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  1. T

    Let's BEAT FFXII to 100%

    I'd like to beat FFXII to the Maximum in a livestream over on TWITCH, and would like to gather interested viewers. I'm going to be doing it sometime in the near future from 4PM to 10PM EST every day. Maybe longer depending on who shows up. Interested participants comment below! If you do not...
  2. C

    Wanted to play through all the Final Fantasy games.

    Hey guys, I've played Final Fantasy VII before along with some Star Ocean games. I wanted to play through the whole Final Fantasy series from 1-13 and wanted to know the best way to play through them? I was going to do 1-6 on my android phone using a GBA simulator. Would this be the best way...
  3. zone

    Black Final Fantasy Characters

    To be honest it's a great feeling to see characters like Sazh and Barret represented in the FInal Fantasy series because they definitely bring something different to the table as opposed to their more popular counterparts. Anyway here's a look back at black characters in Final Fantasy, enjoy.
  4. G

    Any ideas about these Final Fantasy cosplay?

    Does any guys who like Final Fantasy also like cosplay? How about the following final fantasy cosplay? Tina, lightning, Tifa etc are included. Final fantasy Tina cosplay... Final Fantasy Tifa cosplay Final Fantasy lightning cosplay... Final fantasy Serah Farron cosplay So, guys like...

    Final Fantasy Memory of Heroes novel

    For those of you who've no idea what the title means, it's referring to Umemura Takashi's novel Final Fantasy I II III: Memory of Heroes, a compliation novel that retells the stories of the first three games, written for the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary celebration. As was said, Final...
  6. rowe

    [IC] ciphra Fabula, a Final Fantasy prequel series

    I don't have a set-in-stone title yet; "ciphra Fabula" (roughly "zero Tale") is a tentative title. This will be a series of four (4) volumes/books (and a smaller midseries entry), if successful. This ties into the Final Fantasy mythos, explaining how the current universe was created, and...
  7. K

    Hey guys created a Dragoon Rotation guide

    Hey guys We created a Dragoon guide, made it basically because we wanted more graphic oriented guides out there, ITs our first video so theres a few mistakes but with all the positive feed back we've been getting it inspires us to create even more. If you have any requests on guides in this...
  8. X

    Final Fantasy OST Collection

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum so I don't really know where I am meant to be with this. As the title suggest's I have a massive Final Fantasy OST collection of nigh on every song created for Final Fantasy and have started to upload them all conveniently onto YouTube channel. I will be updating...
  9. zone

    Top 10 Most Annoying Final Fantasy Moments

    P.s I'm a major Final Fantasy fan :)
  10. J

    How hard/difficult is this game???

    I just started playing it as a way to get back into role-playing after a short break, and I made it to the part where you have to defeat Jinn in the dungeon and was killed by a gang of 5 mummies and a skeleton (I could see Jinn on the screen, playing the fan translation btw) luckily I saved...
  11. W

    Does anyone have an extra Final fantasy 14 ps3 code to spare i wana try it out.

    anyone got an extra code or maybe don't want to use their code can you send me one in a private message it would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
  12. L

    New MAARS App

    Hey, there is new MAARS app. that lets us watch Final Fantasy live on our Android phones and tablets. It FREE, Get it here and let me know what you think” and this is posted as a tweet on the other parties twitter profile - And tell your friends!!
  13. dondiablo29

    Hi guys, I'm new here, and I've come here to ask your help with a Final Fantasy related petition

    So I've created a petition, here goes nothing. So basically Square Enix has been really busy re-releasing all their classic Final Fantasy games and Chrono Trigger on iOS and Android, so I thought, why not on Steam? I decided to create this petition to see if we can get their attention and...
  14. zone

    Top 10 Final Fantasy towns

    I've been a big fantasy fantasy fan since my first play though of Square's number VII instalment of Final Fantasy when I was younger, and during that time I've seen many magnificent towns and cities in the series. When playing through the games, those were the safe havens to the vicious beasts...

    012: Duodecim Fandub Fantasy Dissidia Episode 1 complete including Dissidiodicy Episode 1

    Yea, I know I made a post about this awhile back, but that post's video link is dead, instead here is the remaster, complete edition of MoogleForce5's Fandub Fantasy Dissidia. Episode 1: Cycle 012 begins: Rise of the gateway And for s*its and giggles, go to our channel and watch Dissidiodicy...
  16. S

    Looking for people to play an online Triple Triad game with!

    Hello all! Let me preface by saying this is not spam or a shameless plug, some kind of ad, or am i paid to post this, etc. That being said... I have been playing an online game centered around triple triad, and some of the other mini games in the FF series, since 2000. The game has evolved and...
  17. F

    A shift from Final Fantasy?

    There were no classic characters in Birth by Sleep, Dream Drop Distance, or Days. That's kinda sad for a crossover. It's like missing a third of the game.

    Fandub Fantasy Episode 1

    Alright ladies and gentlemen! For those who are unfamiliar with me and my group, MoogleForce5, this is the pilot episode of our Fandub Fantasy Dissidia project! So enjoy and make sure to head to our youtube page, MoogleForce5, and subscribe for more! Also head on over to our website...
  19. S

    Help FFXIII-2: Serendipity and Mystic

    HI I have been playing this game (FFXIII-2) for about a week now and I have collected over 80 fragments but every time I go and speak with Mystic - nothing happens. How can I get new skills, am I missing something or what???
  20. DarkXShadowX21

    Final Fantasy IV {iPhone}

    Final Fantasy IV is now on iPhone! This game so far has been great! Here are some screenshots of my journey!