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  • I wish I could see a remake of the first two. However the developers who made the game have since disbanded. :( I love the dark humor as well. I liked the first one the best because you could see Yuri's personality transformation. He was a rather rude and slightly perverted guy who turned into a sweet, loving, sensitive, and vulnerable guy. Also Alice, she always reminded me of Aeris! She was always so sweet, not the best aggressive fighter, yet amazing healer. She had an innocence about her that couldn't be rivaled. I just couldn't help but love the fact that SH2 was dedicated to reviving Alice, that Yuri's love for her surpassed her very own death. I bawled liked a baby during SH2.
    I clicked Liked in the Cloud now and then simply because I shared your same opinion and I could not have said it better myself. :) I thought you articulated it grandly. Anyways, it's always nice to meet another Shadow Hearts fan! I love and respect the game just I do most the Final Fantasy games. It's quite a gem as far as rpgs are concerned to me. :D
    I'm just saying "thank you" - from a staffer. It's been a while since we acknowledged long dedicated members. Nice to have a few folks who's been around as long as I.
    Thanks for being a dedicated member to this here forums! Be see'in ya.
    This is the second time I've ever won. Both times, my sig involved fruit. I think the people on FFF are hungry. ;))
    Well that sounds fun! I think that when I'm done with FF12 I'll look into it. Thanks for the review haha
    Pretty good actually, switching between MMOs, trying to find spare time because of my university, and trying to get an acceptance to study at the US (Still trying) but all is good now, what about you? You disappeared for quite some time, although I see you update your FB account every now and then.
    Actually yes, I have heard of the Persona series... I was really close to buying it once but for some reason I didn't... Is it good? (although judging that you have it as your avatar you probably like it) :P
    That's good to hear. I just finished exams, like this morning, so I'm pretty relaxed now, I was stressed though all last week.
    lol, that's good to hear, so how are you? Other than being alive.
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