Cover Duhemsounds Final Fantasy covers

Really great cover! If there's one aspect to XIII I truly enjoy, it's the soundtrack and I felt like your cover channeled the certain spark, quirk, that makes the soundtrack from XIII work for me.

Nice! I'll try listen to more going forward! :D
Thanks a lot Dio and Paddy, very you like my first FF XIII cover
Also thanks Miko for your very kind comment on my previous release, I didn't got the notification about your reply

In October I have The Mystic Forest and Mystery Train both from VI
In November I've also planned a FF cover : Penelo's Theme from XII

Between Nov and Dec I'll also have 6 Nintendo covers I wasn't able to release and finally got some licenses :)
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Nice work with your music; as I mentioned before, I feel your work is interesting and unique!

Keep it up!

Also, yes, the Hangman game sent me here... but it doesn't make how I feel less true!

Blue Steel

Is there any cat-based songs? Seems like there should be something ponderous.
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Hello :)

A new Final Fantasy in my covers collection with Lightning's Theme ~ Blinded by Light. My first from XIII. An emotiona / epic one.

Hope you will like it, thanks for listening

Listened to this while I did a few things on the computer today, thanks for sharing. :-) I love the softness/lightness of this and it was really nice to have running in the background. I haven't finished XIII but I recognized this song immediately of course. I think you did a really great job on covering it!

Looking forward specifically to hearing your cover on The Secret Library Daguerreo from IX :D But of course the others as well!
Thanks to all of you for your great comments :)
Miko I'm sorry for Daguerreo I've changed the planning and switched for Wind Scene and Corridors of Time both from Chrono Trigger for December and January
I was looking on your OP post; do you have a SoundCloud account, btw?

It might be another option for people to listen to your stuff! Most of the time when I'm listening to remixes or covers, it's on SoundCloud.

PS I really like your Littleroot Town cover!

The Mystic Forest my new cover from Final Fantasy VI is now on YouTube and all main music platforms :)

It's time for spooky music :evil:


The Mystic Forest my new cover from Final Fantasy VI is now on YouTube and all main music platforms :)

It's time for spooky music :evil:

I somehow missed this one, sorry!

This is great timing as we approach Halloween. Mystic Forest is probably my favourite of the 'creepy forest' sort of tracks in the franchise.

I think the combo organ sound really works for this to bring out the lurking horror themes but also the rhythm (it reminds me of the backing sounds you'd hear behind 1960s folk-rock music), while the piano maintains the beautiful magic and mystery. The style change half way through also takes the track in a new direction.
My new cover Mystery Train (aka The Phantom Train) from Final Fantasy VI is now available :)

Discover a non expected rendition of that theme for this Halloween 2020

My new cover Mystery Train (aka The Phantom Train) from Final Fantasy VI is now available :)

Discover a non expected rendition of that theme for this Halloween 2020

The perfect song for the day!

I love those ghosts in the game. They are both spooky and friendly (to a degree) at the same time. Sabin eating a hearty meal whilst Cyan questions whether eating a meal prepared by ghosts is wise is one of my favourite scenes in the game.

This version captures the eerie, yet playful atmosphere of the Phantom Train. I love the instrument sounds and effects you have used here. To my ears, the repeated clinking sound resembles both the workings of the train and the clashing of cutlery in the dining room.

Penelo's Theme, my new cover from Final Fantasy XII is now available on YouTube and all main music platforms

Thanks for listening :)

Penelo is an underrated character! I love this. It captures the dreamy, upbeat aspects of Penelo's character. I can't remember her theme being used very prominently in the game, so it is a surprise to see it as your first FFXII track. A pleasant surprise, that is.

Last release of that year, here's my cover Wind Scene from Chrono Trigger now on YouTube and all main music platforms :)

🐺 Duhemsounds end of year 2020 communication 🐺


This is time to look back at what happened in 2020 and to announce some cool things for the new year :)

2020 : We've met with a terrible fate but still have music

You know it, the big C is making loops all around the world and has changed our daily lives in so many ways.
As a very vulnerable case due to pre existing conditions I've spent half of the year locked down and still am until further notice.

On the music side the sky has looked better. As I promised I've given you some big Final Fantasy tracks especially on the first half of 2020.
With these ones I wanted to show you a bit of more spectacular renditions. On the second half I've put more creative oriented releases.
I've finished the Zelda Link's Awakening dungeons serie on Q4.

About numbers, on YouTube you're now around 1 575 - 1 580. The Spotify wrapped I've shown you earlier this month is saying almost 180k streams for that year :)
With the few days remaining on that year 2020 I'll be around 575k total Spotify streams.
At 1M there will be a great event release :)

2021 : High five !

- 5th Duhemsounds Anniversary -

I said it several times before, 2021 will be the year of the 5th Duhemsounds Anniversary. A first major step for my music career.
Will celebrate that milestone with something great :)
Another important event will be the 150th cover release in the Q4 of 2021, just the track before Halloween if my maths are still good which would be Oct 15th.

- New release rythm -

I've heard your wish for a more regular schedule, also I've decided to make a bit more covers.
Starting in 2021 I'm setting a new release rythm, very simple to follow :
1 new cover every 1st and 15th of each month, at midnight Paris Time, wolves hours 🐺 This doesn't change :)

- Seasonal and Events look changing -

A tiny extra for that new year, starting on Jan 1st, on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook you'll see some graphic changes.
Depending on seasons changes and events you will see a modification of the banner and the Duhemsounds logo with some different colors or a tiny extra word on the banner.
I'll make an alternance between these looks and the normal Duhemsounds graphic identity that will come back between 2 of these new looks.
On Jan 1st you will discover the Winter look :)

I hope you will like that new year of Duhemsounds, I'm continuing to work on new things to improve quality and creativity.
As you know my target is to give you some renditions you won't hear everywhere.
I've been very happy with your feedbacks on the work, especially on Song of Storms which has been over over covered already.
As you may know already I hope to make Duhemsounds a full time job one day, if this comes true it will be thanks to you.
You're already giving me some great support and I'm very happy of it, thanks a lot :)

Now this is time for me to wish you a good end of year even if I know this will be strange this year with lockdowns and restrictions all around the world.

While I'm writing these lines here we are just going out of lockdown 2 and there are already signals of a 3rd wave that may trigger another lock in January.
Remember, even if you are young the virus can have some unexpected bad effects. Protect the elders and every people around you having pre existing conditions.
With winter and cold times coming, the virus is more resistant and easier to be caught. Mask wearing above the nose, distancing 1.5-2 meters especially on closed areas and hands washing after any interaction with people and surfaces touched by other people.

This is not fun but it's the only way to have good chances to avoid it.
I know some people are getting mad or super sad of cancelled events but don't forget the virus can cancel your life or the life of someone important for you.
Stay safe, see you on Jan 1st for my first release of that year 2021 :)

🐺 Duhemsounds 🐺