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Jan 12, 2017
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Hello :)

I'm Duhemsounds, I'm doing orchestrated videogames music covers (Final Fantasy, Zelda, Mario, Pokémon & many more)

You can find my YouTube here:

Here you have my FF playlist :

You can find me on

Facebook :
Twitter :

I have 3 other FF covers scheduled in the next months :)

Hope you will like my work and join me in my music adventure, if you have friends that may like too, tell them :)
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Hello =3

I've just released a new cover : Lenna's Theme - Final Fantasy V

Discover it on youtube :
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My Village of Dali cover is here :

Another nice cover!

I really like that many of the songs that you are covering are not always the most obvious of choices. They are tunes which many people avoid in favour of the most famous FF music, and it is good to hear your interpretations of them.

Keep up the good work!
Thanks Dionysos :)

Yes, I lik to go on 'uncommon' tracks for FF and also for the other games I cover. Sometimes I do some of the 'obvious list' but I try to have a large catalog including less covered tracks
Hello =3

Today 2 events : Music Day 2017 and the 50 000 views for the channel :)

A new FF VI cover : Forever Rachel, hope you will like it

link :
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Hello =3
Hope you're having a nice summer, here is my fresh new FF music cover : Love Grows from FF8
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Hello there, happy new year, wish you the best for 2018 :)

I've released a new Final Fantasy cover :

Hope you will like it, thanks for listening :)
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And this is a new FF cover, this time I went on Crystal Chronicles with 'Today Arrives, Becoming Tomorrow'
Have a great day

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I've been going through this and looking at the cover art. I think it is really good. Maybe the staff can post some of the art on the home page Under sponsored art section (I think that is what it is called). The last post there is 2014 so it would be a nice refreshing update and a way to support one of our members.

Duhemsounds, keep up the good work and hopefully the staff sees this and chooses to support you.
I always look forward to hearing your latest FF covers.

Great work with the 'Unrequited Love' cover and your other recent covers. I'm interested in what is next!

Thanks a lot for your nice comments, sorry for late answer, here is my fresh new FF cover : The Place I'll Return To Someday from IX

Hope you will like it, thanks for your support :)
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Hello :)

Today I'm presenting you my fresh new FF cover : Epitaph from Final Fantasy VI

You can listen to it on YouTube here :

All my covers are available on Spotify and other main platforms.

Have a nice day :)
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I really, really love that.

It accurately captures the emotion of Setzer's loss of Daryl. There is also that appropriately haunting and chilling or mysterious section during which I imagine that Setzer and co have entered Daryl's tomb. But it doesn't go too far in that direction either, just enough before returning to the emotion at the heart of the story.

Brilliantly executed.