Announcement FFF Mogazine 'Timber Maniacs' Issue #3 (Summer 2019) now available

I would advise everyone to grab it while it's hot, but most of the planet is currently basking in suffocating heat on this fine July, so you may as well pop this issue into the fridge for a few hours before you sit down to flick through it. So turn on your air conditioning (if you don't have AC, run a cold bath and dive in), have a seat and enjoy a leisurely perusal through Final Fantasy Forums' third Mogazine issue and hope the mosquitoes can stay away for at least half an hour.

For this issue, we've opened the floor up to a number of guest writers to pen their own ideas and contributions to our fledgling little publication. I, along with the whole 'Timber Maniacs' magazine team, would like to offer our gratitude to our guest authors M.J. Gallagher, Cali and Lucas Chasteen (@AuronX), as well as Roko Zaper (@redcloud9) and Susan Calloway, both of whom have graciously afforded us their time to be interviewed for this very issue. It has been a tremendous honour and pleasure to work with and receive contributions from you all, particularly as it lends to an ever growing and eclectic offering of content for our magazine.

'Timber Maniacs' is the product of an overwhelming collaborative effort across the board, from the graphical work required to piece together every article into a coherent whole to the enthusiastic work of our writers. We cannot thank all contributors and project leaders enough for making this collective effort possible. In particular, I would like to give both @Dionysos and @Mitsuki the biggest shout-outs, not just for their excellent project management that so far has allowed our modest team to produce three issues in a row without any egregious hitches, but also for their countless hours of unceasing, meticulous work behind the scenes, double- and triple-checking every page to weed out every conceivable little error and technical hiccup.

A special shout-out goes to @Galadín for sketching and painting this gorgeous cover of Aerith, 'In Terram Fatali'.

I would of course also be remiss to forget to acknowledge the work done by @DaggerTribal, who has actually joined our cause as a contributing editor.

We aspire for 'Timber Maniacs' to be a seminal project where we can both discuss many facets of the Final Fantasy franchise as well as communicate our forums' very own unique culture to readers and other Final Fantasy fans out there not yet accustomed to our little madhouse. In essence, this is part of the forums' way to say hello to the rest of the internet before we inundate innocent eyes with the veritable joy of our de-facto mascot, Timmy the Turtle, and our abundant treasure trove of fanart and GFX galleries. Final Fantasy Forums after all is more than simply a message board. We are first and foremost a community and this magazine seeks to convey to the internet who we are.


Standout contributions and must-read articles include:

  • Mythology Manual; Odin - Dionysos takes a back seat this time, so the legends of this ominous Norse mythological patriarch will be told by guest writer, M.J. Gallagher
  • A Fistful of Gil - Dionysos takes on the Wild West in a frenetic shootout, while examining how the setting and themes are portrayed in Final Fantasy.
  • The Sad Plight of Mothers in the Video Games Industry - "Moms are tough"...and also often invisible in video games and in Final Fantasy. Can we fix that?
  • Kiss Me Goodbye - How FF left consoles for PC - Guest author Lucas Chasteen chronicles the story of Final Fantasy's increasing fraternisation with the PC platform
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 - Review - Paddy McGee returns to rate this latest saga in the tale of Sora, Donald and Goof- ooh, this looks like a good spot to find some ingredients!
  • This Guy are Sick - Cloud's Appearance Changes Throughout the Years - The Final Fantasy VII Remake is somewhere on the horizon, and guest writer Cali would like to take this opportunity to explore just how Cloud's design has altered and evolved over the decades
  • Interview with Susan Calloway - We sat down and had a relaxing coffee break session with the renowned singer-songwriter, known in the Final Fantasy fanbase as a vocalist for Distant Worlds concerts and for Final Fantasy XIV.
  • Benyamin Nuss - Fantasy Worlds - With his new album out and serving as a wonderful tribute to Final Fantasy's spellbinding soundtracks over the decades, the 'Timber Maniacs' team reviews this talented pianist-composer's latest work.
  • and more!

Don't forget! If you have yet to literally melt into an amorphous puddle as a result of this heat by the time you've finished perusing through Issue 3, please do take a look over our preceding issues.

Issue 1 (Summer 2018)
Issue 2 (Winter 2018)

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Feedback about the magazine has been very positive on social media, Discord, etc, so far. So thank you all!

Here are some FFXIV screenshots Mits and I took to represent the experience of releasing the magazine.

Immediately before release (when we experienced some technical hiccups)...

Polyphemos Bromios 18_07_2019 00_01_05.jpg

The post-release release...

Party time!




Polyphemos Bromios 18_07_2019 00_18_59.jpg

But then I had nightmares about leaving out some important details...
Polyphemos Bromios 18_07_2019 00_08_30.jpg

We hope you are enjoying / have enjoyed reading issue 3.
It has been a great experience. Tiring, yes, but well worth it.
Oh my word. Listen, I didn't even do the majority of the work and I need a break.

Great job, team. Proud of the end result. :D
I really enjoyed the mythology manual and the article about moms in video games. They are sorely underrepresented or just poorly represented.