[V2] What are you currently playing?

I've jumped back into The Legend of Dragoon, left it hanging for a little while as I recently went through Spider-Man before it dropped off PS+. IMO it is a very unbalanced game, you get so little EXP with normal encounters it isn't worth your time but the Bosses can be so overpowered that it feels unfair - Often Bosses can kill at least 1 party member in a single swipe they can also have multiple turns. I'm enjoying the games setting and lore the story itselve isn't as impactful as I'd like but I'm compelled to go through it.

Also playing Resident Evil 6 - Doesn't deseve the bad rep, while some parts are OTT there is a lot to like! Chris's campaign is pretty good even from a story point on how he is dealing with PTSD. I think much like how people look at FFX's laugh scene, most people jsut see the bomastic scenes of RE6 and call it bad. I think it is a great co-op experience.

Also playing NieR: Automata with a friend, we beat NieR Replicant and I love the characters in the game! I wasn't sure about the new version as it has the younger version of the main character but it as won me over. The new port also has more content and is the definitive experience of the game. I found Automata hard to comprehend and wasn't as engaged as the previous game. I'll see how I get along with it this time.
I have been playing a bit of a double feature in anticipation of Final Fantasy XVI.

I have been enjoying the most recent patch of Final Fantasy XIV (6.4) over the bulk of this week. I mostly want to level up and max out all of the expansion "promo" jobs before the inevitable 7.0 expansion, likely in 2024. So far I maxed out my Bard, Warrior, and Monk [my main?]; but I have some ways to go to level up my Dragoon still, Samurai, Paladin, and Dark Knight. Paladin would be especially nice to have maxed out leading into 7.0 for all of the sweet gearsets.

I am also, finally, making my way through Final Fantasy VI." I beat Final Fantasy IV a month or so ago, which has given me a nice appreciation for the trifecta of Dark Knight/Paladin/Dragoon, but I'm taking my time with Final Fantasy VI. Ironically, Final Fantasy VI has been on my radar since the mid-90s. I would see advertisements for "Final Fantasy III" in Prima Guides and the instruction manual for the fairly obscure Squaresoft Secret of Evermore. I could see myself folding myself into some older franchises I've loved, like Devil May Cry, especially if Final Fantasy XVI scratches that itch for me.
I am playing KingdomHearts1 while learning English .
Playing this game is the first time,so fun! Actually I though I'm good at playing game…,but this game is difficult to control than I thought. Maybe it's just me...?
The big problem is I can’t understand equipment in English! 
But I do my best to beat Heartless while having fun!
I am playing the game Stray. The graphic is pretty good, even though I have to turn off Ray Tracing since my laptop system can't handle it. The gameplay is so "chill" that making me feel to forget the bother of life. Probably I love cat, so I can feel that.

The story is nothing special. All you need to do is to try to make a way to go home. An old sewe where you will have a wiping cloth and cardboard to lie down, but it's strange that place makes me feel warm. A tiny robot will be along with you. You can help other robots in the city with their life, and although there are no humans during the game, I can see that the main I'm controlling is not alone in the dark.

I choose to love this game because I am trying to find a way to do my schedule while stopping imagining anything to keep writing my fanfic. It sounds weird, but in fact, I got an interesting point that I can't understand why something new to write appears in my head during my working time. They excited me, but I had to keep them inside my head until heading back home by metro to write down everything. For the first time, I felt tired but never felt like giving up until the day FF16 came out. When people around the world praised it, from the story to the gameplay, I was still busy with my schedule and only had enough time to watch some reviews after everyone in my family had come to sleep. But anyway, I still love the newest version of the game and feel happy seeing that finally, someone can say this game is like a movie, in which the function of Mothercrystals from Ultima has been compared with hi-tech points by some reviewers. I've asked my friends. They agreed it looked like a combination of magic and sci-fi, showing the writer's creativity in this version.

They never know I've written some ideas of magic, hi-tech, and even fanfic about a game they've just played and praised, but it's good because they'll say I am doing work that nobody cares. Now I enjoy playing a little cat, returning to her home in the warm sewer, sinking into the melody around her journey.
Finished World of Final Fantasy after a 3 year brake (had nothing better to do) and forced myself to complete Battle Network 3 (Those games aren't that fun imo). Now I'm kinda listless about what to do next. Finding a good RPG with a likable cast, interesting lore and cool villain hasn't been going that well.
Still playing Sims 4 (Not So Berry Challenge) with Six as it acts as a great therapy session for the both of us, lmao. I'm actually really glad we started this and hope we can both hold out until at least the end of the 10 generations. 🤞I really enjoy the creative freedom & expression it gives us & provides a lot of laughs. So far my favorite memory is my depressed fish Guadaloupe. I gave him a tiny Christmas tree for Christmas. ❤️

By day I'm playing the Sims 4, by night I'm playing Final Fantasy XVI, but mostly because my kid doesn't need to see me playing XVI during the day, especially with him on summer vacation. :| And the fact that the little boy at the beginning shares his name lmao. 😰

Stated in another thread, but I'm not minding XVI so far - I'm glad I started it, especially since it took me forever to actually get up and force myself to play (I play along with my brother, so we try and meet the same deadline.) It isn't nearly as bad as I was anticipating, at least so far. I'm maybe about 5 hours in, give or take. A bit hack/slashy but whatever. My biggest struggle is that I'm getting old and look like an old woman reaching for her spectacles when she has to read the Teeny Tiny Text
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After learning a few tutorials on Youtube and Nexus, I’ve tried to mod the game Fallout 4. Crashing many times, but now I can run the game for a long time without any problems.
(I captured several screenshots of the game after modding, but I only post 4 of them here because I dunno why the picture is so big. I avoid posting many, or my post will fill up this thread)
Finished FFXV (knowing about all the story that was cut months before release made it a very melancholic experience). Since that I've been switching between Octopath Traveller 2 and a couple of titles I got on sale. Octo 2 started of pretty good but due to the inherent design the story is very disjointed and difficult to stay invested in, so I guess the devs thought people play RPGs primarily for combat but no combat system carries a 40+ hour game by itself.

