[V2] What are you currently playing?

Chrono Trigger
I've been meaning to play more Classic JRPG's this year, but with a free GamePass trial I got a bit distractedd :P But now I am back on track with Chorno Trigger! I'm playing it using my PS Classic Controller on PC - I own the DS version but want to play it on the BIG SCREEN!

5-Hours in so far, I can certainly see it's charm. I love how the random encounters have prelude animations whthere it be enemies diving in off screen or from out of bushes! I've only just reached the End of Time Portal Area, so still early yet to get a true sense of the story but I've enjoyed the scenarios I've been involved within so far. The Silent Protagonist is bugging me though, there are moments where he clearly needs to respond to his companions and even on the few times you get a choice the response is minimal.

Very eager to continue though! I also just remembered I have the guide for the USA PS1 release too!
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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

I've always felt that the main storylines for Aqua (best voice actor in the series IMO), Terra & Ventus, but the actually storylines within the worlds are huge fillers - even more so than other Kingdom Hearts titles. I didn't realise how grindy fully completing Birth By Sleep would actually be, given that you could easily complete the main storylines for each character in 6 hours or so - it will probably end up being easily 150+ hours in total. Just finished 100% collection for Aqua and critical mode. Now for Terra and Ven. :britt:

Currently in the process of attempting to 100% / platinum all Kingdom Hearts titles; current progress:

Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix
Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix
Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

100% (no platinum trophy available):
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Kingdom Hearts: ReCoded

In Progress:
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Still to do:
Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Fragmentary Passage
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
Kingdom Hearts III: ReMind (DLC)
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I just beat (still playing though) Webbed 😭 So freaking cute, I couldn't stop "Awww!"ing throughout the entire game. The controls took some getting used to but I'm excited to get back and finish catching everything. :wacky: I didn't think it would be as puzzly as it was, but it was really fairly easy and very forgiving. I had a few incidents where it was just me death-montaging in certain areas... 😅

Also been shiny catching in Pokemon Legends still. Valkyrie Profile got put on hold so it's been a lot of weird games in limbo for me.

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Unravel Two - although, just finished...sort of. Harlequin made sure we died way too many times and didn't get our objectives, which we still gotta do because OCD, you know. Great game, though. Breathe of fresh air with all these heavy games coming out.

Spent a good while cackling if we failed (and the expected raging, but hey)

Had a little panic after buying it (bought it on sale for only 5 euros, TOTALLY worth it) with it not being coop, but it's local coop, so SharePlay works great for playing with friends in different countries/cities.

Ive kinda been lazy about playing anything recently. I'm still playing through the new Chrono Cross release but have not touched it in weeks. I've still made time each day to do my dailies in Fortnite however.

On the mobile side I have been having a lot of fun with Echoes of Mana.
started playing sto. star trek online on pc. i dont like the graphics of character models, but otherwise good thrilling. maybe i try to use my ps2 pad on it, if it works
Been busy with Daragon's Dogma Dark Arisen lately. It's a poorly balanced mess with bad quest desing, bad story telling and bad open world design. In spite of that I've been playing it for over a week so it has to be doing something right. Guess it's the atmosphere and occasional bits of competence that keep pulling me back in, although I've reached the point where only numbers matter and armor for the game's favoured class are all ugly so I think I'll be moving on to a different title soon.
i just finished Dirge of Cerberus today ( final boss fight was quite easy, Rosso the Crimson was hardest boss :ninja: :ninja: _
i am starting Resident Evil Remake 2 . and FFvii in same time.

Just last week I started a game that I had last played in 5th or 6th grade, when games for the ps2 still came out, called Sword of Etheria from Konami. The music is from the one that did Castllevania's music as well (Michiru Yamane) and it's quite a fun little game.

Admittedly it feels a bit low budget in its presentation (you can't really interact that much with your environment) but not quite totally? I think whenever I go back to older games I need some time to get used again to some older trends or more limited gameplay. The gameplay is fun though, no doubt and I've even found a difficult mission where I've gotten stuckk trying to protect some devices from enemies (I really hate those missions) and it feels like I have to up my game to succeed at it.

It just feels great to get beat games that you got stuck at when you were little and see how much better you're at video games.


I've also been playing a couple more games like The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile with my boyfriend, but unfortunately we've twice encountered a bug that makes it difficult to continue which sucks cause we've made quite some progress so far.


