[V2] What are you currently playing?

Tales of Vesperia (PS4) - Loving replaying this! I can't remember much of it since playing it back on 360 so it's nice to remind myself of it all. I'm currently back in Halure after crossing those icy parts? I feel like I can't be too far from the end now.

I got an Xbox One X this week, this is something I have been thinking over for a while and the prices have really dropped - I snagged one for £166 off eBay.

One of the big perks is that I can finally play Life Is Strange 2! I have a history with troubleshooting for this title! Firstly when then announced the complete Physical Edition, the PS4 version has the last Episode on code! This put me off sadly for a long time. Eventually when the game went cheap I purchased it on PS4, however this is when I had my PS5... This game in particular has a Demo which has save data that ties into the main game, well saldy a majority of PS4 Demos do not work on PS5! So, once again the experience of this game was hindered. Well now I have the Xbox One Version (Snagged that for £4.99 at GAME!) & interestingly enough the games last Episode is not on code! I do think it is a case that it has Episode 1 on disc and downloads the rest, but at this point I don't care! Now I can play the demo with the save data accessible in the main game!

Whew... :blink:

How is the main game... GREAT!

Much like the 1st game it has had me hooked from the get go. What I love about LiS gameplay structure is that it allows you to explore at your own pace. Its very relaxing to control the character and navigate around the environments and hearing their little insights into the objects around. Then it has the more action based sequences, which are very intense not from their high explosions but brilliant scenario writing. Playing LiS2 has reminded me precisely why I loved the original game (My favourite game of the PS4 gen) I love character driven stories and interactive narratives and LiS games blend them two core components into a wonderful experience.
Thought I'd revisit an old favourite - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I know it's not everybody's cup of tea, but it was one of the first Final Fantasy games I ever played as a kid and still brings me great joy whenever I play through it again.
Thought I'd revisit an old favourite - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I know it's not everybody's cup of tea, but it was one of the first Final Fantasy games I ever played as a kid and still brings me great joy whenever I play through it again.

I played Advance before I played the original Tactics. I don't understand the hate for it, personally. I know the plot is more simplistic than Tactics, but if you treat it as its own thing, it isn't bad. It is an interesting example of an Isekai (a rarity in the Final Fantasy franchise), and I love how people have analysed the role of Marche over the years (noticing that, whilst the protagonist, he essentially fits the role attributed to villains in most games in his attempt to destroy crystals in order to destroy the world and bring back his own world).

It is also the game which introduced many of the races which would become Ivalicean staples going forward. The original Tactics only had humans, and Final Fantasy XII was yet to exist. When Final Fantasy XII finally released, I found gained extra pleasure in recognising some of the races (whereas some people were encountering them for the first time) as well as some of the familiar terminology (jagds, judges, etc).
Detroit: Become Human.

I downloaded this when it was free ages ago but never touched it until last week. I played through it once and got a relatively good (but not perfect) ending, so I'll probably leave it at that for a long while.

I have mixed feelings about it, but on the whole I do think that this is perhaps Quantic Dream's most polished product to date. I remember Heavy Rain made my PS3 sound as if it was about to explode every time I played it, and the animations looks goofy. Detroit, however, is a huge step up from both that and Beyond: Two Souls.

It examines some staple science fiction tropes concerning artificial life, philosophical questions about what defines life, sentience, etc. It contains a nice variety of locations and characters (some of which I really liked, especially the relationship between the detectives was a highlight for me).

The more precise parallels between the robot slave revolution and struggles for racial equality were, however, too blatant to feel organic, it seemed. Not just that it was Detroit of all places, but the game makes connections with the Underground Railroad network for escaped slaves into Canada. Also androids are only allowed on the back of the bus, and so on. I'm sure this was designed to make us think and reflect on racial tensions in (all too recent) history, and humanity's awful reputation for fearing and hating anyone who doesn't belong to 'their own group', but I can understand some of the criticisms the game received that it might have appropriated it all a bit too much in a way which was a bit on-the-nose.
Attempting to get some Animal Crossing in with the major update. Did the Happy Home Paradise DLC and find myself designing a house before I inevitably pass out for the night. 😅

Also working on getting in the FFVII:R Integrade with Yuffie finished. I think I'm near the end but it's a slow process for me. Really enjoying playing as her, actually. Her movements are very fluid and satisfying to use when landing hits. I feel like I'm at the end though, but we'll see.
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Diablo 3 Eternal Collection - I am currently playing this game on my Nintendo Switch. It is one of the games that I was always interested on playing for so long and I finally managed to get it. It had a 50% discount this month and I quickly purchase it without hesitating. I've been playing it for countless hours and I still enjoying it as if it was the first day. Right now, I am farming for a armor set for my demon hunter build, which will take some time to do so.

