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  • Sorry it took me so long to get the Dino Crisis review moved. I've been absolutely bed ridden for over a week now. :sad2: I went ahead and did that, but I have two improvements I might suggest (optional, of course).

    First off, the strike feature doesn't seem to work here. So it isn't really displayed. I was going to fix it for you while reading it over, but it feels really weird editing someone else's piece for that reason!

    Secondly, perhaps at the top of it have a little "Contains mild spoilers" disclaimer? :P People (like myself) may have not known that Gail dies. :sad2: Which such a dated game, though, it's entirely optional so I wouldn't sweat of it.

    That's all I really noticed with it. :P Other than that, I can say I enjoyed reading this review of yours as well. :grin:
    Very nice Armored Core review! I'm one of those in the AC cult (and 4 Answer was a big let down). :neomon:

    Anyhow, I believe I've spotted a typo. In paragraph seven as you are going over the FMVs. Did you mean to type spectacular instead of spectator?
    So do I. :ryan: So much so that when I was a kid, I used to wrap my legs in a blanket and pretend I had fins. :wacky:<!--3-->
    That's cool! :) I'm pretty good, thanks. Just finished watching the Lion King for the first time in years! It's always great fun revisiting movies from one's own childhood. And books. I really feel like re-reading 'Martin the Warrior'...

    What have you been up to these past few months?
    hey is that yuna in ur avatar? i think it is but it really looks diferent...
    hello there :wacky:

    i don't run the socal group but I do run a dissidia fan club XD

    also are you gonna still run the yuna club XD otherwise I'll take over or something if you want XD
    I added you but to be sure mine is: silversprings@live.com

    So feel free to try to add me too cuz it says you're offline right now. xD
    I quit enjoyed that comment as well. Do you have MSN or something? I think you'd be an interesting person to talk to sometimes. :wacky:
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