Cover Duhemsounds Final Fantasy covers

Thanks for the updates. I'm looking forward to Opening - Prelude. It is an iconic track and definitely fitting for a landmark track.

Congrats on almost reaching 10K!

I also realise I haven't commented on your recent track (Kinderszenen, Op.15 No.7 Träumerei from Robert Schumann). I didn't see it until now, sorry! I've just listened to it and it was very relaxing. You definitely achieved the Christmassy feel with that that your comments suggest you were going for. While wintery, it doesn't feel 'cold' and threatening. It is more in a positive way instead.

I'm back with a Final Fantasy cover : Prelude ~ Opening which is my 150th :)

Prototype of a new quality of my lifetime music adventures, I'm curious to have your feedbacks on it =3

How does it feel to be at 150 Duhem?! Keep up the great & amazing work that you're so clearly passionate about. I enjoyed listening to this one! 2:00-2:25 was my favorite part, which seems strangely specific but I loved the transition from the dark bits to the more calm after that. I'm not very good with words on describing what exactly I love most within music, so I hope it makes sense. :-) I hope you can reach a level of improvement that you personally think you need to grow, but at the moment I think your work is amazing!
Thanks a lot for your very kind words Miko =3
You've all been very supportive on this forum and I'm very grateful for that, it's been a bit more than 5 years I'm doing music and that 150th is the achievement of a first important step in my work.
Now I'm really aiming to go deeper in the research of quality, there's much more I can find to improve my covers :)
Checked out some more of your Final Fantasy covers; Epitaph and Dark World are magical. Your other versions of Gold/ Silver's Burned Tower and Wind Waker's Dragon Roost Island were fun to listen to as well. I don't know how it works with covers (copyrights and stuff) but you should look at maybe getting these on iTunes or streaming services. You really deserve to have lots of people listening to these!

I'm back with a Final Fantasy cover : Prelude ~ Opening which is my 150th :)

Prototype of a new quality of my lifetime music adventures, I'm curious to have your feedbacks on it =3


The crystal clear electric piano of the first act of this track (especially a minute in) reminds me of the work of Vangelis and that era of electronic music at times (with a bit of prog rock, without the guitar aspect, obviously). I love it!

I really like how it takes an unexpected eerie and dark turn only to then lift up again and transition into the Final Fantasy main theme.

This track, which usually just repeats, ends up feeling more like a full a journey or story in your rendition, and I really like that.

So for your prototype of a new style for yourself, I think the prototype certainly passes the test! ;)
This is a beautiful song and very well done by yourself. I’m not familiar with the original (or the film that it is from), but this sounds wonderful and has lots of nice layers to it. It has a classic Disney vibe at times! And the ending is part relaxing, part ominous with the way it trails off. I've learned that this is about a teenage witch who does errands, etc, so that seems to be why it is a sweet song with some gothic and magical undertones?
Thanks for your very kind feedback Dio, I'm not familiar with that anime too but yes there's a bit of magic and spookiness into it :)

I'm currently working on Valse di Fantastica from Final Fantasy XV for Dec 15th that will celebrate the 10K Spotify Monthly Listeners :)
Celebrating the 10K #Spotify Monthly Listeners milestone with my new cover Valse di Fantastica from Final Fantasy XV
Discover my magical rendition of that beautiful piece from the amazing Square Enix catalog :)
🐺 Duhemsounds End of Year Communication 2021 🐺


That year 2021 is coming to an end, this is the time to have a look at what have been done and what's coming next :)

2021 : Some important milestones reached

I started the year with 1 589 YouTube subscribers and 5 720 Spotify Monthly Listeners.
I'm currently at 2 000+ YouTube subs and around 10K Spotify Monthly Listeners

This year has clearly shown an acceleration of community growth and this is thanks to your support, thanks to you I now have some listeners in 116 countries on Spotify <3

- Catalog extension and quality improvements -

That year has been the host of another very important event : The 5th Duhemsounds Anniversary. It's been a long time I talked about it.
For that event I've chosen to give you a cover of Corynorhinus from movie Batman Begins.
That's the major point of year 2021 : In addition of video games covers I've added movies, anime and classical music with a very creative touch in my renditions.