Monster Hunter Rise - This is another game that I've been playing as well since it was released. I am just waiting for the expansion to come out to spend lots of hours on it.
FFXIV Endwalker and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Endwalker is a very great expansion for sure. I'll type up some notes at some point when I've actually finished it, but it has surpassed my expectations for sure. Plenty of things I did not see coming. And loads of mythological and historical allusions to keep me occupied for years to come...

Guardians of the Galaxy is a big surprise too. Unlike the Avengers game (which I never played) the characters don't look like cheaper knock-offs of the MCU characters. Or if they do, it doesn't seem to matter so much. In terms of mannerisms they are very much like their MCU counterparts, and I don't think that is a bad thing at all. But their character designs are close to their comic book counterparts. It works. The banter is great. The story is surprisingly compelling. The environments are breathtaking. The music rocks. The gameplay itself is actually pretty fun and varied. I have yet to complete it but this has also exceeded any expectations I had for it.
Trying to play Touhou Luna Nights, but this wine thingy won't let me. After I finally managed to unstuck it after months of giving up, I can't even get it to run.>:(
Just finished up two months of FFXI, which was two months too much. I'm just kidding. Kinda. I'm now finally investing time into Pokemon Legends: Arceus. I've got about 15~ hours in at the moment and have actually been enjoying my time playing it! It's different, but I'm not mad at it! Would be interested in future games a bit more like this.

I was also very sour about preordering this game through Pokemon Center for the preorder bonus & having it get canceled on me, but as it turns out they fulfilled their end and of the bargain and just shipped it out later after they presumably got more stock in. Very happy about that, as it came with the cutest sitting Arceus plushie. ❤️

I have never played a 'roguelike' game before. In fact, I'll be honest, I had never heard of the 'roguelike' genre before this game. I suppose I would not be a fan of the genre itself if I wasn't a fan of Greek mythology, and also the way that this game has been put together.

Rather than making repeating the same dungeon (albeit with randomly shifting rooms) again and again seem boring, instead the story actually builds up gradually as you play. Every time you die you actually get a new bit of story to see, and new interactions with people. I have been playing it for quite some time now and I have to be honest that I have not consciously heard the same bit of dialogue more than once. There must be thousands of lines in the game. The script itself is also fairly good in its quality, and it makes a lot of very interesting Greek mythology references.

It can be very frustrating at first, but there is no such thing as a wasted run. Every time you die you can use the objects that you found to upgrade yourself and become stronger, making the next run easier. Once you get in the swing of it, it becomes a lot easier... Until you reach the next part you might get stuck at!

I don't really know how else to describe this game as, once again, I have zero experience with the genre with which to compare it.
Finished main plot of Pokemon Legends: Arceus and have been working on finishing up end-game things, including finishing the dex. Not sure if I'll actually get that last bit to 100% but I've been sick all week and have had a lot of time to put into it, so we'll see. Was happy to find a shiny Yanma without having actively looked for shinies 😌

Moving on to Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth this week. Been way too long since I've last played that game, it's one of my favorites for sure. Love almost everything about it, especially the music.
I have been currently switching between two games, one being Tiny Tina Wonderlands on the PS5. I love the game very much so far, though at some points it does feel like a huge level jump even though the levels of the monsters just go up with you. I have enjoyed the game so far and my character class was made to be a Stabbomancer, and then once I got my second class I chose Gravebringer because it went well with my wanting to be an assassin in a sense with the melee strike power, its kill skills that compliment the Stabbo, including in with the Demi-Lich companion that helps along the way. (PSN-NinjaLeila) (Just let me know if you were to add me either by here or message)

The other game I have been playing has been Rune Factory 5, so far I love the game and same as I did also love Rune Factory 4. I see how many people have hated on this game but it did just come out and there are as I can see updates to come especially ones for gameplay and hopefully some DLC and extra bachelors/bachelorettes to come.
Finished up my first playthrough of 'Stranger of Paradise'. My feelings on the story are a bit mixed but overal my time with the game was quite positive. Tiamat and it's second phase can rot in Nalbina Dungeon though. I unironically had more fun with it than with 'Elden Ring'. I do wish the game would tell you that your gear level is more important than the actual stats, since it doubles as your character level. Also Jed is best boi.
still playing FFXIV, gave up on stranger of paradise because I kept dying to side quest bosses on casual mode lmao

thinking of getting .hack//g.u. on switch just because it's been a while since I finished it on ps4 when the remake came out hmmm :hmmm:
Hello, is this the Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin club? Can I sign up to be a card-carrying member, please?


