Cover Duhemsounds Final Fantasy covers

What?! You guys are crazy! You both need to play you some Chrono Cross!

Amazing work, I love it! In fact, I love the entire OST for this game, but you did an amazing job & I really enjoyed listening. :)

Nice! This song is one of the stronger emotional tracks on FFVIII's soundtrack and it was used perfectly as both Ellone's theme and the time Rinoa got lost in space.

Your version is a very dramatic rendering of it. I love the haunting noises of what sounds to me like a whale crying every now and then. It's a nice touch and makes the track both beautiful and sad and truly captures how Rinoa must have felt floating helplessly through the dark void of space.

I can almost imagine this being used as a soundtrack in a film version of FFVIII focusing on their space mission.
Thanks for your very kind comment Dio :)

You're true, there's some whales sounds and also a love bird

Very dramatic is what I was aiming for, so I'm very happy of your comment :)
🐺 Duhemsounds end of year 2019 communication 🐺

Hello there,

The year is finishing in a few days, it's time to come back on what happened in 2019 :)

It has started with my 100th cover : Aeris Theme from Final Fantasy VII, you've given some love on this one on YouTube =3

This year there has also been the 1k YouTube subscribers event with the release of Ending Theme from Zelda A Link To The Past. A 8:04 two parts piece with a creative story displayed on the YT video to add something cool to this event.

In June came the 3rd Duhemsounds Anniversary, for this one I've made Opera Mysidia, a 4 pieces Final Fantasy medley with the creative story of the same name for the YT videos where I've made a fusion of FF6 Opera and FF9 play 'I wanna be your canary'. Other nice covers have been made during the year.

Now about numbers, you are around 1 340 to follow me on YouTube =3

More than the views and subscribers counts, my biggest satisfaction is I've got a great amount of comments and a team of people keeping coming back, giving their feedback and also chatting around the release and next projects to come.

Thanks a lot for that, a special thank you to Pierre-Luc Pelletier and Nathalie Itta that are following every releases :)

If you've followed the news on social media early December, I've posted the 2019 Spotify Wrapped, almost 200k streams this year for a total of 360k in 3 years and a half. That's some awesome results and I wasn't thinking this possible when I started the Duhemsounds adventure in June 2016.

Thanks a lot again for your growing support <3

Now let's talk about the future :)

2020 : Fly higher !

New year, new decade, this is a very symbolic year with strong projects and exciting things to come.

One of the most awaited events for this new year is the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake part 1 on March 3rd. The game is looking giant and I think it will be GOTY (Game Of The Year) and has a serious chance to be GOTD (Game Of The Decade). I have big hopes in Square Enix to give us a masterpiece that will stay long in the video games history :)

Now about Duhemsounds, I'm surely not missing this important year, here are some announcements for 2020 :

I've started in 2019 with the tracks I've quoted on the first part of this communication. 2020 is pushing further that quality all-in process.
1 new release per month with floating dates, still at midnight wolves hour 🐺
Also this new year will welcome a new level with the beginning of very big covers :)

2020 will be an important year as it will be the link between what has been made this year and 2021 which will be the 5th Duhemsounds Anniversary, a major event I'm already thinking about :evil:

To tease you some events, year 2020 will start on January 3rd, rendez-vous for the release of Clash on the Big Bridge from Final Fantasy V in a rendition a bit unexpected :)

This year will be mainly about Square Enix covers and especially Final Fantasy.

Another important event is Valentine's Day, on February 14th you will get the very famous Theme of Love from Final Fantasy IV

These two are already confirmed, number one is already licensed and ready to fire at the expected date, the second one is finishing in progress and will soon be queued for release :)

Between these two bigs I've already put a sweet Final Fantasy V cover for last tier of January coming as a bonus release.

Then comes the big event of Final Fantasy VII Remake I was talking about above.

I will celebrate this one in two parts

March 3rd : Opening Theme ~ Bombing Mission
April 2nd : Fight On
Both are from Final Fantasy VII of course :)
The 4th Duhemsounds Anniversary coming few after will also be a big event :)

I've already some ideas of other big tracks but I'm not spoiling you the whole year =3

Now it's time for me to wish you great holidays, a very happy end of year 2019 for you and all the people you love =3

See you on January 3rd for Clash on the Big Bridge :)

Thanks again for your great support on my music adventures

🐺 Duhemsounds 🐺
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It is great to get an in-depth update. It must also help you yourself to be able to visualise progress and structure the future. I should like to do something similar.

