Cover Duhemsounds Final Fantasy covers

That was an intense listening sessions :)
Thanks a lot for all your awesome feedbacks Dio, I'm always happy to have your opinion on my work and don't apologize for the timing, just get them when you can :)

On Dec 1st I'm releasing Main Theme from Final Fantasy VII as a pure piano rendition with just a few background sounds. It will be an event month to celebrate the 25th anniversary of FF VII.

My new cover Main Theme from Final Fantasy VII is now on YouTube. This one opens the event month to celebrate FF7 25th Anniversary :)
Sorry I'm delayed again. I enjoyed the recent covers!

Your FFVII theme keeps the passion and emotion of the original track, with some of your own unique flourishes. I love the turn at 2.20, for example.

I like that your Farm Boy is slowed down quite a bit too. It suits the nature of a farmer on a day off winding down (for Christmas, by your description, I'm just a bit late!). Also a few playful deviations. Never heard this track performed like this before, and it is very welcome.

Celes' Theme is a beautiful cover, keeping the core of what makes the original work, but with new effects. 2.25 part at the end was particularly well done for me.

Keep it up!

My creative cover Cosmo Canyon from Final Fantasy VII is now available on YouTube
I've used some new sounds in that one :)

And also sorry Dio, didn't got the notif of your reply
7th Duhemsounds Anniversary Communication

Dear wolves friends,

The 7th Anniversary of Duhemsounds is coming on June 6th which is a good time to talk about how things are going and new projects to come.

- A few numbers of Duhemsounds -

There's now around 185 covers in the collection. I've recently made a wave of Final Fantasy tracks on which you've given excellent feedbacks.

I'm very happy about this because since the beginning of the year I've put some new things in my renditions and you've loved them.

Spotify is your favorite music platform to listen my covers. Today I've a total of around 1 750 000 streams on it and we're slowly approaching the 1 000 subscribers. You are between 15k to 20k monthly listeners on my Spotify with a peak of 25k on September 2022.

YouTube is at 2310 subscribers and has a great group of faithful followers that are giving me precious feedbacks on each new cover.

I'm very happy with all the support you're giving to me since 7 years and there's a lot of great things to come :)

- Improvments to come -

On June 6th you'll have a cover of Gerudo Valley from Zelda Ocarina of Time that will be the first of a new creative process which is another important step in the quality and creativity upgrades I want to do.

For that 7th Duhemsounds Anniversary you'll discover new improvments in my graphic set : Logo, banners, YouTube backgrounds have been polished with a HDRI quality level. You'll also discover the reworked endscreen for YouTube.

About the future, you've massively liked the decision I took at Halloween to fully respecialize into video games covers. This is why today, I give you the confirmation that video games covers specialization is my lifetime choice.
As I told you before, one of my main goal is to get a partnership with Square Enix also with Soundrop and why not Nintendo if they open their hearts and catalog to more covers :)

- It's dangerous to go alone -

A wise old man once said that it's dangerous to go alone. This is why today I'm coming with a new great project : new releases modes

There will still be some singles but I'm planning to release sometimes some short and big Albums !

The first project I want to make is for this Halloween : I'd like to work on Nintendo covers all spooky and scary for a 6 tracks album.

The Albums concept is something I want to include in my lifetime music adventures, to build progressivly a collection alongside singles releases. I don't have a fixed schedule for these bigger projects but I'd love to have at least one or two of these projects every year.

For their release method, the Albums will be fully released on the release date for every stores and music platforms. On YouTube I'll do the video of each tracks one by one with a delay between them.

So about the second half of that year 2023, after Gerudo Valley on June 6th there will probably be a jump to August something for the next single as I'll focus on the Album project for Halloween and then the release of that project I'd like to put on Oct 31st or Nov 1st.
These projects are meant to stay in the spotlight around 3-4 months depending on how big they are. During this time they will do their marketing life and I'll be working on the next things to have a good production.

The August cover will probably be a Zelda which makes that second half of 2023 full Nintendo. This is something I wanted as it's been a few years I haven't done much work on their tracks. Square Enix beauties will come back in 2024 :)

I hope you will like the new creative tracks and projects, I give you rendez-vous on June 6th for Gerudo Valley

Thanks for your great support

Your favorite music wolf

It's not Final Fantasy but if some of you like Zelda, my Gerudo Valley cover from Ocarina of Time is now available as the 7th Duhemsounds Anniversary release :)

My video games covers have got their first editorial playlist by Spotify

The FFF community has been of good help reaching this, thanks a lot to all of you following my work
My new cover Secret of the Deep Sea from Final Fantasy VII is now on YouTube. Discover a unique take on that relaxing track

Duhemsounds End of Year 2023 Communication

Yes end of year, it's not a mistake and you'll understand why by reading this communication.

The first half of 2023 has been quite slow, with one cover per month.
This has been a full semester of experiments on new sounds, new ways to combine them and work methods testing.

That period has lasted until June 6th included which was the 7th Duhemsounds Anniversary.

Starting July 20th, for those following my work, you'll have noticed a sudden acceleration and regularity in the release rythm.
Those following more by reading Facebook and Twitter (X) have seen that I was making and scheduling a lot of covers for the following months.

- Duhemsounds power up -

This sudden acceleration in the release rythm is possible now that I've found a new great work method.

That method allows me both to go way further in the sounds layering which allows full ambiances and deep work in the tracks but also I've found how to work way quicker while having a better end result.

Which allows me now to make you some major lifetime announcements :

- New release rythm, new years mecanics -

-> Starting from Oct 1st 2023 the release rythm will be 4 covers per month, 6 for October which is a total of 50 yearly covers.

-> October is becoming a special month, each 31st of October it will be both Halloween and a new 50 mark in my catalog of covers.

Oct 31st 2023 will be the 200th cover, Oct 31st 2024 the 250th cover and so on.

The lifetime goal is to reach 2000+ covers. If my maths aren't too bad, the target will be reached on Oct 31st 2059.

-> A new yearly mecanic : Duhemsounds years will start on each Oct 1st and will finish on each Sept 30th.

The Duhemsounds Anniversary is still June 6th as it was the first day in 2016.

- A work for reliability -

This is answering the second question about the covers that were ready way before their release date.

Rather than making a rythm acceleration, I'll stay at the 50/year mark, lifetime.
But I'm working the covers faster so I can save some in case I have health issues or any life issues as everyone can have.

The goal is to create a lifetime reliable release of these 50 yearly tracks.

While I'm writing this on Sept 3rd I've already sent for distribution the two first tracks of November.

I currently have around a dozen of tracks pre uploaded to make that rythm reliable immediately.

I hope you like those news and will be more and more to follow my lifetime music adventures

Thanks for your great support :)

Your favorite music wolf

It's time for you to discover my take on the emblematic Barret's Theme from Final Fantasy VII on YouTube and all your favorite music platforms :)

Dark and powerful, this is my new cover Golbez, Clad in Darkness from Final Fantasy IV
The 75th of my FF covers collection :)