And Bloodstained, must have played 60-70% of the game so far but haven't beat it yet, also got stuck in a treacherous stage. The one thing I feel conflicted about is that it feels a tiny but out-dated at this point in time. I can see that the game is packed with content but I started this game after playing Hollow Knight, whose movement after an ability or two feels incredibly fluid and fast and it really raised the bar for these types of games I feel. Bloodstained played it safe by playing a lot like the older Castlevanias and I might just be biased at this point in time because I had just come off of Hollow Knight which is a phenomenal game, so I may be quite hard on Bloodstained.

I didn't manage to progress any games this past weekend. :ROFLMAO:
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Man of Medan.

The first of the Dark Pictures Anthology games was free this month on PSN. Since I've had Covid I figured I might as well play a game for the first time in months. And this was free.

It was okay. Short, but it was free and I quite like the short story format. The mystery was interesting, but nothing truly unique. The jump scares got a little bit repetitive. I think it was a bit clunky in other aspects of the game's execution as well.

On the whole, I did enjoy it. I really love the narrator/curator guy though. It seems like he will be overseeing all of the Dark Anthology Pictures games (I haven't played any of the others yet).

The game also includes an interesting short documentary about the history of horror anthologies which I quite liked. Lovecraft, the Twilight Zone, and so on. It slotted this game series into its context of short form horror stories, and made me appreciate what Dark Pictures Anthology is intending to accomplish.
Finishing up the last bit of Stray - I tried to get it beat before vacation but I ran out of time and then when I got back I got sick :jtc: Fun game though! Pre-ordered the physical before actually playing and I'm glad we did.

Also, lmao, I'm playing the Sims 4 again. I wanted to replicate my house and see how I felt about redecorating things like a nerd. I tried this a year~ ago but stopped a bit before I felt like it was finished. Things have since changed and I needed to adjust the proportions a bit 😶 Makes me want to try out a few different simulation games now though.
I've been in between a few games as of late. I have started Stray when it came out. I have yet to finish that one. I really don't want it to end. <3 I also have been playing the new Kirby game, I am almost finished with that one as well since I am on the last boss now I believe. I just picked up Xenoblade 3 and will be playing that as well.

Other games I have been playing in between include Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds (mobile), Fantasy Life (mobile), Guardian Tales (mobile) (Really love this one, they had a slayers event awhile back and managed to get all Leena, Gourry, and Xellos characters), other mobile games... , Stardew Valley, Final Fantasy X/X-2, Rune Factory 5, and others I cannot think of the names of at the moment :censored:
Currently playing Zodiac Age with a daily The Binding of Isaac run. I'm about to also finish Cyberpunk 2077.
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

I am currently playing this game since its release date with friends and other online players. Right now I am waiting for the second title update to be released, which will be on the 29th of this month to continue the story. The expansion has been great so far. The only issue that it has is the poor events rewards. Other than that is fine.

Diablo 3: Eternal Collection

I finally got my hands on this popular game. This is another game that I have been spending my time on. I am currently farming for legendary and armor sets for my Demon Hunter at the Greater Rift. Right now I am redoing the story mode on Torment IV difficulty. I am really enjoying playing this game a lot.

I will be doing a Walkthrough of this game very soon on my youtube channel. I will be posting the videos here in the let's play section so you guys can watch them. Anyway, this are the two currently games I am playing right now.
I know, diablo is fun. I played the diablooo immortal on android and it was still fun hack and slay as ever. But gets boring too after awhile. I started with the first diablo years ago. Best i found diablo 2.
Currently soulland reloaded, mobile games costs soo much money, spend over 200 euros in 2 months in this shit game lool
In january i spend 1400 euros in just one month in the game, i forgot it already i stopped playing it. Took soo much money to play. Cost free all at start then if you want much, the more money people spend in this crazy mobile games
Just started playing Tales of the Abyss for the first time. I have a few Tales games but haven’t really played them properly yet - heard this one is meant to be really good.
Just finished with a playthrough of the PS3 Ratchet & Clank games for a nostalgia trip, had a lot of fun.

Right now I've started a playthrough of the God of War saga in anticipation for GoW Ragnarök. It's cool to look at how the series slowly develops between the instalments. I feel you can appreciate the 2018 game even more when you've experienced all of Kratos' past monstrocities. Too many game journos sought to completely invalidate the previous games for their poorly-aged aspects, ignoring how important they are for understanding Kratos as a character.