Another big milestone has been the 150th cover for which I've chosen Prelude from Final Fantasy. I've chosen that one because it's the beginning of something new. I've been a step further into the quality of the renditions.

- A new look -

Since the 5th Duhemsounds Anniversary I have new commercial artworks, improved logos and banners I change multiple times along the year and I've also reworked the YouTube thumbnails :)

2022 : Back to the future

- Schedules -

I've tried many release rythms over these years and the one that fits the best what I need to make good music is an open roadmap.

It means that new releases will come anytime, no fixed days. At midnight Paris Time, wolves hour 🐺 (this is something I like and that you like too)

Another important information I've given a few times already : This is a lifetime project, so, if health is on my side, you'll still see me in 2050 :p

Quality will remain the main goal so I won't rush dates just for numbers.
I'll let my artistic plans lead the roadmap :)

- Back to the future -

About the content, video games covers will have an important part in my projects as they are the roots of Duhemsounds.
In addition of them I'll continue to add some movies/anime/classical music covers. I'm very happy with your feedbacks on my first tracks of these new faces of the Duhemsounds catalog.

2022 will be the beginning of something new. Since 2016 I've worked on two main kind of renditions. The first one was very creative and the second more focused on the beauty of the rendition with often a piano in the front line.
Now that I've worked enough on both, I'm ready to give you a third kind of rendition.
Taking the best of the two methods with some new hardware tools and learnings from these years, my new covers will have the come back of that very creative style you've loved with ambiances, soundscapes, exotic sounds you've loved merged with a quality of rendition I'm now able to achieve in that environement.

The goal will be to reach a maximum of creativity while continuing to upgrade the quality of the work.
I plan to reactivate some licenses like Mario and Pokemon, there are a few Zelda dungeons that are left to be done. Also some new vgm licenses I want to jump in, for example things in the Grant Kirkhope universe.
This will come in 2022 and later.

Movies, animes and classical covers will get some improvements of that method too.
In the movies tracks Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are some major licenses I'd like to develop.
In anime tracks Studio Ghibli and Disney covers are on my to do list
In classical music the ocean is so big, I'll try to pick some beauties from main composers but also some rare gems that deserve to be highlighted.

Someone asked me the Moonlight Sonata, this is not what I'll do now because this is a piece that I want to have the true good level to work on but that kind of pieces are on my career plans.

In the four fields you'll have some big pieces every year but more of that, the creativity and the quality of every track is the most important for me.
In video games, One Winged Angel, Liberi Fatali, Dancing Mad and other chunky projects are on my list in the future :)

Actually things are going very good to reach the 1M Spotify Streams (currently 875k+), maybe in May-June.
For that important milestone you'll have a big project, I don't know yet which one :)

I have a surprise for you with the first release in January, that communication is not telling what but if you look elsewhere the answer is written :)
I'm currently looking at new graphic improvements for that beginning of year.

2022 will also be the beginning of some hard work for later future projects that I'd like to make.

I hope you'll like my new tracks in 2022.

Thanks a lot for your amazing support, keep giving me feedbacks, they are very important for me :)

Your music wolf

🐺 Duhemsounds 🐺
Beautiful rendition of FFXV's Valse di Fantastica! Crystal clear sound, and surprisingly (and suitably) very Christmassy too! I can almost imagine that track playing at a German Christmas market as part of a wooden automata display (if you know the sort I mean). And now I want a Final Fantasy-themed Christmas market!
Love the change at the end of it too.

As for your update, that’s some fantastic growth! Hopefully 2022 will be just as successful for you!
I think what you mean with that German market, I'm very happy you like the Waltz that way, I was aiming for a Xmas touch :)

You and all the forum team have been part of my growing success, a huge thanks for your support <3
🐺 Duhemsounds Special Communication 🐺

Dear wolves friends,

I hope you're having a great start in that new year 2022 and that you're making some good projects :) As I told you a few days earlier, I have something very important to announce to you : Duhemsounds is entering into a new Era !

