Cover Duhemsounds Final Fantasy covers

Hello :)
My new cover : Fight On aka Those Who Fight Further from Final Fantasy VII is now available on YouTube, Spotify and all main platforms

Hope you will like it, thanks for listening =3
A last dose of hype before the release of the Remake

This is a piano version of this unlike any other I’ve heard. Cool. :)

It is able to capture the excitement of battle with the piano instead of relying on the rocky guitar for which this track is famous. I like the 'magical' parts too with the piano gliding sound. There's some almost jazz-like improvisation parts near the end which lead nicely into a quiet segment followed by a powerful finale. I like it!

Keep it up, and I hope you are keeping well at the moment.
Thanks a lot Dio, very happy you like it and always great to have your feedback :)

Actually I'm fine thanks, I try to be the most careful possible as I'm at very high risks if I get the virus. Hope you're safe too
I'm using that extra time to work on some great tracks :)
It's here, a new one in my catalog, listen now to Lizard Dance from Chrono Cross, my new cover on YouTube also available on Spotify and all main platforms :)
That’s a fun track. I'm not very familiar with that game so I had to look up the track afterwards. Aspects of your version reminds me of Quina’s theme or Qu's Marsh theme (in a good way as I like the mysterious playfulness of those tunes).

Good job!
🐺 4th Duhemsounds Anniversary communication 🐺

Hello :)

Tomorrow June 6th is the 4th Duhemsounds Anniversary. Already 4 years of video games covers.
For that event you will get a very creative version of Save Them from Final Fantasy VI on YouTube and all main platforms at midnight wolves hour :)

You've given around 450k streams to my music on Spotify and you're 1400+ to follow me on YouTube.
Thanks a lot for your great support and all your warm comments during these 4 years of music adventures :)

* Announcing bonus releases

I'm making 12 covers / year, that's one per month with a few variations on the dates.
To this starting on Q3 of this year I'm adding bonus releases once per quarter.
This bonus can be a single track or a cluster of tracks or a medley.
For the first bonus that will be end August or September I've chosen to work on a creative version of Song of Storms from Zelda Ocarina of Time :)

* The return of creative tracks

You've given great feedbacks on that first half of year where I wanted to make some more spectacular tracks.
This is something that I will continue but you also asked for the come back of creative tracks like Zelda dungeons and other Nintendo licenses.
For Q3 I have 3 important Final Fantasy tracks. Q4 will be used for creative ones from Nintendo.
I still have the 7 tracks from Q3 of last year that I wasn't able to get licenses for and still can't.
For memory there was the 5 missing levels of Zelda Link's Awakening (1,2,3,4,8) to complete the serie, an emotional Golden Sun and an exotic Pokemon cover.
The day I'll be able to get licenses for these you'll have them with an additional track as a cluster for a bonus release.

I'm currently working on Festival of the Hunt from Final Fantasy IX for August.
In July you will get the emotional Blue Fields from Final Fantasy VIII and in September I have plans for Lightning Theme ~ Blinded by Light from FF XIII

I wish to thank you again for these 4 great years, a lot more to come with great projects.
2021 will be a very important year with the 5th Duhemsounds Anniversary that will be a major event, I'll come back on this at the end of year communication.

At midnight you're getting the Save Them from Final Fantasy, while keeping it epic I've added mysterious, fun and bizarre moods into it. Hope you will like it =3
Keep up giving your opinions about my covers and your wishes, this is very important for me :)

🐺 Duhemsounds 🐺
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I'm glad for the update and I hope you're doing well.

Looking forward to the upcoming track. I keep forgetting that you share your project anniversary with this site's anniversary. :argor:
It's here, my new cover Save Them from Final Fantasy VI to celebrate the 4th Duhemsounds Anniversary, thanks for your support during all that time :)

Happy 4th anniversary!

I love this track. You've definitely seized the opportunity to show off a range of styles which progresses throughout the track for some epic results. I've definitely not heard it done like that before.
Thanks a lot Dio, I'm very happy with your feedback as making something never done like that before was the main target of this one :)
This version of Blue Fields puts an emotional, sometimes even eerie spin on it which I've never heard before. But I like it for that! It is a very unique rendering of a track which is more often interpreted as a jolly tune. I like this experimentation.

But I especially love the way that it builds up from that and then breaks into a powerful section about halfway through before mellowing again as it works into the climax. All carried by the deeper piano notes for consistency.

Good job!
Really happy you like it that way, it was my target to make a quite unique rendition focused on the emotions.
Thanks for your very kind and detailled comment Dio :)

This is my fresh new cover Festival of the Hunt from Final Fantasy IX, event of my 150th release, hope you'll like it :)

150 releases! Congrats on that milestone.

Festival of the Hunt
is an awesome and rather fitting choice for this week, I think. In addition to being the Festival of the Hunt music, it is also used during the optional boss battle of Hades. Coincidences! :argor:

I like your dark organ aspect for it. It makes it work for both contexts. This version really bringing out the Gothic elements of the track whilst retaining the exciting urgency of the hunt theme. . :)
Very happy you like my version Dio, I'm always very curious to get your feedback on my FF covers
I didn't know for Hades, learned something today :)
😌 Festival of the Hunt has always been one of my favorites and you've done an exceptional job on your cover of it. This song in my opinion really made this part of the game exciting, especially with it's tempo. I think you really captured that same feeling! So thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed listening to your version :-)
Hello :)

A new Final Fantasy in my covers collection with Lightning's Theme ~ Blinded by Light. My first from XIII. An emotiona / epic one.

Hope you will like it, thanks for listening

Hello :)

A new Final Fantasy in my covers collection with Lightning's Theme ~ Blinded by Light. My first from XIII. An emotiona / epic one.

Hope you will like it, thanks for listening

This is a very original take on this! You neatly blend Lightning's Theme with Blinded by Light (which is now one of the franchise's most memorable battle themes, and arguably the most recognisable track in FFXIII itself), and you keep that emotion throughout the entire track and blending naturally into the exciting sounds of the battle. I love the change from about 1:03 in particular. That's well executed.

I'll look forward to the next tracks for October!