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  • Me?!

    Where were you eh! When there was a song challenge to be done! Went into hiding! missing in action! pffff

    He filled the arena but I was surprised at the turn out, it was mostly middle aged people I was expecting more youngsters. I got there early so there were hyper fans all around me haha :lew: it was good to be amongst them though they generated a really good atmosphere and when you finally saw the show you understood it :wacky: Id definitely go again!
    Yeah I knoooow I was gonna ring u but then I thought nah it'll be way too boring for her shit wish I did now you could've bum rushed it
    Prince was playing in Leeds so I went up there to watch the gig it was immense! It would've been cool to hang out in the queue, there was some girl who didn't have a ticket but she bum rushed the door when we all surged in and she got in for free you could've done the same.
    I was in Leeds yesterday the whole day! It was just for the day though and I was standing in a queue for hours -__-
    good luck with ur exams! good to hear the drama has been sorted, i hope nothin major happened after all that, ur up in leeds now arent u or am i wrong?
    nothing much my life is kinda dull atm :lew: ive been working a lot so theres been no time for me to enjoy the sun we're having. how about u hows life?
    Fuckin'ell :gasp: Yesterday I read upto when Bran and his posse have just took shelter in a cave and have met the Greenseer. A Tyrion chapter is next. I seem to be going slower than I thought but I'll put in a few hours tomorrow and later... when i'm over this bloody hangover :wacky:
    Definitely further than me now then :gasp:
    There is supposed to be two more books after Dance. Not written yet though haha. Always got the TV show to watch afterwards :wacky:
    :gasp: :gasp: :gasp: :gasp:!!!!
    3 days!? It took me about 6 months to get through Feast :wacky: and I've only just read through the second or third Daenerys chapter in Dance. You're probably ahead of me now. You bloody GoT crack-whore :mokken:
    That's good to know. ;).

    I thought you and Toni were always on the good side of each other, but I guess not :lew:
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