I'm not presently playing it as I've given the final boss a fatal wedgie last weekend and I'm a bit too intimidated to try out the Chaos difficulty endgame. I was mulling the thought of trying to do some Chaos difficulty missions online but I've not heard encouraging things about this game's online population.

I've played through the game on action difficulty & dropped it down to casual on only two occasions. Firstly to quickly farm up a few extra Anima Shards to unlock a few transferable skills from various jobs I scarcely touched, and secondly on that post-game gauntlet mission after the main story (which for some reason is unreasonably difficult even on action difficulty).

I think I can comfortably say that this is the most fun I've had with any non-MMO Final Fantasy game in a long while. It is graphically hideous most of the time and even on a PS5 in performance mode it runs very inconsistently with an abundance of dropped frames here and there. But I can easily overlook all that because the package is carried so exquisitely by the combat. When the combat clicks, it is deeply satisfying and does wonders for my happy brain chemicals. Whether I'm using the Assassin job with fists and Haste buffs (from one of my party members as a Sage with resonance enabled) allowing me to Soul break most enemies at lightning speed or landing those critical Zantetsukens on a momentarily distracted boss as a Breaker, I've had an indescribable amount of fun with this combat. At its best there is a rhythm and cadence of a 3D fighting game.

On action it can be fairly challenging at points, especially when you're enclosed in a small room with a plethora of enemies, or in a few levels where the situation quickly spirals out of control because it's very easy to be knocked off the edge of a precarious ledge if you're not careful. Bosses are generally uneven in terms of difficulty. I wager Tiamat is everyone's first real roadblock, but successive bosses wax and wane instead of presenting a linear upward curve in challenge. You have some levels with bosses that have surprisingly fewer teeth than the regular enemies that roam the halls leading up to the boss room. The Iron Giant in the FFXI level is a prime example of a boss that is significantly easier than the actual dungeon itself.

It's too bad the writing and characters were so heavily memed since release. Don't get me wrong; they were deserving of the memes, but the reveal trailers and Nojima's uhh, masterful approach to writing dialogue hardly did it any favours. When you peel back the memeified veneer, there is a genuinely compelling narrative underneath that I shan't discuss in any great depth for spoiler reasons. Suffice it to say, I purchased this game already loving Jack because of all the memes clowning on the game, but instead I've reached the end credits with a genuine and unironic love for this character.

Ahh, screw it. I love all of them.







Are these some of the more developed characters in the series? Absolutely not, save maybe for Jack. But I love them all the same. They're a wonderful cast of characters to have around and second to how much I love the main cast of the original NieR game.
I've pretty much just been playing Elden Ring. I've more or less loved all the Souls games, even Demon Souls and 3 which I think are both kinda underwhelming but enjoyable. Elden Ring might be the first FromSoftware game I've played that I just kinda dont like that much. I've sunk about 80 hours into it so clearly it's got something going for it. I just cant get over certain things. The simplest way to put it is the game does way more things right than wrong but the I feel the things it dropped the ball on, it dropped it hard.

The world is very pretty but content wise its...another open world game. Crafting items, half ass stealth, samey side dungeons to explore, bosses that are recycled an almost disgusting number of times. The main dungeons are pretty awesome at times but also very short. This is the only FromSoftware game where I find myself bored and sometimes for hours.

And then the difficulty I have feelings on. I've been playing these games for about 8 years and except for DS2 I've soloed all of them so I'm kinda used to how brutal these games can be but Elden Ring feels less like it's being challenging and more like it's trying to be a butthole. Theres just a lot of cheap boss mechanics.

But anyways, I'm almost done with it and then I can go back to my beloved Yakuza series. Seeing yall talk about that Stranger in Paradise does have me pretty curious though. I think i might give that try when I find a cheaper copy.
I've been playing a forgotten game called Tenchu: Shadow Assassins on the PSP. Have finished the main story and doing the extra bits. Same with Hollow Knight.

I'm sort of conflicted over Tenchu. I found it fun but it felt like it lacked a bit of polish. Overall it's been an interesting experience as I have never really played that many stealth games(if any, completely stealth). Now I have an interesting in playing the original Tenchu on psx and I've tried but I keep dying. Good old days with no tutorial. Just pure trial and error.
I started playing Strangers of Paradise a few weeks ago.

I'm enjoying it. It's very weird, for certain. Unlike any other Final Fantasy project to date. A sort of homage to the entire Final Fantasy franchise, but in a very, very different way to World of Final Fantasy.

It definitely does not take itself very seriously at all. The unexpected straight-talking of its protagonist, Jack, is really quite refreshing and endearing. The gameplay is also quite good and hasn't yet become boring for me because there are so many job classes to switch between.