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Jan 12, 2017
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Hello :)

Some of you may already know me for my video games covers, now I'm writing creative fan fictions to go with them on the YouTube videos.
Here is the text version of Opera Mysidia my creative story released with my Final Fantasy medley from yesterday :)
The story takes place at FF6 Opera House, a part of the lyrics from the Opera is used.

Thanks to Dionysos for story proofreading :)

- Opera Mysidia -

Impresario : Tonight's show is our famous opera Maria & Draco. This piece is so romantic but I'm worried...What if they are late ? What if something wrong happens during the show? You think I'm too nervous ? Remember that mess last time...No ! Not this time ! Tonight's show will be fantastic !

The audience is thrilled for tonight's show and applauds loudly as the curtain rises. The narrator comes to the front of the stage and the orchestra starts to play the Overture theme.

Narrator : Their countries are at war since a long time. They nourish a secret love story. Maria and Draco hope to be reunited but the King wants Maria to marry Prince Ralse, this is the cost for peace. What will happen ? Will they be reunited or is Prince Ralse taking Maria forever ? Stay tuned and enjoy our most famous show !

Loud applauses, the orchestra starts to play 'Aria di Mezzo Carattere'​

Draco: O, Maria
Though I call you from afar,
Will this message reach your heart?
Oh how I long to be with you.

Maria: O my hero, my beloved
Shall we still be made to part?
Though promises of perennial love yet sing here in my heart ?
I’m the darkness, you’re the starlight
Shining brightly from afar
Through hours of despair
I offer this prayer to you, my evening star
Must my final vows exchanged
Be with him and not with you?
Were you only here to quiet my fear,
O speak! Guide me anew

Draco: Maria!
Maria: Draco! I knew you would return to me my love!

A big 'Ooohh' comes from the audience

Suddenly a bunch of unknown characters are popping everywhere on the stage

Impresario : W...What is THAT ? I knew it ! This representation is going to be screwed by these folks, they aren't even on the script !
The opera continues...And the orchestra tries to follow

Princess Cornelia : Marcus, I've waited for you so long...
Marcus : I know my dear...
King Leo : What the ? You're not marrying any of these rascals ! Prince Schneider is the one !
Prince Schneider : Cornelia my dear, come to me, I've waited too much, you can't avoid me any longer !
Marcus : That Maria is looking good...That's ok, King Leo. Give Cornelia to Schneider !
The audience jeers Marcus
Princess Cornelia whining : This is what you deserve, Marcus ! 'I wanna be your canary' he was saying...

Impresario protesting alone on his balcony : And now it sounds like...a PLAY ?!! I'm an opera impresario, I'll report to Sir Ultros about these suspicious folks !

King Leo insistent : My poor Cornelia, this is why you need to marry the noble Prince Schneider
Princess Cornelia shouting : Oh please stop it with your Schneider !
Prince Ralse coming up like a tornado : Aaaand I've won this war ! Soooo... I'm here to pick Maria and I can surely find an extra room in my giant castle for that you say...Cor...

Draco and Marcus rushing swords in hands : You're not going any further !

Blood ! Blood ! Blood ! The audience cheers for action

Zorn : This play sounds strange !
Thorn : Strange this play sounds !
Impresario still protesting alone on his balcony : And now those clowns...They look like they've just escaped from Figaro's jails !
Narrator : For a few minutes an intense fight occurs between Draco, Marcus and Prince Ralse to decide the destiny of the Princesses and the kingdoms.
Zorn : We must inform her Majesty about this new version !
Thorn : About this new version Her Majesty must be informed !

Zorn and Thorn : She will like it !
Zorn and Thorn : That's what I said !

The fight is still running

Princess Cornelia : I don't know where are you from but looks like we're having the same kind of Kingdom management...
Maria : Yes, at least now you know you're not alone...
Princess Cornelia : So childhish...So stupid...
Maria shouting : HEY ! GUYS !

The fight stops

Maria : So none of you noticed it ?...Visibly not...Looks like you've all skipped elementary maths class...TWO princesses, THREE wannabes !
King Leo loudly : BWAHAHAHA !
The three wannabes are looking petrified

The audience follows loudly King Leo's laugh

Impresario mumbling alone on his balcony : After all, they are liking it...

Zorn : We've found them !
Thorn : They have been found by us !
Zorn and Thorn : This is terrible !
Zorn and Thorn : This is horrible !
Zorn and Thorn : They are better than us !
Zorn : Her Majesty must never see them or we would be kicked out of the Castle !
Thorn : We would be kicked out of the Castle if Her Majesty sees them !

Prince Schneider : Hey !
Draco -_- : Maths level...

King Leo and the audience goes for another run of BWAHAHAHA

Princess Cornelia : This guy plays on WAIT ATB mode !
Massive jeers for Prince Schneider from the audience
Marcus : So that's already one out !
Maria : Says the one who was ready to pick the first random girl !
Princess Cornelia : The only one that looks to be a real heart is Draco and this is the one, Maria, may your love stay strong
Maria : Thanks Princess Cornelia, but I'm just wondering about one thing...Where are you all from ? I've never seen you before
Princess Cornelia got interrupted : Well we were playing...

Ultros : OCTOPUS TIME ! Did ya miss me ?
Suddenly the whole Opera House's lights are going out
Ultros : Eeeh ? I haven't even started yet !
King Leo : BWAHAHAHA, this would never happen in my shows !

The audience is panicking

Ultros : IMPRESARIO ! Did ya forgot to pay the electricity bill ?!?
Impresario got interrupted : We have no delays with Vector Energy, there shouldn't be...
The Opera House starts to rumble and seems to sink and to decay. A strange dark light appears in front of the stage and starts to grow bigger and bigger...
Impresario : This Opera is damned ! Master Ultros, I'm sorry, that's too much ! I QUIIIITTTT........

Rydia : Help...Help...
Red Mage : Wooops it's time to end this, DISPEL !
Rydia : Mmmh...Maria...Ultros...
Red Mage : WAKE UP !
Rydia : NO !...What the...? Where am I ?

The audience laughs loudly

Narrator : Let's applause the Red Mage for his talents of illusionist !

The audience applauds warmly

Rydia : Illusionist ?

Narrator : And let's applaud our Guinea p...VOLUNTEER, Rydia !

The audience applauds and laughs

Rydia : Hey ! Wait a sec ! That opera, these folks...
Red Mage : This was an illusion... We're in Mysidia after all ! The place where everything is magic !


This is my first Final Fantasy story and second story ever, hope you will like it, thanks for reading =3