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  • Jeff doesn't always shave his beard, and he doesn't look that much older even with it. :wacky:
    Nah, I saw your tumblr accent challenge video. xD I just wanted to know how old you were cause you look older than my age. I think the SB answered that though, 23? xD
    Hey Shuce! :3 I picked out which song I want to do for the contest && I created some lyrics! At first I was going to so something funny/silly, but then I did something more meaningful-sounding. HOWEVER! I wish to record it, && I'm working on it now! Just letting you know in case...
    Hey there. Thanks for your interest in the FF Clans :D. I am adding you on MSN so we can discuss further ;)
    That would be cool! :) Perhaps the three of us could work together to manage it. We could hand out items, which could increase their turns or the power of their attack/healing, or items which should be used within the next description...something random to challenge them!
    People have been quite busy this month. I swear every creative competition has been a bust. :sad3:

    Involving other members sounds fine! :) We may be able to draw them into the clans eventually. ;)

    Perhaps we could think of small awards for the Elimination threads! Like the quirkiest description, the most beautiful, the most active member. Each winner gets 1 point for their clan. We should, however, run this by Hendra. :)
    I'm finally back from my holidays, so I should be around more! :)

    Is there anything specific you'd like to help with? D'you have any more ideas for the clans? ^_^

    The Elimination threads are absolutely fantastic! If you like, run one or two a week! :) What do you think about the descriptions?
    Here's a X-2 prize tag! I hope you like it. I still have to put up with Elements. :sad3:

    Heya, it's quite possible I'm responsible for the lack of FF Quiz prizes. :sad3: I've been so incredibly busy and on top of that, my PC with Photoshop CS2 hasn't been working. :hmph: so I've been unable to make prize tags. :sad3: I've been meaning to post a thread about it, actually, to apologise. There's no way I can catch up now, but I will do requests as prizes. Photoshop Elements just isn't as good. :ness:
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