Announcement FFF Mogazine 'Timber Maniacs' Issue #2 (Winter 2018) now live

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The end of 2018 has snuck up on us all, marking the dawn of another new year. No doubt you are currently transfixed by the fireworks celebrations and the general New Year festivities, but what better way to genuinely celebrate the planet completing another successful solar orbit than by flicking through a particularly festive, winter-themed Issue 2? It will be a hoot, I promise you that. And don't worry, despite the given name of our magazine, no trees were actually harmed in the making of this issue.

We acknowledge that this issue has undergone a number of delays as it was intended to release prior to Christmas. It turns out even our own team of Santa's elves had to take some time off the project to actually purchase a mountain of Christmas gifts for their loved ones and feast on turkey over the holiday period. In the immortal words of Square Enix, we thank you for your patience and we hope you were indeed looking forward to this.

'Timber Maniacs' is the product of an overwhelming collaborative effort across the board, from the graphical work required to piece together every article into a coherent whole to the enthusiastic work of our writers. We cannot thank all contributors and project leaders enough for making this collective effort possible. In particular, I would like to give both @Dionysos and @Mitsuki the biggest shout-outs. Their stalwart management through thick and thin over the course of the last six months has truly made this second issue possible, in spite of numerous concurrent real-life commitments.

We aspire for 'Timber Maniacs' to be a seminal project where we can both discuss many facets of the Final Fantasy franchise as well as communicate our forums' very own unique culture to readers and other Final Fantasy fans out there not yet accustomed to our little madhouse. In essence, this is part of the forums' way to say hello to the rest of the internet before we inundate innocent eyes with the veritable joy of our de-facto mascot, Timmy the Turtle, and our abundant treasure trove of fanart and GFX galleries. Final Fantasy Forums after all is more than simply a message board. We are first and foremost a community and this magazine seeks to convey to the internet who we are.


Standout contributions and must-read articles include:
  • Mythology Manual; Shiva - Dionysos is back yet again with a lore-heavy exploration of our favourite icy maiden's origins
  • The Palamecian Empire - come hither, all aspiring world conquerors, and learn the craft from Emperor Mateus himself
  • Bones and Bestiaries: 'Wark' with Dinosaurs - we have a bone to pick with these cold-blooded giant reptiles
  • Paradise Lost: Midgar as a Corporate Dystopia - Linnaete accomplishes the impossible and somehow compares Walt Disney with President Shinra
  • Square Enix's Early Announcements and Long Delays; An Examination - Paddy McGee would like to know how old we'll all be by the time we can purchase FFVII Remake
  • Kupocon - the madness continues
  • Loss and Grief; Video Games - a more sombre, personal and reflective piece by Paddy McGee on how gaming has helped to serve as a coping mechanism
  • and more!

If you haven't already, why not check out the very first issue of Timber Maniacs here?

And of course, we here at Final Fantasy Forums would like to wish every member and visitor here a Happy New Year and a glorious 2019!

FFF Staff
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That's a great start for a new year =3
I'm having a look at it and I already see a huge work has been done, congrats to the Magazine Team :)
This is absolutely fantastic, can't wait to have a proper read through of it (I swear my sight is starting to go in my old age)
WWOAAHH that's a lot of content! And top-quality stuff from start to finish! Well, ok, I haven't read it all word-for-word just yet, but even after a breeze through I can see how much effort and quality was put into it. Amazing work, everyone!
Annnd that's a wrap! That was insanely crazy. I can't believe we managed to push this out before 2018. Three more hours to go for me until 2019.

So what can I say, I have a piercing headache. The last couple weeks were so intense. Great job, everyone! We all learned a few things about running our own editorial magazine as a team, which was different than first issue. Putting two teams together and figuring each other out...that was definitely interesting.

Coming up: a magazine behind-the-scenes video soon.
You guys are so amazing! To release a second magazine during this busy time. I don't know how you do it!

I've only had a quick flick through it, but I am looking forward to reading each article. ^_^