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Worst Final Fantasy game?

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Have to go with XIII. The barebones nature of the game very much kills any sense of wonder and adventure that was present in previous FF titles and mitigates against becoming immersed in the world. The storytelling and pacing of the game also leaves a lot to be desired and the linearity of not just the locations but even the leveling system as well is off putting. There is no real world to explore but only a set of linear sandboxes you can jump into after the game "opens up" and grants you the freedom it should have granted you a good 20 or so ours earlier. Before that time, the game arbitrarily places restrictions on your party (which goes on for too long) and annoyingly keeps switching which character you play as and can use in an equally arbitrary manner. Sure it looks pretty but as it seems to be the course with JRPGs these days it is all fluff and no substance. I really do think that SE needs better writers and that they are very much out of touch with what current gamers (western ones in particular) expect in a modern RPG.
FFXIII gets more criticism than it deserves from me but its still the worst FF to date. If an FF doesnt have an openly explorable world and towns its not much of an FF. At least the battle system was interesting though, even if it was really long winded from fight to fight.
hahaha, I think it's pretty safe to say FFXIII-2 wins this poll. It gets my vote, I liked the first game but the second one was a serious fuck up if you ask me, it was the start of that story getting ruined, followed by the final nail in the coffin that is Lightning Returns. It's pretty and has good voice actors doing shitty dialog, and I hate hearing good actors deliver awkward lines. If FF13-2 and Lightning Returns didn't exist my vote would go to FF9. There's is absolutely nothing intriguing about this game, visually or plot-wise. The characters are anime-ish at best, and while there are good animes, these types represented in this game are not anywhere close. even the villain is ridiculous, even for an ff game. kuja is by far the worse character to ever be created in the history of anything, including tifa (and you all know how much I hate her) maybe it's because people i despise online adore him, but i just cannot even stand looking at this pathetic shitface



This is not Rupaul's dragrace, it is Final fantasy (and i love rupaul btw) :mokken:

That character alone makes the game shit. but also, i can't get over the tail thing of the annoying kid, that shit's only cool on one guy and that kid is goku.
hahaha, I think it's pretty safe to say FFXIII-2 wins this poll. It gets my vote, I liked the first game but the second one was a serious fuck up if you ask me, it was the start of that story getting ruined, followed by the final nail in the coffin that is Lightning Returns.

I'm going to have to agree with Cali, on this one. I thought that XIII was a decent game, but then I played the second one and omg, i'm still crying because of how much I hated that game :gonk:

It became way too complex with the time travel and paradox and yadayada. It just was awful, in my opinion. I know that fans wanted more of Serah involved but was it really necessary to have her the lead role in her own game? It just was really stupid in my eyes and very pointless. I had felt like XIII was well off as far as the ending goes... I didn't need a shit sequel when it concluded perfectly fine.

I bought Final Fantasy XII when it first came out and gave up after two days. I remember hating it but I probably didn't give it a fair chance.
FF XII gets my vote. I beat it but like one of very 1st posts said here the plot/storyline was very dull and flat in this game I thought. I can't really remember the full plot and its probably only final fantasy asides from lightning returns I have not gone back to play through a second time. Just felt it had the least charisma of any FF game, the least memorable Final Fantasy I ever played although with just FF I of the main series not yet played.

FF XIII series I thought the first had certain charms even if it was linear.
XIII-2 ruined the story completely and just made up pointless paradox "endings" that were not endings at all, as you still had to move forward to face caius in the year 500 anyway to see the credits it was a little more linear than you would realise.
LR was a little boring battle system wise and Square's sorta insistent please like lightning because we think you should
attitude running through it got on my nerves. I liked Lighting in XIII-1 but got fed up of her by end of XIII-3 who's ending itself I never liked either.

X-2 was very cheesey for most part only thing saves it from my vote is ATB battle system was most fluid and fluent but then that was was ruined by lack of any limit breaks and ridiculous "ultimate " dress spheres that were useless as their attacks took too long to charge anyway.

I'm gonna give FF II a special mention also for whoever in Squaresoft at the time came up with the annoying invention of empty rooms with random battles and the worst level up system of all the FFs.
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Final Fantasy XIII. I also believe that some of the criticism is somewhat exaggerated, but the fundamental issues with level design and character interaction are inescapable. I found it difficult to care much about the main characters. The game was infernally linear early on and the dialogue was often painful to listen to. I'm almost dreading getting around to playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 given some of the commentary here.

Bare in mind that this was based on memory. I'll be doing playthroughs of the games again in the foreseeable future and will report back on my thoughts.
XIII for me. I just couldn't get into it at all, everything about it didn't work. The characters were bland, the story wasn't interesting and the less said about the gameplay the better. Shambles of a game.
Was a tough choice between II and XIII. XIII infuriated me throughout the whole campaing, but at least I finished it. II on the other hand was so unbearable that I just stopped. It was mostly the dreadful levelling system that did it though, so maybe my oppinion is more mechanic-based than full experience, but i digress.
I would have to say Mystic quest. The whole thing was terrible, i couldnt understand how it was even allowed to be released. no save points, no party, a main protagonist named Benjamin(real original Final Fantasy sounding name). really terrible.
That game sounds really daft. It have to be either 10 2 ff 1or2 or grimoire of the rift.
I picked 13-2... I'm actually surprised that so few people chose that. I think FF13 was significantly better than its sequels, although, still not as good everything before it. (just my opinion!)
FFXIII-2 here for me. The problem with the game for me is the DLC content in it, especially having the pay for the real ending and for the hardcore bosses in the game. One of the reasons I like playing FF games is for the optional bosses, but those being put behind a pay wall turned me off. Caius Ballad is hands down my favorite antagonist in the series based on the titles I have played. He wasn't evil just for the sake of being evil. Lightning pretty much reached goddess mode, but we only get to use her twice in the entire game -,-' with one of those times being DLC related. I feel like the story could have gone back and forth between the fight of Caius vs. Lightning and the adventures of Serah and Noel which would have made the game a lot better imo. People can hate FFXIII all they want, but at least there isn't any DLC crap with that game.
Honestly, the only game out of the entire main series that I did not enjoy on any level was Final Fantasy VIII. The characters were boring, for one, and the only one I even remember is Squall. I appreciate the graphical upgrade from VII, but the visuals here are a bit too realistically proportioned for my tastes. The junction system was a good concept, but made all the characters interchangeable as a result. In addition, drawing magic was a tedious process. To top it all off, Limit Breaks were seriously downgraded from their VII incarnation.
Hard to vote as i liked all i have played so far, though i have yet to play 13 and never played 14 or 11 as i tend to stick away from MMORPG's. But all in all the ones i have played have all added to the series by adding new elements to the game, which is something I love about FF they always are willing to try something new. Like FFX-2 people give it shit but you know what the Dress Sphere system was dam cool and while the story was lacking a bit they did do a decent job of typing it to FF10 which i thought was awesome because a direct sequel to a FF game was something that didn't haven other then I believe with FF4: The After Years.

But i didn't want to not vote so i weighed my option and out of all the games i have played i voted down FF2. I just have an issue with it's broken leveling system and a rather mundane story, and while FF1 story may have been worse at least the leveling system was decent.
Out of the ones ive played FFXII was the worst. It bored me so much. The only good thing out of it was Balthier.