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Happy new year!

Another great, clean rendition! I also love the way it transitions into the ending. These brothers are amongst my favourite characters in the franchise, so I adore their theme and your version does them justice.

I always found it curious that the character Mash was named Sabin in the English localisation. I'm so used to the character being Sabin that I always doubletake upon reading the name 'Mash'.

Great to finally read your end of year statement too. I'll keep an eye out for what comes next for Duhemsounds! Five years is a great landmark!
Thanks Dio for your kind comment :)

I'm used to 'Sabin' in both French and English versions we got here it was Sabin but the OST officially says Mash so I follow the guidelines even if Sabin is more familiar to me.

I've made my selection of covers for Q1 & Q2, I'll have a bunch of FF including some emblematic tracks but also a few Zelda hits and some cools tracks from licenses I haven't covered yet to add more diversity to my catalog :)
Nice cover Duhem :) Corridors of Time is one of my favorites, though almost all of Chrono Trigger's music is a personal favorite! It's all so unique and charming. You did a wonderful job covering it and I really enjoyed listening to it.
Mines of Narshe is easily a very underrated dungeon theme. I always liked the subtle groove of this one. It is almost like a precursor for Under the Rotting Pizza in Final Fantasy VII in terms of its eerie grooves.

As you say in your video text, most people who cover this song focus on amping up the grooviness, but you've taken a different approach in slowing this down. It's nice to hear it this way. It makes it more creepy (hence fitting for its use) but also quite relaxing. After all, you're not meant to be dancing accompanied by a band if you're lost in some dark, creepy and cold mines! All of that said, you've used organ sounds in the track (and you've kept the jazz-style piano part towards the end) so an element of that groove remains present, just even more subtle and restrained. Nice!

My new emotional cover Passing Sorrow from Final Fantasy IX is here on YouTube, Spotify and all major platforms :)

Love this track! In the game this is used prominently when the Genomes arrive to live at The Black Mage Village, I think. A very poignant moment.

I like your use of it to represent Garnet and Zidane (according to your text), and that works to great effect. The two characters come from different worlds (both in character, and literally, since they come from different planets). Their coupling at the end of the game sort of symbolises the merger of Gaia and Terra, since Terra will live on in some form though Zidane. What Garland failed to accomplish, Zidane and Garnet end up doing naturally. Their love story is a memorable one for sure.

I love the prominent use of the piano here, and the ambient noises you have used and whispers fit this theme (almost like the whispering spirits of Terra, lost and waiting for new bodies - but I'd be interested in knowing what you had in mind for them).

Nice use of the colour change on your background scene too btw. Fitting for Valentine’s Day (even though I'm nearly a week late for it)!
Wow, I love it too! I love the tempo on it as well. This song is already so melancholic & I agree with Dionysos, the ambient sounds definitely adds to the music. I'd love to listen to this on a rainy day on repeat!

FFIX's music is so iconic to me, so it's great always hearing these songs so much more amplified, you've done a wonderful job, but especially with this latest track! 🥰
Thanks a lot Dyo and Miko, very happy you like that new one :)

The fusion of Gaia and Terra symbolized by the union of Garnet and Zidane is a good guess, you're better than me to find that kind of cool stuff

Your interpretation of the whispers is very interesting. The main goal of them was to add something relaxing to the track while having the emotional interpretation

About the look this is something new starting this year, I change the colors for events and seasons

Next FF cover is for March 15 : Dark World from VI
Dark World is the ultimate depressing 'the world as we know it is over' track.
I appreciate the use of the flute with the piano, with the atmospheric persistent wind / waves in the background. I like the flourishes as well.

Your accompanying text includes some timely words too about a changing world, which I'm sure many of us can relate to right now. But there can be hope around the corner, just like Terra and co found when they managed to finally defeat Kefka and could begin to rebuild their world.

Good job!

My new cover Dear to the Heart from Final Fantasy VII is now on YouTube, Spotify and all your favorite music platforms

Thanks for listening :)


My new cover Dear to the Heart from Final Fantasy VII is now on YouTube, Spotify and all your favorite music platforms

Thanks for listening :)

I love the sound effects! They spacey sounds and water drops, etc, do suit the themes of the game. And then the synth piano is very relaxing.
Nice job!

One of those top nostalgic tracks so it is great for it to get the Duhemsounds stamp!
Very you like the sound effects, I was truly aiming to create an ambiance faithful to the original track context.
Always happy to have your feedback on my work :)

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Thanks for listening :)