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  • Aha, you and me both. I do think that texting takes away a lot of things that should be said on the phone. Birthday phone calls, for instance. Nowadays, it's done through text. =/ Same with wishing someone a Merry Christmas.

    ...Which, btw.... Merry Christmas. :D Hope it's a pretty good one for you. Taking a short holiday break, so I shall see you around next year. =]
    Sucks about your phone, especially if you love texting. I can't say I'm into texting as much, but mostly because I don't really have anyone to text. xD Couple of friends but we're all busy, and you know that feeling when you don't really wanna bug anyone with small chit chat, etc. You hate facebook...what about twitter? =P Can't say I'm into social-networking as much either. I rarely update or use it (except for when updating the site's accounts, and even then I'm proving to be a slacker), but it does come in handy for keeping up-to-date with the latest news, tech news, promos from different companies, etc.
    Thanks, man. It really is disgusting how crappy and money-based the health care system is. I really appreciate that your thinking about our situation. It means a lot to know so many are pulling for us. I've been doing nothing but researching hospitals that are best ranked for this disease, but it's hard to know when you're not a doctor. :/
    Ah, a vet finally. :)

    I'm alright, thanks. It sucks that you're lonely though, especially during this month. But eh, I guess it happens. It hasn't been the best month for me either, but stress can sometimes do that to you. I hope you feel a bit better though. Cheer up a bit. ;)
    Nice profile, you finally managed to grab one from the shop. =] How are you doing these days?
    Just read your post in the mood thread. If I my arms could stretch all the way to you </3

    Anyway, drop me a PM if you ever feel like it. Hang in there, doll. ♥
    I'd gladly take him on a magic carpet ride

    If you know what I mean :monster:

    bad boys ftw :mokken:
    I love Aladdin. I think he's the only Disney male character with sex appeal.

    ...IS THAT TMI

    also, hi. I'm glad you're back and active :ryan:
    Ach, for some reason didn't see your VM till now. I'm studying Graphic Design of course. ^_^ What you up to?
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