Announcement FFF Magazine 'Timber Maniacs' Issue #1 now live

The staff of Final Fantasy Forums are pleased to at last announce that Issue 1 of our very own magazine, 'Timber Maniacs', is finally live and ready to be accessed.

Final Fantasy fans are accustomed to waiting. At this very moment, you are likely all waiting for the elusive Final Fantasy VII Remake. Patiently waiting is part and parcel of our very existence. We live for the announcements, we live through the long waits and the many delays but typically the goods are finally delivered. In many respects, we are like a miniature Square-Enix. We announce an ambitious new project and after a protracted period of time we are pleased to present to you the final product, albeit with far fewer DLCs and season passes.

To access the magazine, simply follow the link provided above or you can alternatively click on Laguna's face. Please avoid hugging Laguna all at once. The man is delicate, frail and may come down with very inconvenient leg cramps.

'Timber Maniacs' is the brainchild of namely one of our site administrators, @Dionysos. While at this juncture we cannot say for sure whether or not the initial idea was conceived in a drunken state of stupor, an overwhelming collaborative effort across the board, from intense graphical design work to attaining content contributions from members of this community, successfully forged ahead over the course of months to produce a digital magazine with a clear mission statement. We cannot thank all contributors and project leaders enough for making this collective effort possible.

We aspire for 'Timber Maniacs' to be a seminal project where we can both discuss many facets of the Final Fantasy franchise as well as communicate our forums' very own unique culture to readers and other Final Fantasy fans out there not yet accustomed to our little madhouse. In essence, this is part of the forums' way to say hello to the rest of the internet before we inundate innocent eyes with the veritable joy of our de-facto mascot, Timmy the Turtle, and our abundant treasure trove of fanart and GFX galleries. Final Fantasy Forums after all is more than simply a message board. We are first and foremost a community and this magazine seeks to convey to the internet who we are.


Standout contributions and must-read articles include:
  • Mythology Manual; The Carbuncle - exploring Final Fantasy's cute gemstone critter
  • Shakespeare in Final Fantasy - come read the Spoony Bard's influence on Final Fantasy
  • KupoCon - including all the fun, the laughs, the madness and what to expect on the horizon
  • Moogle Murder Mystery - the grisly tale of murder, severed pom-poms and selfies
  • Fashion Critic - the chronicle of some of Final Fantasy's worst dressed fools
  • FFF Mascots; Timmy the Turtle - the story of how FFF's most cherished mascot character came to be
  • and more!

We would like to thank everyone on FFF for patiently waiting and we apologise for the delays. This has indeed been one considerable undertaking and naturally we have had to identify and adapt to a range of growing pains when creating something of this ambitious scale for the very first time. Your contributions and your support have all helped to make this very first issue possible. So sit back, grab a fresh brew and feel free to flick through this issue at your leisure.

FFF Staff
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Good job, team! Love how polished it all looks. Break time for the ones that worked most on this magazine. :lew: Seriously. Well deserved by now.
Great job on this, definitely looks great! I will have a long weekend reading this.
I agree with everyone else here, it looks fan-freaking-tastic! I'm going to love reading through this like it's 2003 again :D
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Thank you, guys! This has been a fun project, even though it was stressful from beginning until the end. We will be taking a little break and recharge our batteries, but for next issue we hope to bring in a few more contributors to the magazine, such as proofreading (seriously, 70% of the stress came from proofreading/editing because it altered a lot of things on design department as well, even after the designs were 'completed').

We really want to offer more slots to our members as well, so if there's any ideas worth exploring, we'd love to hear them! Perhaps we can create a new thread for magazine-related feedback/suggestions. @Dionysos For instance, one thing I was worried about was the text body, particularly on mobile. I may increase that by 1px.

50-75 pages max for next issue as well. I cannot stress that enough. =[ We had no idea it was going to be 90 pages until last week when things were finally coming together.
Congratulation to everyone for making this! One of best designed magazines I have ever seen!
Not to mention the content, I am finding it hard deciding which article to read first...well, i mean after reading the one about me...
Such a great idea - something I always secretly hoped for...ff content that is fascinating to read...
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this is fantastic! only just got round to being able to see this as my pc has been on the blink, had the message off dan, b ut my phone wasnt allowing me to view it. its brilliant and i love the piece on my wedding :D