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  1. Final Fantasy Fan YT

    Whats your most priced possesion of Enix, Square, Squaresoft or Square Enix.

    Hi, guys I wanted to make a thread for the collectors out there where we can share our passion for collecting. This is a bit wider than Final Fantasy alone and involves all of Enix, Square, Squaresoft, and Square Enix. What id like to see is a picture of it, where and how did u get it and why...
  2. S

    DLC for Advent Children Voice Actors in the Remake?

    Hey Everyone! I think it is a great idea for Square Enix to bring a DLC voice back of the Legacy Voice Actors (Advent Children / Compilation) to the Remake! Here is why! (DLC LINK BELOW!) Please sign and share...
  3. Dionysos

    Square Enix The Quiet Man

    Since it has been discussed in our Discord server, why not create a thread about it? Has anyone other than @Paddy McGee played The Quiet Man? Or maybe you haven't played it, but you have opinions anyway... Discuss it here! I saw some of Adam's stream of the game and found it very surreal. Not...
  4. greenyxi

    Let's Replap Final Fantasy 9 [PS4][FIN]!

    Let's Replap Final Fantasy 9! Hey there folks, I'm really excited to bring to you the start of a new let's replay! Final Fantasy 9 has always been one of my favourite games and since it was my first ever let's play, it holds a special place in the ol' blood pumper. For those who don't know...
  5. Mitsuki

    FFF: FFXV User Ratings

    To get a quick overview of what FFF members are saying about FFXV, here's our own user rating poll that can be viewed and accessed on our home page. From a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the game? Please post your reviews Let's Review: Final Fantasy XV. Prefer to create your own...
  6. rowe

    KHIII Multi-platform thoughts

    What do you guys think? Should it be on Xbox One as well? I know why Square is making this move, and it doesn't really affect me, but I think Kingdom Hearts was better off as a Playstation-exclusive title. (Whereas, FF fits on any platform well enough.) It's all about those dollar bills...
  7. Rey

    [19/06] Square Enix Registers Occult Maiden And Star Ocean Trademarks

    What could Occult Maiden possibly be? Star Ocean is also being re-registered. There is a possibility that this will bring a new Star Ocean game announcement. A sequel to 3(Till the end of time) would bypass lots of important plot points. What could this possibly mean then? It could...

    KH Spinoffs Birth By Sleep ~Volume Two~ [Some Spoilers]

    [Right, so I'm probably late coming into this, as I'm guessing some or a lot of you have already heard of this. :unsure: Still, figured since I can't find anything other than people's random theories or 'want lists' on a lot of other sites it'd be worth it to post this on a site I know I can get...

    Fandub Fantasy Episode 1

    Alright ladies and gentlemen! For those who are unfamiliar with me and my group, MoogleForce5, this is the pilot episode of our Fandub Fantasy Dissidia project! So enjoy and make sure to head to our youtube page, MoogleForce5, and subscribe for more! Also head on over to our website...
  10. Eros

    Final Fantasy Super Fan Contest

    Hello guys, I've been lurking on these forums for a while ;D I wanted to drop by and see if anyone would spare me a vote for my Super Fan entry. I couldn't believe it when I made it to the final 25! I didn't expect it at all. This is the entry. I made it in a rush due to the 300 entry limit. I...
  11. Linnaete

    [29/11] SE Unreal Engine RPG To Be Reportedly Unveiled In Famitsu

    The magazine apparently has details on a massive, original action RPG thats being produced by Ryutaro Ichimura. The game uses the Unreal Engine and is being made for consoles, with Square Enix also looking at the possibility of releasing it on next generation platforms as well. The game...
  12. Rey

    [27/11] Final Fantasy XIII-2: Caius and The Fragment System

    The upcoming issue of Jump provides details on two of the more mysterious areas of Final Fantasy XIII-2, the Caius character and the Fragment system. Regarding Caius, fully Caius Ballad, the magazine reveals that he is in pursuit of Noel. He has tremendous strength. However, he is cold...
  13. Rey

    [16/11] FFXIII-2: Monster Crystarium, Ability Inheritance and the Mysterious Augustia Tower

    Final Fantasy XIII-2: Monster Crystarium, Ability Inheritance and the Mysterious Augustia Tower Final Fantasy XIII-2 has an updated Crystarium character growth system, but it's not being used exclusively for Noel and Serah. Weekly Famitsu's report on the game this week confirms that the...
  14. Rey

    [24/10] Even More Of Final Fantasy Type-0′s Supporting Cast

    Even More Of Final Fantasy Type-0′s Supporting Cast Square Enix have revealed two more of Final Fantasy Type-0’s supporting cast. First up is the mysterious Tiz, who appears to have a connection with Class 0, since she wears their uniform. Lean and Tiz are together in this screenshot, so...
  15. Rey

    [21/10] Square Enix Fans Might Recognize This Song In Kingdom Hearts 3D’s New Trailer

    Nintendo showed off a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance at their Nintendo 3DS presentation. While it contains a lot footage from the Tokyo Game Show trailer, there are some new scenes in there as well. Oh, and a neat song you might like: Source: Siliconera
  16. C i d

    [20/09] Final Fantasy XIII-2 date set, two new trailers

    [19/09] NEW FFXIII-2 trailers in English
  17. Rey

    [18/09] The Very First Dragon Quest Monsters Is Being Remade For Nintendo 3DS

    The Very First Dragon Quest Monsters Is Being Remade For Nintendo 3DS While details are scant, Square Enix have said that the game will be updated with the monsters from Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional. Completely new monsters will make an appearance as well, and the game will...
  18. Rey

    [14/09] Final Fantasy XIII-2 Tokyo Game Show trailer

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 Tokyo Game Show trailer Snow and Hope return in latest video. Square Enix released the Tokyo Game Show trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2. In it, we see a grown up Hope, more of the mysterious purple-haired character Lightning battles in earlier trailers, a...
  19. Rey

    [14/09] Final Fantasy XIII-2 Set for December 15

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 Set for December 15 PS3 version gets special hardware bundle. Square Enix announced today a final release date of December 15 for Final Fantasy XIII-2. Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game will be priced ¥7,980. The PS3 version will also be released as part...
  20. Stoic Hero

    [13/09] New 3DS games from Square Enix

    I've been following IGN.com's updates on the 3DS conference in Japan and have come away with some news! The first game is one we already know about. Theaterythm Final Fantasy. Looks rather interesting, but certainly not spectacular or mind-blowing. The second game, however, is an entirely new...