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  • :lew: yeah I was playing

    how u been char? I haven't spoken to lew in ages! He's working hard though poor guy. You excited for the general election? I've been watching it all but no ones convinced me enough I just might not bother.
    Not really as it is still considerably better than me :P Two people of interest. One is on tour atm and things probably won't go anywhere even when they get back and the other... is a quite complicated mess of a situation that probably won't go anywhere either. :wacky: but other than that its all going gooood.

    Well done on the job!... but if no southy does that mean you won't come see me now? (not that you did anyway :P)
    You silly jimjam. At least you didn't reply to your own wall though, like I seem to still do on occasion. :wacky:

    Well I haven't bought any since... but I may have been bumming the odd one or two from people. By may I mean I have. and by odd one or two I mean a lot more. Still progress though!

    Well thats nice. I seem to not be so lucky lately. Did have a bum get shoved into my face earlier though (twas a rather nice bum too) but as far as its gotten really :wacky:
    It's not too bad actually. Occasional cravings but they go after a little while if I'm kept busy. At work on event days is the worst though, where there is periods of waiting time, as people are constantly smoking at any chance they get and offering. Generous Bastards.

    Perfect in every way, eh? He has an unhealthy craving for Jam Tarts?
    10 mins ago I had my first fag since Monday night. I feel kinda bad... BUT SO FUCKING GOOD SO DONT CARE. I think the occasional cig isn't too bad for now, at least its a lot less than before anyway :P

    Love of your life? reeeeeeally now?? ;)
    Probably curse really loudly at the screen for a moment before remembering that it's already spoiled for me anyway. I know Jon gets fucked over. :(

    Good job I aim to please on each of the 365.25 days of the year and never disappoint anyone ever then :P

    Life is good. Got a promotion at work and working towards another soon, so thats great... but right now I hate the world and want to see it burn, 'cos I've quit smoking (again) and it fucking sucks utter toss.
    I haven't really.
    I only said so because you asked, and I know better than to disappoint a lady on Valentine's Day...

    ...But now it's not so nerrr :P I'll try and get around to it soon. Before Season 5 maybe? :P
    Swap lifes? :P

    Haha yeah it does look pretty detailed. Between that, the books and ComicGirl19 it's all one needs to know of the world though! :D
    I'VE BEEN BUSY! Here, there, everywhere... sleepless nights... fucking. endless. paperwork... only got told yesterday that I need to have all my little apprentices passing their NVQ's by next Friday... its all mental. but I will get around to it.

    Got it just before Christmas but haven't had time to read much of it... does look really pretty though :wacky:
    Good. I take great pride in keeping it that way :mokken:

    I actually... haven't. Still got the last few chapters to read. Had to take the book back but I have the eBook on here and my iPhone for whenever I can remember to bother. The World of Ice and Fire book that came out recently is awesome though!
    Yeah I'm up for it gie me the details close to the time so I can make sure I'm off work, why are u coming down is it a quick visit?
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