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Birthweek Event - Giveaway! - Sign up - CLOSED
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Welcome to a very special Birthweek event celebration!

We are pleased to announce that as a part of the magazine release, the recent Xenforo 2 launch, and Birthweek event, we wish to extend a one time giveaway that will be exclusive to Final Fantasy Forums members with 100+ posts!
Site Feature Live Streams Relaunched
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Live streams are back on, better than ever! Streams is a popular feature for Xenforo 2, recently purchased from our owner, Lord Golbez. With this ability to record and broadcast in real time, we hope to encourage our members (and gamers) to continue exploring FFF and use our platform to keep members informed of their channels and any updates.
Welcome to Birthweek 2018!
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2018 is shaping up to be a great year for Final Fantasy Forums. We have welcomed plenty of new members, moved to a new forum system (ah, VB, we hardly miss you) and launched a magazine. And we're only halfway through the year.

On June 6th, Final Fantasy Forums will be twelve years old. We're almost to our angsty teen years. Time to celebrate with some fun competitions and activities.
FFXV update road map revealed: new story scenes, avatar system, more playable characters?
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One week after the launch of Final Fantasy XV, plans for future support of the game have already been making the rounds. Today, director Hajime Tabata has disclosed what appears to be the outline of a road map going ahead for future updates to be made to the game in the short term to the long term. Points to note include quality of life adjustments to a certain Chapter 13 portion of the game to extended story sequences at the latter half of the game.
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