Cover Duhemsounds Final Fantasy covers

That was an intense listening sessions :)
Thanks a lot for all your awesome feedbacks Dio, I'm always happy to have your opinion on my work and don't apologize for the timing, just get them when you can :)

On Dec 1st I'm releasing Main Theme from Final Fantasy VII as a pure piano rendition with just a few background sounds. It will be an event month to celebrate the 25th anniversary of FF VII.

My new cover Main Theme from Final Fantasy VII is now on YouTube. This one opens the event month to celebrate FF7 25th Anniversary :)
Sorry I'm delayed again. I enjoyed the recent covers!

Your FFVII theme keeps the passion and emotion of the original track, with some of your own unique flourishes. I love the turn at 2.20, for example.

I like that your Farm Boy is slowed down quite a bit too. It suits the nature of a farmer on a day off winding down (for Christmas, by your description, I'm just a bit late!). Also a few playful deviations. Never heard this track performed like this before, and it is very welcome.

Celes' Theme is a beautiful cover, keeping the core of what makes the original work, but with new effects. 2.25 part at the end was particularly well done for me.

Keep it up!

My creative cover Cosmo Canyon from Final Fantasy VII is now available on YouTube
I've used some new sounds in that one :)

And also sorry Dio, didn't got the notif of your reply
It's not Final Fantasy but if some of you like Zelda, my Gerudo Valley cover from Ocarina of Time is now available as the 7th Duhemsounds Anniversary release :)

My video games covers have got their first editorial playlist by Spotify

The FFF community has been of good help reaching this, thanks a lot to all of you following my work
My new cover Secret of the Deep Sea from Final Fantasy VII is now on YouTube. Discover a unique take on that relaxing track

It's time for you to discover my take on the emblematic Barret's Theme from Final Fantasy VII on YouTube and all your favorite music platforms :)

Dark and powerful, this is my new cover Golbez, Clad in Darkness from Final Fantasy IV
The 75th of my FF covers collection :)

You can now listen my new emotional cover The Great Warrior from Final Fantasy VII aka Seto's Theme on all your favorite music platforms :)