Era 1 was [2016-2021] with 150+ creative covers of video games, movies anime and classical tracks. Era 2 will have the following schedule : [2022-2029] 32 original compositions will be released at a rate of 1 / quarter (4 / year), at midnight Paris Time, wolves hour 🐺

During that time, from Feb 1st 2022 and for a lifetime duration, I'll be working very hard on a brand new high level music formation including intensive piano lessons, advanced composition and arrangement techniques. The goal will be to get progressively ready to give you - short piano covers videos on Tiktok and / or YouTube #shorts - commercial covers that will be piano live recorded - piano live sessions on platforms like Twitch

And maybe more projects I may think in the future depending how good goes the formation. Short videos will probably be the first thing to be released, covers will come later (still mainly video games, movies, anime, classical music). Piano lives will be the thing requiring the longest preparation but they are also one of my main targets. I may also decide to do piano compositions, scoring...Will see with time :)

About hybrid creative sounds I don't know yet how I will put them into the work. I'm going pure piano and will see if in some cases I have interesting things to do with other sounds. During the Era 2 some of these things will start and I think this will lead to an Era 3 in 2030 or a bit later with a full operational work on which piano will be the main focus. I hope you'll like these new projects, As you know I'm always looking for quality so I'll start to publish piano work when I'll think I'm really ready for it.

I'll keep you often updated on social medias about how's going that giant project, I'll continue to share my existing tracks and you'll continue to see me on your channels listening some of your covers and original compositions :)

Thanks for your awesome ever growing support

Your music wolf 🐺

🐺 Duhemsounds Special Communication March 20th 2022 🐺

Dear wolves friends,

I have some great news to share with you :

- Introducing Duhemsounds Covers Creation (D2C)

Duhemsounds Covers Creation (D2C) will now be my signature and trademark on commercial artworks and important communications. The artist name remains Duhemsounds. I'll use both Duhemsounds and D2C depending on the situation.

I have decided to specialize into creative covers, this is why I've made that extension. This way people will know what kind of musician is Duhemsounds :)

- A new wave of covers

During the past 3 months I've made some hardware upgrades and worked on new ways to improve my covers.
I'm now coming back with some great tracks for you :)

During Q2 (April-May-June) you'll get these covers :

Gold Saucer from Final Fantasy VII
Married Life from Disney
Johann Sebastian Bach Prelude in C major, BWV 846 (event 1M Spotify Streams)
Those Who Fight from Final Fantasy VII
Harry's Wondrous World from Harry Potter (event 6th Duhemsounds Anniversary)
Cosmo Canyon from Final Fantasy VII (event Music Day 2022)

I'm very happy with your continuous support during these months and I hope you'll like that strong come back to covers production :)

Just a few days ago, Breezy from Final Fantasy VIII has been the first one to reach the 100k streams on my Spotify and Littleroot Town from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald is also very close to reach the point.

The total streams are at 960k+ and are expected to hit the million late April / early May thanks to your great support.
This will be a major step in my lifetime music adventures. Reaching 1M streams in 6 years is something I didn't expect and this is thanks to you :)

I give you rendez vous on YouTube, Spotify and all your favorite music platforms for Gold Saucer from Final Fantasy VII, probably between April 5th - April 10th.
I'll give you the final date when everything is ready.

🐺 Duhemsounds Covers Creation 🐺
5 years and 10 months after the beginning with video games music covers Today a new milestone has been reached with the 1M Spotify Streams. This forum has been part of the great support I've got <3
One Winged Angel coming around May 20th for that event :)

1M Spotify Streams.jpg
5 years and 10 months after the beginning with video games music covers Today a new milestone has been reached with the 1M Spotify Streams. This forum has been part of the great support I've got <3
One Winged Angel coming around May 20th for that event :)

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That is an incredible milestone! 🥳
Massive congratulations! It's reassuring to see that sometimes hard work can pay off.

I'm looking forward to One-Winged Angel next month.