extraordinary as some give it credit for. The moment with Cyan on the Phantom Train was pretty emotional, admittedly, but everything else, I felt, was average.
I would have to say Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers for Nintendo Wii,the whole thing was terrible.Really bad memories!
Type-0, Hands down! The game is an incoherent mess and you want to tell me to replay the game 2-3 times to REALLY understand it... I only offer words of profanity in return! I shouldn't have to have a completed save to then have access to extra scenes. The story should make sense on the 1st playthrough and if it doesn't then it is poorly written - Even XV which had content cut and then re-submitted as DLC (& Retconned) still made more sense than this. Especially the threat from the last chapter coming out of nowhere!

I also hated the whole time as a resource mechanic too! Often it difficult to know what would be worth putting time into, it just lead to a very jarring system - At least with Lightning Returns I could freeze not have it interrupt the whole game.

I honestly have nothing good to say about the game, the combat was passable I guess...
I understand the hate for XIII, it's not what I'd call a traditional FF game. That being said, I still enjoyed it, to a degree. I just couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't really playing a FF game.

I haven't played XV, but of the rest, I find it difficult to find the 'worst' as I don't actually dislike any of them. Caveat to that is that I don't play the online games, so I guess by process of elimination it's one of those.

Of those that I have and do still play, probably XIII - I enjoyed it, but I've never really felt overly compelled to go back and play it again. Unlike VII - X which I'll never grow bored of playing.
i would've voted for 15

I've just now noticed this and so I have added it to the bottom of the poll (so that it doesn't affect any of the votes for people who voted for the Other category).

I have also edited the poll to allow people to change their votes in case their opinions have now changed since the release of these new games.
I was tempted to put XIII but I only got maybe 2 hours into it before I stopped from how badly I didnt like any of the characters, but I decided not to cause I feel like I didnt really give the game a chance to show me it's better qualities and I have considered replaying it. But, with that being said, if I do I'm not gonna give it the 30 hours every recommends to "get better." Maybe 10 tops but if I'm not enjoying it by then, I'm gonna call it a lost cause.

BUT if I was gonna say the game I disliked the most, it would have to be the III DS remake. I hated the obnoxious difficulty. And I really like hard games but having to level grind for like 3-4 hours for every single dungeon and still barely make it through because my characters were only going like one level every like 45 minutes regardless of how tough the enemies were was what made me pack it in after 20 something hours. I also felt the game lacked giving you a good sense of direction. That's how I remember it anyways. Unlike XIII, I currently have intentions of returning to III in the future.