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Jun 26, 2008
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The new cover Gold Saucer from Final Fantasy VII is now available on YouTube, Spotify & all your fav music places.

Hope you'll like that new D2C production :)

Sorry I'm late.

This reminds me of one of the nocturnal parades with electric lights at Disney World in Florida (and possibly also other Disneylands, like Paris?) that I saw a few times when I visited as a kid. And that’s very appropriate because the Gold Saucer appears to be partially inspired by Disneyland (not just it being a theme park, but some of the particulars also).

By conjuring that image in my mind you've done a great job.


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Jan 12, 2017
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🐺 6th Duhemsounds Anniversary Communication 🐺

Dear wolves friends,

Mid April I was talking about the One Winged Angel project to celebrate the 1M Spotify Streams and the upcoming release of Married Life from UP before that.

This was without knowing the big mess that was going to happen...

- April not fools, Mayday, June recovery

On April 24th a heavy thunderstorm hit my area quickly and thunder was very close, too close.
A bolt triggered a full electric shutdown, this wasn't the first time, but that time when lights went back, the computer started to act strangely.
The computer didn't boot and was doing terrible noises.
First it was saying CPU Fan failure. I made an emergency order for a new one and a two days later with the new one still not working.
After many unsuccessful tries during a whole week I decided to give it to some specialists for a full hardware diagnosis.
One hours later they phoned back to tell me : CPU dead, CPU Fan (the new) dead, GPU dead, Mobo dead...My TV screen also got terminated.
On a 10 years old machine this means buying a new one.

So we are early May and I'm looking for a new computer that will meet the requirements of power I need for my actual projects and at least the 10-15 years future music plans.
The first wave of machines I looked at wad very disappointing.
Second strike on that story : mid May my parent went back from holidays with a respiratory infection. I turned out it was an A type flu and despite KN95 masks I caught it. Having weakness against that kind of things it put me totally down 2 weeks.
This warped me to late May to continue looking for a new computer.
That workstation will have the name of Wolf Tower.

End of May, I finally found a true bomb, the one that I really want.

June 2nd I ordered that beauty, I was very happy...But my bank made some mess with its big buyings rules and triggered a failure on Paypal that triggered failure on seller's side. This took almost a week.

On June 7th I retried the payment with another method. It went good, order got a following number I was reassured.
Waiting a whole week thinking the order was processing in progress I finally got a mail on June 17th 'We haven't got your payment, do you want to cancel ?'.
I took the phone and called them quickly to fix that. They finally found the payment, linked it with the ordered and put it processing in progress.
Fortunately, to compensate the time loss they put it in priority and on June 21st, for Music Day, Wolf Tower was finally home <3

The mess was finally ended. I was starting to become crazy, like Sephiroth was doing everything not to let me cover that One Winged Angel.

- Coming soon

Now that the mess is over and that I have a new workstation ready for work here's what's coming next :

June 30th you're getting the YouTube video of my cover Married Life from motion picture UP with a new full 4K UHD encoding thanks to my new stuff.

My very next work will be the One Winged Angel but a bit different.

I've decided that next new release will be the 1M Spotify Streams event and the 6th Duhemsounds Anniversary event so you will have a cover of Advent One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children which is a bigger version :)

- The future of Duhemsounds

Once the Advent One Winged Angel, this will be the beginning of a new era :

You will have covers of video games, movies, anime and classical music with a major part for video games as you've asked for it :)
In the video games covers, you'll have some very creative tracks, this is something you've also asked for
You will have some Duhemsounds Creations still under the D2C flag : This will be some original compositions that will be very video games influenced (or sometimes having movies/anime influences).
These tracks will have a specific title.
For example : Fire Temple D2C
The D2C at the end of a track title will mean it's an original work and not a cover.
In that project of creation there will also be the possibility that for some covers I'll add much more creative elements making them a bit looking as mid cover, mid original.

Those original creations will start to appear during the summer or September.

I hope you will like these new tracks :)

In the video games field, some licenses like Pokemon will make their come back. It's been a long time wish you have.
I'm also looking at some covers options in the David Wise and Grant Kirkhope universes (Donkey Kong & more).
The Square Enix universe will still be very present as there are plenty of awesome tracks to work and that are licensable without any doubt.
About Zelda and Mario I have some projects too. I need to see what is licensable. Since the US law enforcement about copyrights it's harder to license some covers.
It requires an US release available in at least one store. Most Nintendo albums are missing, even in AAA licenses like Zelda and Mario. There are still some good options, I'll try to find you some cool tracks :)

This is the beginning of the future road of Duhemsounds, I hope you'll like these new projects.

Thanks a lot for your support during these two months of mess.

See you on June 30th on YouTube for the Married Life video and will give you some news soon about the Advent One Winged Angel work

Your music wolf

🐺 D2C 🐺