Merry Christmas, Duhem! :mogrinch:

I'm looking forward to what the New Year will bring. The FFVII Remake is a big thing for me so I am looking forward to your renditions of VII tracks in particular.

Oh and Clash on Big Bridge is a favourite of mine too!
Didn't saw your reply Dio, I'm a bit late for the merry Xmas wishes :)

2020 is a very important year, it's the beginning of a new kind of roadmap with 12 fixed covers that will mainly be big ones. I hope people will like them
It's here !
My new cover Clash on the Big Bridge from Final Fantasy V is now available on YouTube, Spotify and all main platforms =3

Get an epic start in 2020 with this one, I've worked it in a style that merges oldschool and nowadays sounds.
This is the first one of my new level, I'm very curious to have your feedbacks about it

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Finally managed to listen to this!

This is one of my favourite tracks so I am delighted that you've covered it.
This is a nice, clean version. I like the classic chimes and how you've gone for a retro feel with a twist (including some subtle modern sounds in the background, I noticed). Usually Clash on Big Bridge is rocky or orchestral, so this is probably the first time I've heard it in this style. It is really interesting to hear the main melody with these crisp tones.

I can imagine a musical box owned by Gilgamesh sounding a bit like this.
I'm happy you like it this way :)
This is because it's always rendered very epic orchestral or epic metal or epic anything that I've chosen a different path.
This year I have multiple tracks of this kind, very emblematic and big that have been already covered thousands of times and by some AAA musicians, to find my way into this I'm trying to give people new versions that won't have the traditional expected rendition or at least that will have a tiny something different :)

This year I'm starting a new part of my music adventures, I'm exploring the big tracks and walking in the path that will bring me to the most giant ones.
This road will be very Square Enix and especially Final Fantasy as some of the biggest beauties are here :)
Hello :)

Have a listen now at Reminiscence from Final Fantasy V, my new emotional cover as a bonus release on YouTube, Spotify and all main platforms :)

Another great cover on another iconic track! It improves upon the synthesised vocal aspect considerably and develops the melody in a different way.

I’ve always found this track eerie and mysterious, so this cover keeps that intact. Quite often this track would be used for exposition or during flashbacks or retellings of past events. I guess the name suits it! I find this track to be in the same vein as the Echo theme from FFXIV.

I’m happy to see FFV get so much love from you and others so far this year.
Thanks a lot Dio :)

I'm loving the emotional tracks of Final Fantasy V, next one to come : Theme of Love from FF IV for Valentine's Day on Feb 14th =3
Hello :)

Today is Valentine's Day, it's time for the release of my new emotional cover Theme of Love from Final Fantasy IV

Piano, strings and a bunch of unique creative sounds for an emotional rendition, hope you will like it =3
Listen it now in 4K on YouTube :

You can also catch it on Spotify and all main platforms :)

A great cover of one of the best tracks from FFIV, and a great love theme. I like the range of instruments and styles used, and I love the key change leading into the ending.
Hello :)

My new cover Opening ~ Bombing Mission from Final Fantasy VII is now available on YouTube and all main platforms. Let's get hyped for the Remake :)
Tell me if you like the style I've given to it, I've tried to surprise you a bit with some instruments I'm not using often.


Perfect to accompany the demo. :) I think the way you’ve arranged the start really brings out the cosmic aspect of the classic intro (by this I mean how the Lifestream splashes at first look a bit like stars and it sets the cosmic tone of the game in the very first frames). With the combination of a piano arrangement with guitar I do get Advent Children vibes from the rest of the track, and I see from your description that this was intentional.
Thanks Dio for your very kind comment :)

The first part has that very pure ambiance I wanted to keep, for the second part, I've chosen to add these guitars which are instruments I'm not often using in my covers. I wanted to make it a bit surprising and yes as a fan of Advent Children this is a reminder :)

Bombing Mission is an epic start for the game, with the association of piano + guitars I've worked to reinforce the dark / tense side of this track

Next is April 5th with Fight On to welcome the upcoming release of the Remake :)