final fantasy

  1. Dionysos

    FFF Mythology Manual: Phoenix

    FFFMM: Phoenix: A Bird Reborn Not many mythology-based metaphors possess an impact quite as powerful as the Phoenix rising from the ashes. The imagery of a rebirth following hardship is attractively therapeutic, encapsulated perfectly by the self-engendering mythical bird which upon death is...
  2. Dionysos

    Norse Myths That Inspired Final Fantasy VII – By M. J. Gallagher.

    Heimdall’s horn has sounded for all mythology fans! Norse Myths That Inspired Final Fantasy VII is the latest book by award-winning Final Fantasy community author M. J. Gallagher. This ambitious, well-researched work examines how Norse lore and Viking culture manifests in the locations...
  3. Duhemsounds

    Final Fantasy Spotify playlists

    Hello :) Let's share some beautiful FF music, original tracks and covers =3 Here's a Spotify playlist that will give you a short tour of Final Fantasy most emblematic themes If you have FF lists you wanna...
  4. Duhemsounds

    Fan Fiction Opera Mysidia

    Hello :) Some of you may already know me for my video games covers, now I'm writing creative fan fictions to go with them on the YouTube videos. Here is the text version of Opera Mysidia my creative story released with my Final Fantasy medley from yesterday :) The story takes place at FF6 Opera...
  5. MoogleChocobo

    Does the Kingdom Hearts series do a bad job at paying homage to the Final Fantasy series?

    I love the Kingdom Hearts series, but however I think the series does a bad job at paying homage to Final Fantasy. I mean the Final Fantasy characters have been bastardized in the Kingdom Hearts games. The characters are almost nothing like how they appeared in the Final Fantasy games. I feel...
  6. K

    Small but sweet VII Discord invite A small little server for fans of all games, but especially VII to come together and bond over their love of this wonderful game in the series. There are chat rooms for VII tips, character discussions, OCs, roleplaying, and separate chats for the other games! It's a...
  7. Duhemsounds

    Cover Duhemsounds Final Fantasy covers

    Hello :) I'm Duhemsounds, I'm doing orchestrated videogames music covers (Final Fantasy, Zelda, Mario, Pokémon & many more) You can find my YouTube here: Here you have my FF playlist ...
  8. K


    Hi, I am a older player from Quebec, Canada. I now live in Ontario and I have played Final Fantasy since after it came to Canada. It is my favorite game. Hello!
  9. K

    Other games that remind you of Final Fantasy

    Hello, so which games not Final Fantasy remind you of it? I have played this game since II, so I have been stuck to the series and love it. Any games similar?
  10. Alexander

    Final Fantasy Themed Cakes

    Don't ask me to explain the last one. I have no idea what's going on there.
  11. ravensong

    Mystic Quest!

    Hey guys! Are there any fans of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest here? I've been watching this let's play of it by this new channel, No Nostalgia Filter, and it's quite hilarious. I thought maybe some of you guys here might enjoy watching it as well. This is the latest video in the Mystic Quest series...
  12. S

    Final Fantay Questionnaire

    I am actually doing a project about Final Fantasy bringing positive impacts to players, and I need help for the questionnaire below about Final Fantasy,so please kindly help me out, Thank you~!
  13. T

    Final Fantasy title with best monster designs.

    So the Final Fantasy series has been arround for quite some time, so with plenty of titles to choose from let's say which game in the series do you think has the best overral monster designs. This is a purely aesthethic look. I personally think Final Fantasy X has the most impressive desings...
  14. T

    A horror themed Final Fantasy?

    By horror themes I of course mean tropes typically associated with horror, not that the game is trying to scare players. So scare factor is irrelevant here, only the themes matter. Let's get started. So looking back on Final Fantasy VII, you can notice it uses a bunch of horror tropes. The cave...
  15. Keats

    Newbie here

    Well hiya. You all can call me Keats and this is my first time ever really using a forum. Expendable recommend that I join since I love final fantasy. I'll keep this short and sweet. My favorite final fantasy is 8. I will be a Squall/Leon fanboy for life. Right now Im really into a realm reborn...

    We need Voice Actors for our Final Fantasy OTR project!

    We need Voice Actors! [CLOSED] Ah, here we go again. Ok, so the thing is that we need a lot of voices for our OTR project (OTR means Old Time Radio, for you youngsters out there who don't know of the good ol' days). There are only a couple of things that you should remember when auditioning...
  17. zone

    10 ways to die in Final Fantasy

  18. T

    Let's BEAT FFXII to 100%

    I'd like to beat FFXII to the Maximum in a livestream over on TWITCH, and would like to gather interested viewers. I'm going to be doing it sometime in the near future from 4PM to 10PM EST every day. Maybe longer depending on who shows up. Interested participants comment below! If you do not...
  19. C

    Wanted to play through all the Final Fantasy games.

    Hey guys, I've played Final Fantasy VII before along with some Star Ocean games. I wanted to play through the whole Final Fantasy series from 1-13 and wanted to know the best way to play through them? I was going to do 1-6 on my android phone using a GBA simulator. Would this be the best way...
  20. zone

    Black Final Fantasy Characters

    To be honest it's a great feeling to see characters like Sazh and Barret represented in the FInal Fantasy series because they definitely bring something different to the table as opposed to their more popular counterparts. Anyway here's a look back at black characters in Final Fantasy, enjoy.