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  • I knew Mario was evil! Look at him...skinning those raccoons in order to fly and drop bombs everywhere!

    ...Wow D: Thank you! I wasn't expecting you to just hand it over. Thank you, and I hope there is also a PC version download, that would be awesome!

    Code registration currently unavailable.

    Channy, LJ said to ask you if you still had a spare XIV code for the beta to join you guys? D:

    I'm not too terribly worried if you wanna hang onto it or whatever. It's yours, after all. :P
    Hey its been a fair few days since i last spoke to you! Howa you keeping =] I haven't been keeping an eye on the FF14 stuff so whats happening with all that? If it doesn't get made by the forum members I am so making the 'Chocobo Knights' it just sounds very awesome. Also hows the weather where you are...bloody 29 degrees for the last 4 days in the UK here I am dying :L
    Oh wow, Walking Dead is so good, and the DLC just came out too for £4. I haven't tried the DLC yet though.
    Just be prepared for a slower game at some points, and know that it's more about the plot/characters than gameplay.
    As for the story of starts of with a pretty basic story. I haven't played enough to say really :)
    Yeah, the artstyle and music are so good. The gameplay is pretty generic and all that though. Just attack attack attack so far (an hour in).
    I recommend it if you can catch a deal?
    I struggle for names personally haha mine was named Seji Tyrannas due to the fact that I know it would be deleted and I am currently thinking up three names in case they are all somehow taken from me haha. On the topic of FFXIII yes it was linear but so were the past FF games like 7,8,9 the difference being is that in past games they hid the linear part very could explore the world map for instance or if you were in a city there were loads of places you could visit but ultimately you had to follow one path all the time. FFXIII however just made the map one long corridor...FFXIII-2 made a better job and giving you more areas to go and explore and I think Lightning Returns will do the same.

    As for S-E and Atlus if it ever was to happen I would see it as S-E would have control over projects like money wise and if they were a viable project as well as be the main publisher (obviously). Hopefully they sort out all their problems and get back on track, being in the UK I am getting fed up of all these famous shops in our country go into administration...the city near me is no where near as busy as it used to be (so many money lender stores now)
    Well it sounds like you had a good birthday which is what counts! Did you get many presents? or was it all like money for you now to spend on what you want?...
    For FF14 i was on the Shiva server like my two best mates were....oh god I might have to decide either them or the FFF community! Mind you it would be nice for us all to round up together and do something as a community rather than moan at anything in regards to Final Fantasy XIII (Which btw I am one of the people that enjoyed it and am looking forward to Lightning Returns).

    I was thinking S-E might be the ideal company to take it over cause what other big corporation in Japan would? But saying that S-E announced money losses so do they have the sort of money to buy out another company and hope they do their moneys worth justice? (In our eyes yes because we love Atlus games)
    Hey did you have a good birthday then? Go out with mates and have a couple drinks or indoors with the family? Also when FF14 comes about then we should definitely team up at some point...I think we should have the FFF Guild or something haha. Lastly I just looked at your profile picture and noticed it is persona! Good taste in JRPG's! But did you hear about Atlus Index company heading into administration...they have said the games division isn't affected but by god I hope this doesn't stall Persona 5 :(
    Hey...well at least by mid august you will still have some time to make a decision on which card considering the game for us doesn't come out til the 27th august I think...and well the subscription I believe is cheaper if you do a longer term but it still comes out monthly? I think...I am not sure and it is as well character based so if you wanted to make a new character as a different race you would have to pay another subscription fee. Oh well at least the game is good, I use the controller and it plays fantastic it feels like I am actually playing a Final Fantasy game rather than a PC MMO.

    Also yes Phase 3 characters are deleted....Phase 4 however is open beta and I am pretty sure that they are transferring them into launch game...but another however they may reset the levels if there is a bug that's encountered. So for that reason I didn't play it extensively..just to get a taste of all the aspects in the beginning.
    Hello as a continuation on the subject of graphics cards...have you made up your mind on what your thinking of going for? Also I had played FF14 up to around lvl 13 and then thought i would stop considering the character would then get deleted are you finding the game then? something u'll go for and subscribe to?
    Welp guess what I got into the beta I got my key and will download the game tonight :D what server are you all on? and agreed but we'll see when the game comes out officially
    Hmm ok so the real question is why the hell is the 90-180 day sub so cheap I have a hard time believing its gonna be the same price for all three subscriptions or correction as to why the 30 is high, 90 is a $ or two lower and 180 even lower >.> makes me think it'll be a bulk payment of 13$ x6 ~_~;;
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