So my search for an RPG with a good story, interesting lore and imposing villain continues.
I dont normally have more than one game on the go but i was playing through original ff7 and was up to mideel and taking over as cid, but then 16 came out and i smashed through that, then instead of picking 7 back up, i started ff12 again. Im right at the end just before Bahamut, done all hunts bar zodiark and also need to get omega as well. I may end up just completing the main story though and coming back to it as ive also just bought persona 4 on sale on psn,.so im gunna pick that up when im off work as well next week. I absolutely loved persona 5 and ive heard great things about 4 so im anticipating a great game!
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a good game, and most viewers have considered it. It would be great if the game were set in a Soulslike, but I doubt that Lucasfilm won’t make it since they have joined EA.
The track of this game, which I can’t find its name, was composed by The Hu. They also made another song Totem Wolf. When the main char listens to their music in the beginning with his earphones, I think that scene is actually cool.
Magic is the thing that this game lacks. Anyway, many people know a Jedi will use their Force like a kind of magic, so I never complain about it.
So i finsihed 12 (though I've left omega and yiazmat, mixed that guy up with zodiark, i already have that fool. I've already done a full clear of the game and got platinum when ZA first came out so i may juat dio back into it here and there wherever im at a lose end. I do wish they'd re-release reveant wings on psn, i do have it for the ds but id rather play it on console. I was one of the people that actually really enjoyed it lol
Anyway I'm straying off topic, ffvii is still on the backburner as ive started P4 Golden. I'm enjoying the story but dungeons are pretty boring, ive messed up my days so many times i anticipate having to do a 3rd run for 100% ive got all my stats maxed and ive read all available books to date so far, but ive spent so long maxing stats and reading stupid books for the book trophy that i forgot about levelling the social stats so i only have one/nearly 2 maxed and the rest are between 1 and 4. So annoying 🙈
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I'm currently playing:

Higurashi Rei
- Loving it so much! It's just as good as the anime and manga, with the different take on Rika's whole...situation. Spoiler free! :wacky:

Dead Space Remake - I had this one for my birthday the other day but I've only played the 1st 2 chapters so far. I'm loving that they didn't change too much, but genuinely made it hugely better than the original. Much more up to date and scarier.

Rain Code - I'm only at the start of chapter 2 but I'm loving it. It's not as good as Danganronpa so far imo, but it's Spike Chunsoft (ie over the top anime murder stuff) so there's a lot of great stuff to take from the game :).

To be honest, it's been too hot to play too much :lew:. Still enjoying each of these games when I do though.
Alan Wake (Remastered). I noticed I had this game in my library after installing it once it was made free on the PSN store. I've only ever owned Sony home consoles, so I never experienced Alan Wake back when it first released, so this was my first rodeo.

Overall a mixed experience. I didn't enjoy the gameplay at all, although to be fair it is now a very old game. The combat was annoying rather than entertaining, and I often found myself surrounded and turning wasn't very intuitive a lot of the time. I didn't find it too hard on the whole, as I could just keep running and sorting things out eventually, but I found myself looking forward to getting out of areas like that and progressing the plot.

And the plot and world wasn't bad. It was certainly vastly improved by the character Barry, who I thought was the true MVP, Christmas lights and all. I loved the suitably weird Twilight Zone inspired TV shorts you could discover, as well as the numerous Stephen King references. And, like the latter often is, the entire game is a commentary on the process of writing (and any form of creation) itself. Writer's block, losing yourself in your work by being at times a bit too close to it or having your frame of mind shaken, is all very relatable to many who attempt that sort of venture. It has certainly been quite timely for myself. :thehead:

[The above I actually played a few weeks ago but forgot to post about it]

I have just resumed playing Jurassic World Evolution 2. Something I can dip in and out of to unwind for half an hour or so at the end of the day, but not every day. Only, I loaded it up the other day and two of my triceratopses died of old age and made me sad. :sad2:
It is in any case a fairly decent game that I also got for free when it became available on PSN. So no complaints for a free game.
I returned home late after checking some display shelves in the office. Really a hard-working day. When I was waiting for the elevator in the apartment, a foreigner came and chose the way to go upstairs, but the security told her that her packages, which were put under the staircase, had already been moved to her room. She didn’t understand our language and entered the elevator silently. At that time, I intended to translate for her, but I was so tired that I couldn’t do that. My room is on the second floor, so I didn’t have enough time to be able to let her know about the package. I thought she would misunderstand that security had stopped her from using the stairs.
In my room, I regret missing a chance to help someone today, so I sat down and turned on the laptop to play the Life is Strange: True Colors game. The music in this game really helps me relax. I hope I will be stronger next time.